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Suva Guide

What are the best things to do in Suva?

Fiji Museum

Pay a visit to the Fiji Museum while holidaying on flights to Suva to explore Fijian history and culture in depth. The museum displays a wide range of artefacts, some of which date back more than 3,700 years. Exhibits delve into different topics that have shaped Fiji’s history and culture over the years; archaeology, evolution of tools and transportation, cannibalism which took place in Fiji up until the 19th century, and paintings by local artists. The Fiji Museum is located within Thurston Gardens, which are an attraction in themselves. Wander through the gardens to admire tropical Fijian plants.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

Fiji is teeming with gorgeous parks and rainforests that you can discover while holidaying on cheap flights to Suva. Colo-I-Suva Forest Park is a breathtaking spot that’s just a 15-minute drive north of the city. Lush rainforest and tropical plants are interspersed with waterfalls, natural pools, and plenty of bird-watching opportunities. There are several hiking trails you can take to explore the beauty of the park. The most popular is the Falls Trail loop which takes about 90 minutes to complete. Rangers offer guided two-hours tours of Colo-I-Suva for $30 FJD ($22.40 NZD) if you’re interested in learning about Fiji’s nature from a local perspective.

Suva Municipal Market

Get a glimpse into local life by visiting the Municipal Market while visiting Fiji on flights to Suva. It’s one of the most well-known and loved places in the Fijian capital. Vendors set up stalls where they sell all the fresh food you could imagine, including vibrant tropical fruits and fish caught just hours earlier. There are few better places to people-watch, as the Municipal Market is often considered the beating heart of Suva. Grab some refreshing fruit or pineapple juice to snack on while walking through the market.


What is the cost of visiting Suva?

Cheap flights to Suva aren’t the only thing Webjet can get you a deal on: you’ll find great prices on hotels through Webjet too. Browse the hotels available after booking your airfare to Suva, budgeting around $150 to $200 NZD per night for a mid-range option.

Catching a taxi is the quickest and easiest option to reach your hotel after landing on flights to Suva. A taxi fare from Nausori International Airport (SUV) to central Suva costs about $20 FJD ($14.90 NZD). Taxis are widely available around Suva, and are a great way to get from one attraction to the next. Budget about $2.50 FJD ($1.85 NZD) for each kilometre travelled in a taxi while holidaying on return flights to Suva. Did you book tickets to Suva with a strict budget in mind? Public buses are another transport option. Prices vary across the island of Viti Levu, starting at $1.50 FJD ($1.10 NZD) around the city.

There are countless activities and attractions to have on your radar when you book airfare to Suva. Many places, such as beaches and national parks, are free to visit. There are some sights to budget for too. Tickets to Suva’s Fiji Museum cost $8 FJD ($5.95 NZD). Book onto a guided snorkelling day tour out of Suva for around $250 FJD ($185 NZD) per person. Hoping to island-hop in between your return flights to Suva? A ferry to Taveuni costs $65 FJD ($48.35 NZD), and a return ferry to the nearby island of Nukulau costs $15 FJD ($11.15 NZD).


When is the best time to visit Suva?

No matter what time of year you book flights into Nausori International Airport (SUV), you can generally look forward to daytime temperatures of about 30°C. Fiji has two distinct seasons: wet and dry, but the temperature stays consistent.

The wet season happens between November and April. Expect high levels of humidity and regular rainfall if you book cheap flights to Suva during this period. However, keep in mind there’s no such thing as a bad time to book flights to Suva – Fiji is a year round paradise. The extra rainfall really emphasises the beauty of the rainforests and waterfalls across Fiji. Fewer tourists travel to Fiji during the wet season, so you can find hotel rooms for a bargain.

Dry season takes place during the other half of the year, between May and October. There’s plenty of sunshine, low humidity, little rain, and several major festivals to look forward to if you’re headed to the island now. This is peak season in Fiji. Lock in your hotel early for the best rate if you’ll be holidaying on flights to Suva at this time. Consider travelling on return flights to Suva at the very beginning or end of dry season to benefit from the nice weather outside of the busiest peak time.