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What are Split’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Diocletian’s Palace

Get a glimpse of what Croatia looked like during the Ancient Roman Empire while holidaying on return flights to Split. Diocletian’s Palace was built for Roman Emperor Diocletian when he retired and moved to the area in 305 AD. It covers about 30,000 square metres and is made up of more than 200 buildings in central Split, making it feel like a city within a city. Diocletian’s Palace is in partial ruin today, but it’s one of the Roman Empire’s most important surviving sites on the Adriatic Sea. Take a walk through Diocletian’s Palace while visiting Croatia on flights to Split to see St. Domnius Cathedral, Jupiter’s Temple, and Peristil Square.

Marjan Forest Park

Spend a day at Marjan Forest Park on the western edge of Split to enjoy some of the Dalmatian Coast’s beautiful nature. The park is located on a hill that sits 178 metres above the city centre. Lookout points around Marjan Forest Park offer some of the best views you’ll find while holidaying on cheap flights to Split. You can see the red roofs of the city as well as the bright blue Adriatic Sea and the islands that surround Split. Hiking trails wind their way through the pine forests of the park, passing by many different sights along the way, such as several medieval churches, cliffs, and caves. You’ll also find beaches within Marjan Forest Park, including the popular Kasjuni Beach.

Klis Fortress

The Klis Fortress is one of the most iconic landmarks to see while holidaying on cheap flights to Split. The history of the fortress goes back more than 2,000 years when it served as a stronghold for the Dalmatae tribe. It was later used by Croatian royalty during the Middle Ages and was the site of many battles against the Ottoman Empire. The most recent claim to fame for Klis Fortress was that it was featured in Game of Thrones as the city of Meereen. Visit the fortress to learn more about its complicated history, see its defensive stone walls, wander through its corridors, and take in a gorgeous view over Split.


What is the cost of visiting Split?

Find a great deal on your accommodation with Webjet after purchasing airfare to Split. The average cost of a city centre hotel room is $150 NZD per night, but there are also options from about $40 NZD for budget travellers who book cheap flights to Split.

Public transport is the best way to get from one spot to the next in between return flights to Split. Public buses are available across the city, including route 37 that travels between Split Airport (SPU) and the centre. Bus fare from Split Airport (SPU) costs 20 kuna ($4.70 NZD). Buses around central Split cost 11 kuna ($2.60 NZD) if you purchase the ticket on the bus and 9 kuna ($2.10 NZD) if you purchase one from a ticket kiosk before boarding.

There are many exciting attractions to budget for when you book tickets to Split. Diocletian’s Palace is free to enter, but it costs 15 kuna ($3.50 NZD) to visit the Cathedral of St. Dominus that’s located within the palace complex. Entrance fees for other central Split attractions include 40 kuna ($9.40 NZD) for the Klis Fortress and 25 kuna ($5.90 NZD) to visit St. Duje’s Cathedral. Spend a day in rural Croatia while holidaying on flights to Split by planning a day trip to Krka National Park. A guided day tour of the park departing from Split costs about 215 kuna ($50.50 NZD).


What should I pack for Split?

Having a plug adapter is essential for anyone who books plane tickets to Split. The power points in Croatia use plug types C and F. A pair of sturdy shoes is another must-pack when preparing for your return flights to Split. There’s a lot of walking to do around the city, and there are also some incredible national parks to visit around Croatia.

The summer months are hot in Croatia and call for warm-weather clothes like shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, and sandals. You’ll also want to pack a couple swimsuits if you book summer flights to Split. The city is located right on the Adriatic Sea, and there are some great beaches and water activities along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Bring along jeans, jumpers, and a coat if you book airfare to Split in the winter months and clothes that you can layer for a spring or autumn holiday. The afternoons are often warm in spring and autumn, but the mornings and evenings are brisk.

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