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How do I find the best sales on international flights from New Zealand to overseas?

To find the best deals and specials on international flights from New Zealand, simply compare and book your flights with Webjet. Webjet helps you to compare and book flights from across multiple airlines, so you can mix-and-match your booking to get the best deal possible.

Webjet lets you compare flights all over the world, including from NZ and overseas. So you can get the best deals to and from your international destinations, and even between cities overseas. Webjet also offers 24-hour support in case you need help – so you can book with confidence that you'll get award-winning service whenever and wherever you need it.

You can find some of Webjet's best and most popular specials on international flights from New Zealand right here on the International Specials page. To use this tool, start by choosing a major New Zealand city as your starting point, then choose a continent to travel to. We'll automatically search and compare all available flights to find you the best and cheapest international flights possible.

Our most popular international specials from New Zealand will appear right at the top, with all available special offers on flights listed right below. You can see the best dates to travel internationally, the cheapest airlines, and the lowest price possible to get to your overseas destination from Australia.

Which carriers offer cheap international flights from New Zealand?

All of the major carriers in New Zealand offer specials on international flights to overseas destinations. With our overseas flight comparison tool, you can find cheap international flights from Virgin Airlines, cheap flights from Jetstar, cheap flights from Qantas, affordable flights from Air New Zealand, affordable flights from Fiji Airways, and all other major airlines.

What countries can I fly to from New Zealand?

Webjet helps you find great specials on flights to international destinations all over the world. You can compare and book flights to popular destinations including Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, the USA, Canada, the UK, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, the UAE, and many other countries.

If you want to find out more about current rules and restrictions on travel from New Zealand to overseas, check out our COVID-19 travel hub to learn more.