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Phuket Guide

What should I know before visiting Phuket?

Many locals vendors only accept cash

When you have cheap flights to Phuket, be sure to keep cash on hand at all times. Cards are not accepted everywhere, especially in the markets and small restaurants. The official currency in Thailand is the Thai baht, and $1 NZD is equivalent to about 19 baht. Change some dollars to baht at Phuket International Airport (HKT) as cash will be required to catch a taxi into town.

Do not drink tap water

The tap water in Thailand is not safe to drink. To be safe, only drink bottled water once you have arrived on flights to Phuket. However, don’t worry about having ice in your drink – ice in Thailand is made with filtered water and is safe for visitors to consume.

Check for red flags before going swimming

The waters around Phuket are known for experiencing some strong rip currents. This is especially true during the low season between June and August. If there is any danger of rip currents, red flags will be flown along the beach. If you spot any red flags after flights to Phuket, do not go into the ocean.


What are the best places to stay in Phuket?

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the hottest neighbourhoods to visit when you book your airfare to Phuket. It is a lively area teeming with a variety of restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and shops. It is also within easy reach of many Phuket attractions, including Wat Chalong, Bangla Road, and Paradise Beach. Patong Beach is the place to stay if you are looking to be at the centre of all the action after your flights to Phuket.

Kamala Beach

If you have booked flights to Phuket in search of a quiet and relaxing holiday, Kamala Beach could be the perfect area to stay. It is located towards the northern end of Phuket and is where travellers will find some of the city’s most beautiful landscapes. It features an enclosed bay and is surrounded by rolling hills, which separate Kamala Beach from its busier neighbours to the south. Highlights of Kamala Beach that you can see with an airfare to Phuket include the FantaSea cultural show and Wat Baan Kamala temple.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for tourists to stay in after their cheap flights to Phuket. It has a great happening atmosphere and goings-on, but isn’t as busy as the party scene in Patong Beach. When you book tickets to Phuket, plan to spend time in Karon Beach to enjoy its stunning coastline and incredible snorkelling opportunities. Some other attractions to enjoy around Karon Beach between return flights to Phuket include Karon Temple and the Big Buddha statue.

Phuket Town

No list of Phuket neighbourhoods would be complete without Phuket Town. This area is known as the Old Town of Phuket and is sprinkled with colourful and historic buildings. There is so much to see in Phuket Town when you have return flights to Phuket, such as the Thai Hua Museum and Jui Tui Chinese temple. Another draw to Phuket Town for those headed to Thailand on cheap flights to Phuket is the excellent shopping and dining offering, including the Phuket Weekend Market and Phuket Walking Street market.


When is the best time to visit Phuket?

When you plan return flights to Phuket, keep in mind that the island experiences both a wet season and a dry season. The wet season falls between May and October. During this time, humidity levels increase and there are regular rain storms. During the day, temperatures often reach about 31°C. Visitors are also discouraged from swimming in the ocean during the wet season as rip currents and strong waves are common during this time of the year. However, if you don’t mind a bit of rain, booking tickets to Phuket for travel during the wet season is a great way to bag a bargain. Travellers planning flights to Phuket for travel across this period may find excellent-value airfares and hotels with lower rates.

To enjoy picture-perfect weather while away on cheap flights to Phuket, plan your holiday for travel during the dry season between November and April. Daytime temperatures during the dry season can reach about 33°C, and rainfall is rare. The flip side to the dry season experiencing the best weather is that it is also the busiest time to book flights to Phuket. If you’ll be travelling between November and April, try to book your hotel and flight into Phuket International Airport (HKT) early to get the best rates.