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Top Experiences For Visitors

Booking an air or sea excursion to accompany your flights to Rotorua can be a great way to experience stunning scenery as well as learn about traditional Maori culture. Some tours take you to the hot springs, mud pools and geysers inside Orakei Korako Geothermal Park. Book your cheap flights to Rotorua with Webjet then splurge on an aerial tour of the park. You can take in the sights of the Tutukau Gorge while soaring above the Waikato River. White Island and Mount Tarawera tours can also be incredible experiences for first-time and seasoned visitors travelling on return flights to Rotorua. White Island tours can allow you to walk along the crater floor of this active volcano. The lunar-like landscape of the crater floor can be an unrivalled experience for almost anyone arriving on flights to Rotorua. Mount Tarawera tours can take you to one of the most famed eruption sites in New Zealand. Book an excursion to its summit after confirming your airfare to Rotorua to take in the spectacular views of the volcano, its enormous craters, and surrounding lakes. To explore the history-rich area on foot, look to joining a hiking excursion when planning your tickets to Rotorua. Fully guided tours allow for incredible photo opportunities along the way and most offer insight into the historic 1886 eruption. You may even want to book an extended excursion that includes a journey through Te Puia. If you want to get your heart pumping, head straight for Velocity Valley as soon as you arrive at Rotorua Regional Airport (ROT). You can take off downhill on a gravity-fuelled luge and twist and turn your way to the bottom of a hill, or leap off a platform 43 metres above the ground on a bungee jumping excursion. There’s plenty of activities to fill your holiday no matter the level of adrenaline you’re seeking.

How Much Time to Spend in Rotorua

Travellers planning holiday flights to Rotorua can easily fill two or three days with cultural and adventurous activities. To learn and gain an appreciation of local Maori culture, visitors on cheap flights to Rotorua can make plans to spend a day at ‘Maoridom’. This cultural experiences sees visitors watch dances, see tattoo experts at work, and even sit down to a meal cooked in a traditional hangi. First-time holidaymakers on return flights to Rotorua may want to spend a day hiking and enjoying the stunning views of the North Island’s coastal city from the peaks of an active volcano. Holidays with airfare to Rotoura can include a day trip to Tauranga which is less than an hour away. In Tauranga you can walk the winding paths up Mount Maunganui. A southern drive to Huka Falls is another day-trip trekkers booking flights to Rotorua may enjoy. The drive from Taupo is a little more than an hour and is filled with spectacular sights such as Hell’s Gate and the Craters of the Moon. You can also pass the famed Waimangu, the thermal area created after the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera which wiped out the Pink and White Terraces. Once you arrive in Taupo, you can hike the paths inside Tongariro National Park, snap photos of the gorgeous Haka Falls, or spend the day at the surrounding beaches.

Travelling with Children

When you snap up one of Webjet’s deals on cheap flights to Rotorua, your entire family can enjoy an exciting holiday. Cultural experiences at the Mitai Maori Village can have a lasting impression on any traveller booking airfare to Rotorua. Children can learn about the Maori history, see the detailed carvings and discover the meaning behind ta moko (Maori tattoos). They can also see authentic weaponry during a combat performance, or watch an exciting poi dance. The entire experience at Matai Maori Village is designed to be authentic and engaging for visitors of all ages. Play at imagining you are Alice caught in the Queen of Heart’s maze, or Harry Potter racing to complete the Triwizard maze when spending the day at aMAZEme. Families arriving on return flights to Rotorua will love this all ages-friendly excursion. The maze is complete with concrete walls to block a path, openings in the hedge that may lead to an inner door, and small twists and turns. Younger travellers arriving on flights to Rotorua may also enjoy the thrill rides found at Skyline Rotorua. The area features more than five kilometres of luge tracks that are suitable for most ages. After reaching the bottom of the track, children and families can ride a gondola back to the top and do it all again. Rotorua is home to New Zealand’s only 3D Trick Art Gallery. Anyone visiting the gallery can experience the beauty of New Zealand’s natural landscape in a whole new way. You can actually be a part of more than 50 unique art pieces throughout the gallery.

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