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What are the top tips for travelling with children to Rarotonga?

Spend a day at Highland Paradise Cultural Centre

The Highland Paradise Cultural Centre is an excellent place to learn more about Rarotonga’s history. Daytime tours take visitors through a traditional Polynesian village, offering insight into the daily life of Rarotonga’s early inhabitants. The tour also includes a visit to museum exhibits that share more information about Rarotonga’s past, traditional medicines, and legends. Visitors holidaying on cheap flights from Wellington to Rarotonga can also attend a cultural show and dinner held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.


Snorkel at Aroa Marine Reserve

Spend a day at Aroa Beach on the southwestern corner of the island, and head into the water for some of the best snorkelling you’ll find while holidaying on flights from Wellington to Rarotonga. The Aroa Marine Reserve is located just offshore, and it’s teeming with tropical fish. Snorkelers can see angel fish, parrot fish, and moorish idols among others. You could even book onto a nighttime snorkelling tour to see nocturnal fish – guides lead these excursions and light up the lagoon with torches.


Visit the Discover Marine Wildlife and Eco Centre

Continue your family’s education on Rarotonga’s wildlife by visiting the Discover Marine Wildlife and Eco Centre. Find interactive exhibits and aquarium displays that showcase the marine life of the Cook Islands. The centre is also connected with the Cook Islands Bird Rescue where visitors can learn about Rarotonga’s bird species and see birds being rehabilitated. The Discover Marine Wildlife and Eco Centre is entertaining but also places a large focus on education surrounding preservation of the local environment.


What is the cost of visiting Rarotonga?

There are a wide variety of accommodation types across Rarotonga. Budget-travellers who book cheap flights from Wellington to Rarotonga will find options starting at about $110 NZD per night. There are also a number of luxury resorts dotted around Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. The nightly average for a standard hotel room is about $200 to $250 NZD. Whatever your budget, you’ll find options available to book through Webjet.

Transportation is another cost to consider after booking cheap flights to Rarotonga from Wellington. You can book a rental car through Webjet with rates starting at about $60 NZD per day. Your car will then be picked up upon your arrival at Rarotonga International airport (RAR). Cycling is another great way to get around the island. Some resorts have complimentary bikes available to guests, or you can hire a bike for about $16 NZD per day through a local operator. Rarotonga also has a public bus that loops around the island. Single tickets cost $5 NZD, and a hop-on hop-off day pass is $16 NZD.

There are dozens of fun attractions and excursions available to visitors in the Cook Islands. Snorkelling tour prices vary depending on where you’re going, but budget for somewhere between $95 and $125 NZD for a half-day tour. Entrance to the Discover Marine Wildlife and Eco Centre costs $12 NZD for adults, $10 NZD for children, and $35 NZD for families. Tours of the Highland Paradise Cultural Centre cost $85 NZD for adults and $40 NZD for children who are six or older (free for younger kids). Enjoy a cultural show and dinner in addition to the tour for $110 NZD for adults and $65 NZD for kids.


How much time should I spend in Rarotonga?

A trip between one week and 10 days long is the ideal amount of time to spend in the Cook Islands after booking Wellington to Rarotonga flights. You could base yourself in Rarotonga for the full holiday or break up your time between Rarotonga and one or two other destinations in the Cook Islands. Air Rarotonga operates direct flights from Rarotonga International Airport (RAR) to several other islands. Aitutaki is another favourite among Cook Islands travellers, and Mangaia is an excellent option if you’re interested in a quieter, more secluded vibe. However you plan to spend your holiday, keep in mind that the Cook Islands run on “island time.” Things tend to move at a calm and relaxed pace, and you shouldn’t try to fit too many activities into a short trip. It’s better to spend extra time on Rarotonga so you can take in all that the island has to offer without feeling rushed.



What is the flight time from Wellington to Rarotonga?

Flights from Wellington to Rarotonga start at about six and a half hours, including a stopover in Auckland.


What airlines fly direct from Wellington to Rarotonga?

There are currently no airlines with direct flights between Wellington and the Cook Islands. However, you can book tickets to Rarotonga from Wellington with a stopover in Auckland flying with Air New Zealand.


When is the best time to fly from Wellington to Rarotonga?

Have a look at Wellington to Rarotonga return flights in the winter for the best weather. Temperatures are warm but not too hot – about 24°C on average during the day – and humidity levels are low. You’ll also encounter nice weather by booking Wellington to Rarotonga flights for a spring or autumn trip.

Budget travellers can find the best deals on hotels by booking cheap flights to Rarotonga from Wellington during the summer low season. You may experience some rain, but showers tend to be short and won’t cut into your outdoor activities too much. Humidity levels are high in the summer and temperatures reach about 27°C.

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