Online check-in & manage my booking

Online check-in enables you to select seats and print your boarding pass for the below airlines. You can also manage your booking too.


  Qantas Tiger Jetstar Jetstar
Check-in available: Qantas Emirates Air New Zealand Jetstar
Open (prior to departure): 24 hrs 24 hrs 24hrs 48hrs
Close (prior to departure): 1 hr (dom) 2 hrs (int) 1.5 hrs 30mins (dom) 1.5hrs (int) 1 hr (dom) 2 hrs (int)
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Your Webjet confirmation email contains your airline booking number(s):

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Tip: To use online check-in
you must have acess to a printer
Note: Your booking reference number(s) can
be found on your booking confirmation email or log in to your account.