Webjet Servicing Fee

The Webjet Servicing Fee covers the supply and support related to your booking, in order to offer a great customer experience. This includes but is not limited to providing;

  • Unparalleled travel choice, to compare deals from all leading airlines, hotels and car rental providers
  • The ability to mix and match airlines to get the best deal, using our unique matrix flight display
  • A secure, fast and reliable website/app which includes continued enhancements
  • 24/7 customer service pre and post booking through live chat, email or by phone
  • Global Customer Service which can be accessed from anywhere around the world
  • Assistance when an airline initiates a schedule change, or when an airline does not immediately confirm a booking
  • No Webjet fees for booking changes/cancellations submitted online, airline fees may be applicable
  • A wide range of payment options

Our Servicing Fee is applied per booking, is inclusive of GST and the amount is determined by the flight destination in your booking. These destinations and values are as follows; Domestic $10.95 , NZ/Pacific $18.95 & International $33.95