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Tel Aviv Guide

What’s on in Tel Aviv?


Film-lovers book return flights to Tel Aviv each year for Docaviv, the city’s largest film festival and the only festival in Israel dedicated to documentaries. More than 130 documentaries are screened over the course of 10 days in venues around the city. Featured filmmakers come from both Israel and abroad, and documentaries cover a wide range of topics, including Israeli culture, music, art, and travel. Book cheap flights to Tel Aviv for travel in late May to attend Docaviv.

White Night

Tel Aviv is often referred to as the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. It’s always buzzing with activity, and that’s especially true of the annual White Night. This is one of the city’s largest cultural events, and you’ll find plenty of excitement to keep you entertained all night long. Watch live musical performances, attend free dance parties, grab a bite to eat from pop-up food festivals, and see parades through the city streets. Travel on flights to Tel Aviv at the end of June to enjoy White Night.

Night Light Festival

Combine Hanukkah celebrations with cultural activities by booking cheap flights to Tel Aviv during the Night Light Festival. It’s held over three days and coincides with the start of Hanukkah. Head to the neighbourhood of Neve Sha’anan where the streets were designed in the shape of a menorah. The festival lights up the different branches of the menorah with art and light installations, live music, and vendors selling traditional Israeli food alongside international cuisine. Note that the dates of the festival change each year to correspond with Hanukkah.


What is the best way to get around Tel Aviv?

An extensive light rail system is currently under construction and is set to open over the next couple years. Buses are currently the best way to get around in between return flights to Tel Aviv. A few bus companies operate around Tel Aviv, and the most popular and comprehensive network is called Dan. 70 Dan routes operate around the city and allow travellers holidaying on flights to Tel Aviv to easily reach Jaffa and popular suburbs. Most of the buses don’t run on the Shabbat between sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. However, five bus routes operate and are free to ride during the Shabbat.

There are four train stations around Tel Aviv with connections to other parts of Israel. Train travel is an excellent way to plan day trips when you’ll be visiting Israel with airfare to Tel Aviv. Catch the train to exciting spots like Jerusalem, Haifa, and Be’er Sheva.

You can catch the train from Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) after arriving on flights to Tel Aviv. Just be aware that the stations aren’t directly in the city centre, so you’ll likely need to catch a bus or taxi from the train station to your hotel. Another option is to catch a taxi directly to your accommodation after arriving on return flights to Tel Aviv. Some travellers plan to stay in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem after booking airfare to Tel Aviv. Shuttle bus 485 makes the trip between the airport and Jerusalem.


What is the cost of visiting Tel Aviv?

Affordable plane tickets to Tel Aviv aren’t the only aspect of your trip to book with Webjet. You’ll find excellent deals on accommodation as well. A hotel room in the city centre of Tel Aviv typically goes for about $200 NZD per night. Affordable options are available from about $100 NZD if you’re hoping to travel on a budget after booking airfare to Tel Aviv.

Next you’ll need to budget for transportation costs. Many visitors choose to catch a taxi to their accommodation after arriving on flights to Tel Aviv. Taxi fare from Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) costs about 150 shekels ($66.40 NZD) into central Tel Aviv and about 120 shekels ($53.10 NZD) to Jaffa. You could also head toward the city by train for a fare of 16 shekels ($7.10 NZD), then connect to a bus or taxi to your hotel. Bus fare around Tel Aviv costs 5.90 shekels ($2.60 NZD). Jerusalem is a popular day trip to plan when you book tickets to Tel Aviv. Catch a train to the Israeli capital for 23.50 shekels ($10.40 NZD) each way.

There are countless attractions to enjoy while holidaying on cheap flights to Tel Aviv. Budget between 250 to 350 shekels ($110.70 to $155 NZD) to take a guided day tour to the Dead Sea. Entrance fees for popular city centre attractions include 50 shekels ($22.15 NZD) to Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 10 shekels ($4.45 NZD) to the Great Synagogue, and 12 shekels ($5.30 NZD) to Independence Hall.