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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sun 01 Dec 15 Oct
Mon 02 Dec 15 Oct
Tue 03 Dec 15 Oct
Wed 04 Dec 15 Oct
Thu 05 Dec 15 Oct
Fri 06 Dec 15 Oct
Sat 07 Dec 15 Oct
Sun 08 Dec 15 Oct
Mon 09 Dec 15 Oct
Tue 10 Dec 15 Oct
Wed 11 Dec 15 Oct
Thu 12 Dec 15 Oct
Fri 13 Dec 15 Oct
Sat 14 Dec 15 Oct
Sun 15 Dec 15 Oct
Mon 16 Dec 15 Oct
Tue 17 Dec 15 Oct
Wed 18 Dec 15 Oct
Fri 20 Dec 15 Oct
Sun 22 Dec 01 Oct
Wed 25 Dec 04 Oct
Fri 27 Dec 14 Oct
Sat 28 Dec 14 Oct
Sun 29 Dec 14 Oct
Mon 30 Dec 14 Oct
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Departure Date
Sun 01 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Mon 02 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Tue 03 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Wed 04 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$345 ONE WAY
Thu 05 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$362 ONE WAY
Fri 06 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$379 ONE WAY
Sat 07 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$352 ONE WAY
Sun 08 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Mon 09 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Tue 10 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Wed 11 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$345 ONE WAY
Thu 12 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Fri 13 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Sat 14 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$345 ONE WAY
Sun 15 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$345 ONE WAY
Mon 16 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Tue 17 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$339 ONE WAY
Wed 18 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$481 ONE WAY
Fri 20 Dec
Updated on 15 Oct
$699 ONE WAY
Sun 22 Dec
Updated on 01 Oct
$777 ONE WAY
Wed 25 Dec
Updated on 04 Oct
$530 ONE WAY
Fri 27 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$581 ONE WAY
Sat 28 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$628 ONE WAY
Sun 29 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$655 ONE WAY
Mon 30 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$581 ONE WAY

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The Best Time to Visit Perth

Searching for cheap flights to Perth from Wellington? Plan your trip to Down Under between June and August! While the weather will be less than ideal (you'll want to pack a raincoat), hotel and airfare prices tend to be at their lowest. Plus, there's plenty to see and explore indoors if the weather is wet. If you'd rather avoid the bad weather, book your Wellington to Perth return flights for the summer or spring.

From September to November and December to February, King's Park is in bloom and there's jam-packed events calendar happening throughout the city. The only downside is that the temperatures and hotel rates will be at their highest. Another excellent time to buy cheap flights Wellington to Perth is between March and May. The rains that dominate the winter months have yet to arrive and you'll avoid the crowds that fill up the city in the summer.

Major Events and Festivals

Wine Show of Western Australia

The Wine Show of Western Australia takes place every year in October. If you're an oenophile looking to buy flights Wellington to Perth, you'll want to plan your trip around this event. It's been around for more than 40 years and features the best of the best Western Australian-grown wines.

Perth International Arts Festival

The Perth International Arts Festival is a major event that starts at the beginning of February and concludes in March. It began in 1953 and is one of the oldest arts festivals in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to its popularity, you'll want to book your tickets to Perth from Wellington well in advance to lock in lower airfare prices.

King's Park Festival

The King's Park Festival is another iconic event in Perth. It's been around for more than 50 years and takes place in the beautiful King's Park Botanical Gardens. For travellers buying flights Wellington to Perth for the festival, you'll get to see amazing displays of wildflowers, outdoor exhibitions, guided walks and photography displays.

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Perth

Sun protection in Perth

The sun in Australia is strong, and if you're not careful, you can easily get burnt. When packing your bags for your flights Wellington to Perth, be sure to bring along an SPF 30+ sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. If you can, avoid being outside for long periods between 10am and 3pm when the UV radiation is at its strongest.

Tipping etiquette in Perth

Once you’ve booked your Wellington to Perth flights, you don’t need to worry about budgeting for tips. It’s not expected, however, if you feel that the service you received was exceptional, you can leave a small amount.

Keep an out for sales

Wellington to Perth flights can be expensive. You can save money by subscribing to Webjet's email list to receive updates on airfare sales. Another trick is to check flights Wellington to Perth mid-week when fares are usually at their cheapest.

Transport from Perth Airport (PER)

Once your Wellington to Perth flights land, you'll have a variety of public transportation options to get to your hotel. The quickest option from Perth Airport (PER) is a taxi. A one-way trip will cost around $43 AUD. Alternatively, you can catch bus route #380 into the city.

Top Things to Do and See in Perth

Visit Swan Park

Swan Park is a wonderful spot in Perth to unwind and reconnect with nature. You can sign up for a relaxing river cruise or pack a picnic and spend the day hiking along the many trails. If you have more time in your Perth itinerary, book a cruise that will take you up to Swan Valley. It's Western Australia's oldest grape-growing region and a must-do for foodies buying Wellington to Perth return flights.

Spend the day at the beach

Are you a sun worshipper? You'll be spoilt for choice in Perth. Less than 15 minutes from the city is Cottesloe Beach. It boasts clear waters, a top-notch cafe scene, plenty of picnic areas and a children's playground. It's an excellent option for families booking flights Wellington to Perth.

Go to Perth Zoo

Another wonderful activity for families buying Wellington to Perth flights is a trip to Perth Zoo. You can easily spend the entire day wandering past the Australian Bushwalk and Wetlands exhibits. Keep an eye out for the adorable kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats and Tasmanian devils! The zoo also has critters from other parts of the world, such as orangutans from Southeast Asia and giraffes from Africa!

Get 360-degree views of Perth

The Bell Tower in Barrack Square is the best place to get a glimpse of Perth's skyline from above. The open-air observation deck is on the 6th floor of the building and looks out onto the sprawling metropolis below and Swan River. If you're buying Wellington to Perth flights as a couple, you can purchase a ‘love lock’ and add it to the chain-link fence.

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