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A Brief History

As the capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby offers plenty of history to visitors with an airfare to Port Moresby. Before Europeans came to the Pacific islands, the area was home to native Polynesian and Melanesian tribes. Today, two tribes are still prominent in Port Moresby – the Motu and the Koitabu. Captain John Moresby first visited the island in 1873, and it was declared a British colony soon after. Port Moresby was named as the capital of the new colony in 1888. Then in 1906, ownership of Papua New Guinea was transferred to newly independent Australia. Papua New Guinea was the location of many prominent battles between the Allied and Japanese forces during WWII, with several battles taking place along the country’s infamous Kokoda Trail. Following the end of the war in 1945, the colony became known as the Territory of Papua and New Guinea before it gained full independence in 1975. Today, Port Moresby is a hub for history and culture in Papua New Guinea.


Top Experiences for Visitors with Tickets to Port Moresby

Port Moresby Nature Park

The serene Port Moresby Nature Park is home to hundreds of plants and more than 350 species of animal. It is the perfect place to explore the flora and fauna of Papua New Guinea when you have return flights to Port Moresby. The Nature Park first opened in 1975 as the National Botanic Gardens. By 1981, the park had transformed to focus its attention on the conservation of Papua New Guinea’s native plants and animals. When you have tickets to Port Moresby Nature Park, wander through the several walking trails to see wallabies, tree kangaroos, cassowaries, orchids, and more. Visitors with cheap flights to Port Moresby can also enjoy cultural displays from some of the indigenous groups who call Papua New Guinea home.

Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail is one of the most famous spots to visit when you book flights to Port Moresby. The entire trail stretches for 96 kilometres (60 miles) through the rainforests and mountains of Papua New Guinea. If you hope to complete the entire trek, set aside six to eight days after arriving into Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport (POM), and consider tackling the trail with a local guide. Along the Kokoda Trail, you’ll learn all about its cultural and historical significance while seeing a never-ending stream of breathtaking vistas. If you don’t want to hike the entire Kokoda Trail, you could walk a small portion of it instead. The trail begins at Owen’s Corner, which is located about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Port Moresby.

Bomana War Cemetery

The Bomana War Cemetery is known for being the largest war cemetery in the Pacific. The cemetery was first constructed in 1942 while WWII was being fought in the Pacific region. It became the burial place for the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during the war, including men from Australia as well as local soldiers. When you have return flights to Port Moresby, you can visit the Bomana War Cemetery to pay your respects by travelling about 19 kilometres (12 miles) outside of the city centre.

Tufi Fjords

If you’re looking to go off the beaten track after your flights to Port Moresby, take a day trip to the Tufi Fjords, which are about 250 kilometres (155 miles) east of the capital. This region has been dubbed the “Scandinavia of the Tropics” due to its stunning fjords. The fjords were gradually formed over time through a series of volcanic eruptions. Surrounding the fjords, visitors with cheap flights to Port Moresby can experience 250 square miles of coral reefs and the Owen Stanley mountain range. Take a scenic cruise through the fjords and go snorkelling to see the tropical fish and coral.


The Best Time to Visit with Cheap Flights to Port Moresby

No matter what time of year you plan your return flights to Port Moresby, you are likely to experience stable temperatures of about 30°C during the day and 24°C at night. The city can receive very different levels of drizzle throughout the year. Rain is common between December and April, making this the wet season in Papua New Guinea. For the lowest chance of rainfall, plan your flights to Port Moresby during the driest months between June and October. This dry season is also when the majority of festivals and events are held across Papua New Guinea, making it an exciting time to book your airfare to Port Moresby. If you’re planning to go scuba diving after your flights to Port Moresby, you’ll find that the best visibility is available between September to January and from April to June.

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