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Seattle Guide

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Seattle, Washington is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. For a fairly small city, Seattle has a big personality and draws people in from around the world. Seattle is surrounded by mountains on one side and the Puget Sound on the other side, so no matter where you are in the city, you can get some pretty amazing views. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Rainier, an active volcano and the tallest mountain in the Cascades, rising up over the city. If you enjoy water sports or hiking, you’ll instantly fall in love with Seattle and its surrounding area. If you’re a city person, Seattle is still the perfect place for you. Downtown Seattle is packed full of amazing restaurants, cafes, shopping, and nightlife. Fans of the arts will also enjoy Seattle. It has a great live music scene and has several art galleries and museums scattered across the city. Seattle has so much to offer, and you are sure to enjoy your visit to one of the coolest cities in America.

Several major airlines offer cheap airfares to Seattle from New Zealand. Virgin Australia, Delta, American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Qantas, United Airlines, and Emirates all offer cheap flights to Seattle every day. There’s plenty of opportunity to get over to Seattle with about 70-85 flights departing from Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch each day and about 40-45 from Queenstown. Flying from Auckland, you can book cheap airfares to Seattle with just one short stopover. Flying from another airport, your flights to Seattle will include two stopovers, but you’ll be to your destination before you know it. You can arrive to Seattle from Auckland in about 17 hours, from Wellington in 18 hours, Christchurch in 20 hours, and Queenstown in 21 hours. If you would prefer to break up the journey with a long stopover along the way, you can spend a few hours or a day exploring another city. The most popular stopover cities for flights to Seattle from New Zealand are Brisbane, Sydney, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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When should you book cheap flights to Seattle?

If you are a fan of warm and sunny weather, you’ll love booking cheap airfares to Seattle in the summertime. From June to August, Seattle experiences little to no rain, lots of sunshine, and warm weather without humidity. During summer, it’s ideal weather to explore the city as well as take advantage of all the beautiful nature that the USA’s Pacific Northwest is known for.

Outside of the summer months, Seattle is infamous for its wet climate. Spring and autumn experience some rain showers, but also plenty of clear days as well. Weather can be a bit cool during each of these seasons, and chilly winds hit the city in the spring. Late spring and early autumn are great times to book cheap flights to Seattle to experience nice weather on the edge of summertime and also get a bargain on flights and hotels outside of high season.

Seattle has a reputation of experiencing constant rain. And while that isn’t true for the majority of the year, it’s true for winter. From November to February, Seattle gets cold and experiences regular rain and occasional snow. While the rain isn’t heavy like you would experience in a tropical climate, it’s a constant drizzle. If you are someone who enjoys some rain and grey skies, you may really enjoy winter in Seattle. But if you are hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors during your holiday, plan to book your airfares to Seattle in the warmer and sunnier months.


Arriving in Seattle

Seattle has one major airport that is located about 20 km south of the city. The airport serves both Seattle and the nearby city of Tacoma and is known to locals as SeaTac. SeaTac Airport is in the top 10 busiest airports in the United States and is one of the fasting growing airports in the country. SeaTac has three terminals—the Main Terminal, North Terminal, and South Terminal. All international arrivals fly into the South Terminal, however, you may arrive to one of the others if you have a stopover in another US city.

Getting to central Seattle from Seattle Tacoma Airport (SEA)

Getting into central Seattle from the airport is quick and convenient. There are a couple of options available to visitors once they have landed and gone through customs.

The most affordable option into Seattle is to take the Link Light Rail. To get to the light rail station, take the walkway from level 4 of the Airport Parking Garage. The light rail runs from 5AM to 1AM Monday through Saturday and from 6AM to midnight on Sundays. The light rail departs regularly throughout the day, heading into the city every 6 minutes during peak times and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours. The Link Light Rail makes several stops throughout Downtown Seattle, so you’ll be able to get to centrally located hotels with no issues. Some of the major light rail stops include Chinatown, Pioneer Square, University Street, and Westlake. Light rail tickets from the airport into the city centre cost $3 and get you into Downtown in about 30 minutes.

If you are tired after your long journey, the convenience of a taxi may be ideal. Taxis are available from the third floor of the Airport Parking Garage, and both metered and fixed rate taxis are available. A taxi from SeaTac into central Seattle costs about $40.


Things to do in Seattle

Space Needle

It would be impossible to book airfares to Seattle without seeing the legendary Space Needle. The Space Needle is the most iconic attraction in Seattle and dominates the city’s skyline. The Space Needle was built in 1962 and was once the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River. There are many spots around the city where you can get a great view of the Space Needle, but for the greatest experience, you can head up to the top. From the Space Needle’s observation deck, you’ll get an incredible view over the city, the mountains, and the Puget Sound.

Pike Place Market

Located along the waterfront, you’ll find this popular market. Pike Place Market is enormous and has so many different shops and stalls. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it at Pike Place Market. There are lots of stalls where you can try a variety of different street foods. Other markets sell flowers, some sell souvenirs and crafts, and many sell fresh fish that is brought in from the Puget Sound each morning. The market has a great view of the harbour, so grab yourself some takeaway lunch from one of the many food stalls and take in the views. Afterwards, head across the street to get a coffee from the world’s first Starbucks.

Gasworks Park

Located north of Downtown, this is a unique park at the top end of Lake Union. The park provides amazing views of the lake as well as the Seattle skyline. It’s a favourite among locals and makes the perfect place for an afternoon picnic. What makes the park so unique is that it used to be a gasification plant. While the company hasn’t operated in years, much of the equipment is still standing. It’s quirky and interesting at the same time.

Elliott Bay Waterfront

If you visit Seattle in the summer, you’ll struggle to find somewhere more perfect than the Elliott Bay Waterfront. Elliott Bay is a section of the Puget Sound right beside Downtown Seattle. Along the waterfront is where you’ll find Pike Place Market as well as lots of shops and restaurants, the Seattle Aquarium, and Seattle’s Great Wheel. You can travel up in the Great Wheel to get a panoramic view over the city and water. When the weather is sunny, the Elliott Bay Waterfront comes alive with activity, and it’s an exciting place to be.


Overall, Seattle is a very artistic city. That is most true when it comes to the neighbourhood of Fremont north of Downtown. Fremont is located near Lake Union and the University of Washington and is full of fun and quirky things to experience. There are lots of eclectic shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and street art. There are several sculptures and pieces of artwork scattered throughout Fremont, but the most famous is the Fremont Troll. Situated under a bridge, you’ll probably recognise this large troll sculpture from movies and tv shows that have been filmed in Seattle. Fremont is a trendy area and is a popular neighbourhood among young adults, making it a great area to go if you are hoping to experience some Seattle nightlife.

Chihuly Garden

Located right near the Space Needle, you’ll find this “garden” made up of colourful glass sculptures. Chihuly Garden is made up of a few exhibits and offers a different take on a botanical garden. This garden is a favourite among art lovers who visit Seattle. Guided tours of the gardens are available, and you could even visit for a morning yoga class.

Mount Rainier

Not too far from Seattle are the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in the range and is also an active volcano. Mount Rainier is located about 80 km from central Seattle, making it a great day trip out of the city. Several tours are available to Mount Rainier, or you could rent a car for the day and visit the mountains at your own pace. Mount Rainier has hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails where you can get some great views of the mountains and the tall evergreen trees that make up the forests around Seattle. If you enjoy rock-climbing, you could even make the three-day trek up the glaciers of Mount Rainier to its summit.