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Port Vila Guide

Etiquette Tips

Don’t tip or barter after flights to Port Vila

Both tipping and bartering go against the local culture in Vanuatu. When something is marked at a certain price at a market, do not try to barter for a lower price. Tipping is also frowned upon; instead, a warm smile is appreciated by locals.

Avoid direct eye contact and speak in quiet tones

Making direct eye contact or speaking in a loud voice is often seen as intimidating and rude in Vanuatu. While speaking to locals after your cheap flights to Port Vila land, speak in a quiet and calm manner, and avoid locking eyes for too long. This tip is especially relevant if you are planning on visiting the smaller islands and villages of Vanuatu.

Dress modestly in local villages

If you visit any smaller regional villages after your flights to Port Vila, dress conservatively, particularly if you are a woman. In Vanuatu, it is respectful for women to cover their shoulders and legs above the knee.


Travelling with Children on Return Flights to Port Vila

Swim in the Blue Holes of Vanuatu

When you have an airfare to Port Vila, take a quick trip north to the largest island in Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo. There are several landmarks to see here, with one of the most well-known being the Blue Holes of Vanuatu. These landmarks are a series of freshwater swimming holes that were formed from underwater streams. The water in each pool is extremely clear and presents as a vibrant blue colour. There are five Blue Holes open to visitors with flights to Port Vila, with the largest one called Nanda. While visiting, take a canoe out onto the Blue Holes where you can go for a scenic swim.

Eden on the River

Eden on the River is teeming with activity opportunities, and is a great day out for families travelling on return flights to Port Vila. It’s located about 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the capital city. Within the park, families can enjoy swimming holes, walking trails, tropical gardens, an animal park, mini golf, and more. Visitors with plane tickets to Port Vila can purchase basic entry for 1000 vatu (about $13 NZD) and purchase additional add-ons such as mini golf or guided tours. Another option is to purchase a day pass for 7500 vatu (about $100 NZD), which includes everything plus a barbecue lunch. Entry for children is half price, while kids under three years can enter for free.

Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

The tiny Hideaway Island is located just off shore from Mele Beach, which is a quick drive north from Port Vila. The island is home to some of the best snorkelling available to those touching down at Port Vila Bauerfield International Airport (VLI). To reach Hideaway Island, catch the free ferry from Mele Beach. Once you’re there, go snorkelling or diving in the marine reserve, go kayaking or paddle boarding, enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour, or send a postcard from the world’s only underwater post office. If you’d like to spend a couple of days exploring Hideaway Island after flights to Port Vila, you could even stay at Hideaway Island Resort, which is available to book through Webjet.


Major Events and Festivals

Unity Day

Learn more about the heritage of Vanuatu by booking your plane tickets to Port Vila to coincide with Unity Day on 29 November. Unity Day is a holiday that showcases the diverse cultures across each of Vanuatu’s 83 islands. During the festival, visitors with cheap flights to Port Vila can watch parades through the city and local music performances from the country’s many cultures.

Fête de la Musique

Every June, this festival is held to celebrate local musicians of Vanuatu. If you plan flights to Port Vila during the event, head to the stage outside the French Embassy to hear music ranging from classical to rock to traditional Vanuatuan tunes. Attending Fête de la Musique is an exciting way to learn about the culture of Vanuatu through music.

Toka Festival

If you have return flights to Port Vila in September, consider visiting nearby Tanna Island to experience Toka Festival. The festival is held over three days and celebrates the alliance between tribal groups across Vanuatu. During the event, locals bring presents for one another in an elaborate gift-giving ceremony. Visitors with airfare to Port Vila can also watch traditional dance performances, see authentic tribal dress, and enjoy local Vanuatuan cuisine.


How Much Time to Spend in Port Vila

When you book cheap flights to Port Vila, plan to visit Vanuatu for about seven to 10 days. While Port Vila is an exciting place to be, much of Vanuatu’s beauty lies outside of the city. Spend a couple of days in Port Vila at the beginning and end of your trip, and island hop around Vanuatu in between to make the most of cheap flights to Port Vila booked on Webjet.