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What are the best things to do in Port Vila?

National Museum of Vanuatu

Head to the National Museum while holidaying on cheap flights to Port Vila to learn more about the country you’re visiting. The museum displays Vanuatu’s history through hands-on exhibits and a variety of artefacts. Some of the artefacts date back more than 3,000 years, when Vanuatu was first settled. You’ll see ceremonial masks and gongs, outrigger canoes, pottery, and a collection of prehistoric shells and fossils that were found across Vanuatu.

Hideaway Island

Venture about 10 kilometres (six miles) north of Port Vila to Mele Beach. Hop on a ferry that leaves from the beach to explore Hideaway Island, which is only 100 metres (328 feet) offshore. Hideaway Island is a marine sanctuary that’s home to some of the best snorkelling and diving you’ll come across while visiting Vanuatu on flights to Port Vila. See vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish in the marine sanctuary, and send a postcard from the world’s only underwater post office. You can even stay on the island by booking a room at the Hideaway Island Resort with Webjet after locking in your return flights to Port Vila.

Ekasup Cultural Village

Interested in learning about local culture while visiting Vanuatu on return flights to Port Vila? Ekasup Cultural Village is the place to go. This popular attraction takes visitors through a traditionally-built village to learn about Vanuatu customs. Chat with Vanuatuans, hear about ancestral customs, learn about traditional cooking and medicines, and watch performances of tribal songs and dances. Ekasup Cultural Village also offers an evening feast to tourists visiting Vanuatu with flights to Port Vila. Enjoy a night of entertainment alongside a kava tasting and a buffet of authentic Vanuatuan food.


When is the best time to visit Port Vila?

There are two seasons to plan around when you book airfare to Port Vila – wet and dry. The wet season takes place between November and March, and experiences plenty of tropical rain showers throughout. There are also high levels of humidity and average temperatures of about 31°C. However, rain showers are typically short and shouldn’t dampen your planned holiday itinerary too much. Fewer tourists book flights to Port Vila during the wet season, so you might be able to luck out with good deals on hotels.

Book tickets to Port Vila between April and October to arrive during Vanuatu’s dry season. These months are less humid than the wet season and have average daytime temperatures of about 28°C. You’re also less likely to get caught in the rain if you book cheap flights to Port Vila during the dry season. But keep in mind, this is the tropics, so brief showers are always a possibility. The dry season is also the busiest time to book return flights to Port Vila, so make sure to book a hotel room early.


What is the cost of visiting Port Vila?

Save money on both your airfare to Port Vila and your hotel by booking with Webjet. The average cost of a hotel room is about $200 NZD per night. Budget travellers holidaying on flights to Port Vila can also find options as low as $40 NZD per night.

Taxis and public buses are widely available to catch around Port Vila. Hop into a taxi at Port Vila Bauerfield Airport (VLI) for a ride that costs around 2,000 vatu ($28 NZD) into the centre of town. Taxis around the city typically cost 150 vatu ($2.10 NZD) for each kilometre travelled. There’s also a fleet of buses available to visitors holidaying on cheap flights to Port Vila. Bus fare costs 150 vatu ($2.10 NZD).

Make sure you budget for sightseeing when you book tickets to Port Vila. Entrance to the National Museum costs 1,000 vatu ($14 NZD), and a snorkelling tour out of Port Vila comes to about 7,500 vatu ($105 NZD). The ferry to Hideaway Island is free, but there’s an entry fee of 1,250 vatu ($17.50 NZD) to explore the island if you’re not a resort guest. Ekasup Cultural Village offers several different experiences to visitors. A day tour costs 3,825 vatu ($53.55 NZD), and a nighttime feast is 3,500 vatu ($49 NZD).


How much time should I spend in Port Vila?

Port Vila is the perfect starting point for a holiday around Vanuatu. It’s centrally located on the island of Efate, so it’s a good place to base yourself for this portion of your trip. Plan to spend about three to four days in Port Vila, then take advantage of Webjet’s cheap flights to visit other scenic islands of Vanuatu. Catch a flight from Port Vila Bauerfield Airport (VLI) to spots like Santo Pekoa, Tanna Island, and Sola.

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