8 of the Most Spectacular Experiences to Have with Webjet Tours

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Eager to book your next overseas adventure but not sure where to go? Webjet Tours has you sorted. With a magnificent collection of exciting tours, there are itineraries and trips bursting with unique experiences for every type of traveller. These encounters are perfect for travellers that really want the most out of their next trip away; those experiences that will have you coming home to brag about what you did, saw and ate to your envious family and friends. So no matter if you want to escape into nature, brush up on your history, or immerse yourself into local culture, Webjet Tours has the itinerary – and the experience – for you. Check out some of the most unforgettable experiences below.

Travel by Bullet Train in China

Bullet trains are an essential experience when travelling in China and Japan — not only are they an efficient means of transportation, but they’re just so much fun! The fastest train in China travels at a top speed of 431km/hr, but others of differing speeds will take you to different parts of the country. Train travel also gives you the opportunity to see parts of the Chinese countryside you might otherwise miss. Book your tour to China here.

Pay Respects to ANZAC History in Turkey

ANZAC Cove and the Gallipoli Peninsula hold very special places in the hearts of many New Zealanders and Australians, and visiting this sacred soil is a rite of passage for many travellers. There is truly something haunting about walking onto the beach, knowing that this was the very spot where the ANZACs landed on April 25, 1915. While here, you can also pay your respects at the cemetery, visit the Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair memorials, and see the sites of the battlefields. Book your trip to Turkey here.

Walk Across a Glacier in Canada

Athabasca Glacier Webjet Tours Experiences Canada
Athabasca Glacier, Canada. Credit: adrian on Unsplash

The Icefields Parkway connecting Banff and Jasper in Canada’s Rocky Mountains is a bucket list road trip, and one of the best stops along the way is at the Columbia Icefield. This massive icefield belongs to an ancient glacier, and seeing it up close (and under foot) is an experience not to be missed. Climb aboard the huge Ice Explorer to travel out onto the glacier or, if you’d rather stay off the ice, walk along the impressive Columbia Icefield Skywalk — a glass bottomed walkway that provides a whole new perspective of the glacier. Book your adventure to Canada here.

Experience Evolution in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have become synonymous with the theory of evolution put forward by famous naturalist, Charles Darwin. Ever since Darwin travelled through the islands and documented the many types of finches, the Galapagos has been a magnet for every true blue nature lover. Joining a multi-day cruise that will take you to a number of different islands is the only way to go, with a trip like this giving you the best chance of spying the islands’ many local residents, including giant tortoises, sea lions and manta rays. Book your tour to South America here.

Trek to Local Villages in Vietnam

Hills Sapa Vietnam Best Webjet Tours
Sapa, Vietnam. Credit: Hiep Nguyen on Unsplash

The hills of Sapa in Vietnam’s north is a must for any hiker looking to pair beautiful scenery with friendly locals and delicious cuisine. A tour through Sapa will take you past vibrant green rice fields and through to numerous mountain villages, where you will experience a simpler way of life. There is so much to love about Vietnam’s bustling cities, but visiting the mountains of the north will ensure you leave with a different appreciation for Vietnam. Book your holiday package to Vietnam here.

Plant a Tree in Borneo

To truly experience the magic of Borneo, you need to immerse yourself in the country’s lush jungle landscapes. The country is home to a diverse range of wildlife, which thankfully are protected through ongoing conservation projects, most of which are funded by tourism. As such, why not give a little back to this spectacular country by planting a tree to help sustain the jungle? Tree-planting activities are organised throughout Borneo, and allow you to visit beautiful pockets of the country while simultaneously doing something to ensure this jungle continues to thrive. Book a journey to Borneo here.

Ride Camels into the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Morocco is a colourful and cultured nation, rich in history and offering an incredible local cuisine. To really appreciate life here though, you will need to get out of the cities and experience the desert — and what better mode of transportation than a camel? Join a tour to ride out onto the edges of the Sahara Desert, with sunrise or sunset the ideal time to experience this amazing landscape at its most enchanting. Book a trip to Morocco here.

Climb to the Top of India’s Largest Mosque

Jama Masjid Mosque Delhi Webjet Tours India
Jama Masjid, India. Credit: Frank Holleman on Unsplash

Delhi is a busy and bustling Indian city, one bursting at the seams with history. A tour of Old and New Delhi is an absolute must to get a taste for how the city has evolved over the centuries, and one of the most culturally important sites to see is Jama Masjid. Built between 1644 and 1656, this is the largest mosque in India, costing one million rupees to build. If you think your legs are up to the challenge, tackle the steep climb to the top of its southern tower, where you’ll be rewarded with incredible views across the rooftops of Delhi. Trust us, it’s well worth the effort! Book your Indian holiday here.

Put one (or more) of these amazing experiences in your upcoming travel plans by searching and booking with Webjet Tours. Or, browse through a range of more incredible holidays and tours to find the travel experience that is perfect for you.

Hero image: Sahara, Morocco. Credit: Carlos Leret on Unsplash

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