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Public Transport and How to Get Around

Once your flights to Tauranga arrive, you can find several transportation options to suit your budget and travel needs. Public buses are known as Bay Hoppers and can be a great way for frugal travellers booking cheap flights to Tauranga to get around. There are more than 500 bus stations around the Tauranga region with buses running seven days a week. Taxis are available for hire throughout the city as well as Tauranga Airport (TRG). Visitors arranging airfare to Tauranga can expect to pay about $26 NZD for a 10-minute ride from the airport to the city centre. Uber is now available in the Tauranga area and can be a cheaper alternative to taxis. If you want a laid back holiday to accompany your return flights to Tauranga, you may want to look at hiring a motorhome or rental car. This can be a great way to tour this harbourside city and its suburbs without being beholden to a public bus or structured tour schedule. Any tours you book when arranging tickets to Tauranga may include transit between your hotel and your activity.

Top Experiences For Visitors

The Bay of Plenty coastline is dotted with incredible geothermal features and magnificent volcanic sites that offer wonderful experiences for travellers arriving on flights to Tauranga. Book an exploration cruise of the Bay once you have locked in the dates of your cheap flights to Tauranga and prepare to get up close to some of the North Island’s incredible marine life. Bring your camera to snap photos of locals including dolphins, penguins, seals and maybe even orca whales. Some tours include commentary on the rich history and culture of the Bay of Plenty area. You can fill an entire day’s worth of activities at McLaren Falls Park. Located just 10 minutes’ drive from the city centre, the park is a favourite among locals as it is great for camping, fishing, scenic walks and kayaking. Take your kayaking experience up a few notches by booking a glow worm excursion once you confirm your flights to Tauranga. These tours often begin at dusk to allow tourists to watch the sunset over Lake McLaren and then continue into the dark to see constellations of glow worms. Thrill seekers hoping to take their holiday to the next level can arrange a skydiving experience after booking return flights to Tauranga. After take-off, you can enjoy views of the entire Bay area including the active volcano at White Island, the Coromandel Peninsula and even Mount Ruapehu. If you’re planning on booking holiday flights to Tauranga, think ahead with your itinerary and set aside time to visit the active volcano site of White Island. You can arrange a guided tour of the area for a more in-depth look at the lunar-like landscape, bubbling mud pools, steaming fumaroles and mining ruins.

Cafes and Restaurants

When planning cheap flights to Tauranga, you won’t have to worry about tracking down cafes and restaurants you’ll want to eat it. Talk of India is Tamworth’s first authentic Tandoori Indian Restaurant and has been serving flavourful cuisines since opening in 1993. The butter chicken, thali, and curry can have foodies booking return flights to Tauranga savouring every bite. Mills Reef Winery can also be a hit among visitors. Tours of the estate can be booked once the dates of your tickets to Tauranga are confirmed. After a tour, sit down for a meal at the winery’s award-winning restaurant. No matter if you’re travelling with family, friends, or as a solo adventurer, make plans to visit Julians Berry Farm and Café after arriving on flights to Tauranga. Visitors to this berry farm can pick their own seasonal fruit right off the vine or select already-picked fruits from the stands. An on-site cafe offers dishes that, naturally, feature seasonal berries. Plus there are savoury items available too. If you don’t have time to pick-your-own fruit, you might still be tempted to stop by for a few scoops of Julians homemade ice cream. Travellers booking airfare to Tauranga who crave a delicious steak, tasty fettuccine, or a robust Italian pizza can head to OBR in Mount Maunganui. Experience dinner and a show inside Momo Teppan-Yaki. You can strike up a conversation with your dinner host as he prepares your custom ordered meals right before your eyes.

Adrenalin Forest

Adrenalin Forest is an Adventure Climbing Experience with multiple levels rising into the treetops. We prepare you so you have the skills and independence to take yourself on a challenging, Adrenalin filled adventure over bridges, swings, wobbly logs, zip lines and more. You just need to control your emotions and that inner voice. It is truly your journey, your experience and your challenge. We are just there if you need a little hand.

Adrenaline Forest

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