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What should I know before visiting Apia?

Exchanging your money

The currency in Samoa is the Samoan Tala (WST). Once your flights Auckland to Apia arrive, you can exchange your New Zealand Dollars at Faleolo International Airport (APW) or in the city centre. If you'd prefer to withdraw cash using your credit card, there is an ATM in the arrivals hall of the airport.

Stay hydrated

Apia remains hot throughout the year and also experiences high levels of humidity. Travellers with tickets to Auckland to Apia should pack light clothes, sunscreen and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Bring mosquito repellent

Mosquitos are a common pest in Apia. When packing for your Auckland to Apia flights, bring along a bottle of mosquito repellent that you can apply in the early mornings and evenings. It's also a good idea to cover up as much skin as possible during these periods to avoid bites. Luckily, Samoa doesn't have the risk of malaria, but there is the risk of zika. Travellers planning to buy Auckland to Apia return flights who are pregnant should consult with their doctor before visiting.

Getting around Apia

The best way to get around Apia is by car. When you purchase your cheap flights Auckland to Apia via Webjet, you can take up the option to add a rental car at check out. When you land at Faleolo International Airport (APW), your vehicle will be ready for you to collect and hit the road. Other transportation options in Apia include using the local buses, renting scooters or using bicycles to get around.

Average daily budget for Apia

Your costs while in Apia will vary depending on your travel style. Travellers wanting to keep their holiday spends low can budget around $300 TS ($179.99 NZD) per day. Mid-range travellers buying flights Auckland to Apia can expect to spend between $300 to $1000 TS ($179.99 to 599.98 NZD) per day. Luxury travel costs are typically $1000 TS ($599.98 NZD) and up.

When is the best time to visit Apia?

The best time to visit Apia is over the dry season. From May to October, you'll have gorgeous, tropical weather and rarely a rain-cloud in the sky. It is also the perfect time to go scuba diving or snorkelling, as the lower levels of rain mean you'll have excellent visibility to appreciate Samoa's underwater world. With such good conditions, the dry months are unsurprisingly high season for tourism in Apia. Prices for Auckland to Apia flights are usually higher, and you'll find larger crowds on the beaches. If you're looking for a quieter island getaway, book your flights Auckland to Apia for travel in the wet season. Samoa receives most of its rainfall from November to April, and travellers should also note that tropical cyclones may occur. If you don't mind planning your trip around the weather, it's a good time to pick up deals on cheap flights from Auckland to Apia.

What are the best things to do in Apia?

Go to the Samoan Cultural Village in Apia

One of the best places to learn about Samoan culture is at the Samoan Cultural Village in Apia. Visitors buying flights Auckland to Apia can sign up for free tours that run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between April and October. If you're buying Auckland to Apia return flights over November and March, the tours are held on a Thursday at 10.30am. During the tour, you'll get to experience a traditional 'Ava ceremony, a cooking demonstration and wood carvings.

Explore Apia's local markets

Apia has wonderful local markets where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. It's a great way to soak up the local atmosphere and shop for some snacks. One of the best markets for travellers buying flights Auckland to Apia to visit is Maketi Fou. If you're looking for souvenirs to take back home, head to the Old Apia Market to shop locally produced goods.

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is a few minutes’ drive from Apia. Travellers with Auckland to Apia flights can easily spend their entire day here exploring the colourful corals. The best time to visit the reserve is when the tide is high. If you come during low tide, you won't be able to swim over the reef. One thing to keep in mind is that the current can be strong, so swimming here may not be suitable for beginner swimmers or younger children. If you’re buying cheap flights from Auckland to Apia and don’t have snorkel gear, you can rent some out from the locals.

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