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What are the best things to do in Whangarei?

Abbey Caves

Delve into the underground world of Northland while holidaying on return flights to Whangarei by visiting the Abbey Caves. The cave system is only a ten-minute drive from central Whangarei, and what’s even better, it’s completely free to explore. There’s an Abbey Caves Track that winds its way for 1.3 kilometres through three individual caves – Organ Cave, Middle Cave, and Ivy Cave. Along the way, visitors will see stalactites, glowworms, and flowing streams inside the caves and lush forest between them. Come equipped with a torch as the caves aren’t lit.

AH Reed Kauri Park

AH Reed Kauri Park is one of the best places to admire native forests when you visit Northland on flights to Whangarei. The park has a raised walkway through the forest canopy. Visitors can view 500 year old kauri trees up close as well as other landmarks like Paranui Falls and Pukenui Falls. There are three AH Reed Kauri Park walks to check out while holidaying on return flights to Whangarei, ranging from 300 metres to 1.5 kilometres. Once you’ve spent some time at AH Reed Kauri Park, you could make your way along a two-kilometre trail through the forest that connects the park to the iconic Whangarei Falls.

Mount Manaia Track

Treat yourself to one of the region’s best views by hiking the Mount Manaia Track while visiting Northland on flights to Whangarei. The track is four kilometres long and includes a tall set of stairs heading up to the peak. The Mount Manaia Track winds through a beautiful natural forest where visitors holidaying on cheap flights to Whangarei can learn about the area’s significance to Maori groups. Visitors who reach the summit will see Whangarei Harbour and the city in one direction and Bream Head on the other.


When is the best time to visit Whangarei?

Plan to book airfare to Whangarei during the warm summer months if you’re hoping to spend a lot of your time at the beach. On a typical day, temperatures reach between 20° and 22°C. There’s the occasional rainy day, but you’re likely to enjoy a lot of sunshine by booking tickets to Whangarei between December and February. The beautiful summer weather leads to a spike in tourism, so hotels often increase their rates during this busy time. Get the best rates by locking in accommodation early when you book flights into Whangarei Airport (WRE) in summer.

Winter weather dips to an average of 13° to 15°C, and light rainfall is common. The winter months don't bring in the same number of tourists as the summer high season, but they’re still a popular time to book tickets to Whangarei. People try to escape the colder weather in southern parts of New Zealand by planning getaways to the subtropical Northland.

Autumn and spring are nice times to book cheap flights to Whangarei if you’re looking to enjoy the national parks and coastal walks around Northland. Temperatures average between 15° and 20°C during these seasons. It’s a bit too cold to swim, but the perfect weather for exploring nature without many tourists around.


What’s on in Whangarei?

The Canopy Night Market

Make sure the Canopy Night Market is on your list of things to do if you book airfare to Whangarei between October and March. The market is held on Friday evenings throughout the season, bringing the local community together through food and entertainment. Street food stalls serve up delicious meals in all different international cuisines, and local musicians provide live music throughout the evening. The market is held at the Town Basin, and is a must-visit if you book return flights to Whangarei while it’s on.

Matariki Festival

Matariki celebrates the Maori New Year and has pop-up events in several NZ cities. Learn about the Maori culture of Northland by booking flights in Whangarei Airport (WRE) that coincide with the event. The Matariki Festival involves a series of cultural events that celebrate Maori heritage, dance, music, art, and clothing. There’s also a market selling souvenirs, a variety of food stalls, and activities for kids. Head to the Matariki Festival by booking flights to Whangarei in mid to late July – the exact date changes each year.

Endless Summer Festival

The Endless Summer Festival takes place over three months and can be attended when you book cheap flights to Whangarei in summer. It includes a series of more than 100 individual events that showcase different aspects of the Whangarei region. You’ll find everything from musical performances and art exhibitions to dinner events and dance parties. Attend some events of the Endless Summer Festival by booking flights to Whangarei between January and March.