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Sao Paulo Guide

What are the best things to do in Sao Paulo?


Pinacoteca is the oldest art museum in Sao Paulo and one of the most important museums across Brazil. Its exhibits display a vast collection of Brazilian art, so spending time at the museum is a great way to learn about the country’s culture while holidaying on cheap flights to Sao Paulo. Many of the paintings and sculptures date back to the 19th century, and there’s a great collection of contemporary Brazilian art as well. Pinacoteca also has rotating exhibits, with each one showcasing unique aspects of Brazilian culture.

Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo

Brazil is famous around the world for its rainforests. The Amazon is the most famous, but you can get a small taste of a Brazilian rainforest in the city while holidaying on flights to Sao Paulo. Jardim Botanico displays what the landscapes of Brazil looked like before colonisation and modern-day cities. Wander through native forests and gardens, visit the two glass houses, and learn more about Brazilian flora at the Botanical Museum of João Barbosa Rodrigues. Visitors holidaying on flights to Sao Paulo can also see native animals in the gardens, including boa constrictors, howler monkeys, sloths and green-billed toucans.

Catedral da Sé de Sao Paulo

Catedral da Sé is one of the world’s largest neo-Gothic cathedrals and one of the most popular landmarks to visit while holidaying on return flights to Sao Paulo. The cathedral’s exterior features two commanding spires and a dome that was inspired by the Florence Renaissance style. Inside Catedral da Sé is a beautiful marble mosaic design and detailed stained-glass windows. Take a walk through the cathedral to admire its beautiful style and visit its crypt, which houses tombs of Sao Paulo’s past bishops and archbishops.


What is the cost of visiting Sao Paulo?

Find a great hotel deal to accompany your airfare to Sao Paulo by booking with Webjet. A centrally-located hotel room often costs between $100 and $150 NZD per night. Budget travellers who book cheap flights to Sao Paulo will be happy to know there are also budget-friendly rooms available from about $20 NZD per night.

The Airport Bus Service is the most affordable way to reach the city from Sao Paulo’s two international airports. The bus makes stops at several city centre hotels, major bus terminals, and popular neighbourhoods. Bus fare from Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) costs 36.50 reais ($10.95 NZD), and the bus from Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport (CGH) is 39 reais ($11.70 NZD) . Sao Paulo has a metro system that’s spread across six routes. This is the best way to travel between attractions while holidaying on return flights to Sao Paulo. A single-fare metro ticket costs 3.80 reais ($1.15 NZD).

There are countless attractions to add to your bucket list after booking tickets to Sao Paulo. Make sure to budget for each one you’d like to see while planning for your flights to Sao Paulo. Entrance to Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo costs 10 reais ($3 NZD), and a ticket to Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo is 15 reais ($4.50 NZD). It’s free to visit Catedral da Sé, but guided tours are available for 5 reais ($1.50 NZD). Pinacoteca Museum usually has an entrance fee of 6 reais ($1.80 NZD), but you can get in for free by visiting on a Saturday.


What should I pack for Sao Paulo?

Sunscreen is an essential for anyone who books airfare to Sao Paulo as there’s strong sunshine year-round. Opt for a reef-safe sunscreen if you’ll be taking a day trip to the beaches near Sao Paulo, because there are fringing coral reefs offshore. A plug adapter is another travel accessory you’ll need to get when you book tickets to Sao Paulo. Power points in Brazil use plug types C and N.

Sao Paulo has warm daytime temperatures all year long. Bring lightweight clothing like shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, and comfortable sandals no matter what time of year you’ll be holidaying on return flights to Sao Paulo. Swimsuits are another clothing item to pack, particularly if you book summer flights to Sao Paulo. The city itself isn’t on the coast, but beaches of the Sao Paulo state are easily accessible as a day trip. It’s also a good idea to pack an umbrella in the summer, because rain showers are fairly common. Winter days are warm, but evenings can cool to about 14°C, so pack some jeans and a jacket if you book cheap flights to Sao Paulo for a winter getaway. Lastly, there are stunning national parks to visit around Brazil. Make sure you have a pair of sturdy hiking shoes that you can wear while visiting the national parks and rainforests of the country.