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Whitsundays Guide

When is the best time to visit Proserpine?

The Whitsunday Coast is located in the tropics. So no matter what time of year you book airfare to Proserpine, you’re likely to have warm weather. In terms of climate, many visitors consider September and October as the best times to travel on flights to Proserpine. Temperatures average a warm 26° to 30°C, and there’s little rain or humidity. These months are high season in the Whitsundays, but you could make the most of nice spring weather and smaller crowds by checking out cheap flights to Proserpine in November.

The holiday season in December is a popular time to book tickets to Proserpine, but the rest of summer is fairly quiet. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures hitting around 32°C during the day and 22°C at night. There’s more rain in the summer than any other time of year, but there are benefits to this – extra rainfall means the rainforests and waterfalls along the Whitsunday Coast are at their most beautiful.

Autumn is a shoulder season when you’ll find some great deals on local hotels. There’s plenty of sunshine, and daytime temperatures are typically 26° to 30°C. Once winter arrives, more tourists book airfare to Proserpine as a way to escape colder temperatures elsewhere in Australia and NZ. Temperatures are a comfortable 23°C during the day – perfect for hiking or heading out on the Great Barrier Reef. Evenings can dip to 12°C, so make sure to bring some warmer clothes when you book return flights to Proserpine in winter. The months between June and August are widely considered the best sailing months in the Whitsundays, and winter visitors will get the chance to see whales migrating.


What are the best things to do in Proserpine?

Take a scenic flight over the Whitsundays

Book onto a scenic flight while holidaying on flights to Proserpine for a unique perspective over the Whitsundays. See the bright blue water, lush green islands, large white-sand beaches, and dramatic atolls and cays of the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll get to see Whitsunday icons like Hamilton Beach and the Hill Inlet, plus landmarks like Heart Reef that can only be seen from the air. Several companies offer aerial tours over the Whitsundays. You may even be able to bundle together a scenic flight and sailing tour to save some cash.

Visit Conway National Park

Spend a day at Conway National Park to take in both the rainforest and coastal aspects of the Whitsunday Coast when you book return flights to Proserpine. There are several walking trails around Conway National Park, including the well-known Great Whitsunday Walk. This trail is 28 kilometres (17.4 miles) long and passes by some of the park’s best nature and landmarks. Conway National Park also has shorter rainforest walks, beaches, rugged cliffs, and scenic lookouts that you can check out while visiting the Whitsunday Coast on cheap flights to Proserpine.

See Cedar Creek Falls

There are a handful of waterfalls to visit while visiting the Whitsundays on return flights to Proserpine, including the beautiful Cedar Creek Falls. The waterfall is set amongst a natural rock amphitheatre and is surrounded by vivid flowers and white cedar trees. There’s a swimming hole at the base of the cascades where you can go for a dip on warm days. Cedar Creek Falls is always pretty, but you’ll see the waterfall at its most breathtaking by booking flights to Proserpine in the wet summer season.


What is the cost of visiting Proserpine?

Cheap flights to Proserpine aren’t the only thing you can book through Webjet – you’ll also find great deals on hotels and hire cars. The average hotel room on the Whitsunday Coast costs around $200 NZD per night. You can also find rooms for less than $100 NZD per night if you’re travelling on a budget. Having a rental car will give you the opportunity to venture outside of town and head off the beaten path. Book a car to pick up from Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport (PPP) after arriving on flights to Proserpine. Hire cars start from about $55 NZD per day.

Catch the shuttle bus from Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport (PPP) to reach the centre of Proserpine or Airlie Beach without a car. Fare to Proserpine costs $14 AUD ($14.90 NZD), and tickets into Airlie Beach are $22 AUD ($23.40 NZD).

Adventures around the Whitsunday islands are at the top of the list for many travellers who book tickets to Proserpine. Take a day trip around the Whitsundays by boat for about $160 to $200 AUD ($170 to $212.50 NZD) per person. Another option is to catch an aerial view over the islands by taking a scenic flight. Flights over the Whitsundays typically cost $250 AUD ($265.65 NZD).