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Papeete Guide

Top Things to Do and See with Return Flights to Papeete

Arahoho Blowhole

Known locally as the Trou de Souffleur, the Arahoho Blowhole is a must-visit attraction for travellers with plane tickets to Papeete. As waves crash over the shoreline, water erupts out of the blowhole like a geyser. There is a black-sand beach located beside the blowhole, which is the perfect vantage point for watching this impressive sight. The Arahoho Blowhole is located about 22 kilometres (13.6 miles) east of Papeete, making it a great option for a day trip when you have return flights to Papeete.

Black Pearl Museum

Also known as the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, this attraction is where you can go to learn all about pearls. It’s one of the few museums in the world dedicated to pearls and is famous for housing the largest Tahitian pearl ever found. Through various exhibitions, visitors with flights to Papeete can learn about the cultural significance of pearls. You’ll also get the opportunity to view some of the world’s most unique pearl displays, such as a pearl bikini and rare black pearls, which are almost exclusive to Tahiti.

Pa’ofa’i Gardens

The Pa’ofa’i Gardens are located beside Nanuu Bay and in the heart of historical Papeete. The gardens serve as a relaxing oasis away from the bustling city that you can enjoy after cheap flights to Papeete land. Within the Pa’ofa’i Gardens, you’ll find several walking trails that offer views of the bay, ponds of water lilies, palm trees, coconut trees, and tropical flowers native to Tahiti. The Pa’ofa’i Gardens are bursting with colour and a great spot to see when you have tickets to Papeete.


Cafes and Restaurants

Le Grillardin

The French-inspired Le Grillardin is one of the most popular eateries on the island, thanks to its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant uses local ingredients and the flavours of Polynesia to serve some of the region’s best French food. Le Grillardin is also conveniently located in the heart of Papeete, a short walk from the city’s ferry terminal. When you have return flights to Papeete, be sure to visit Le Grillardin to feast on dishes such as lamb chops, foie gras with duck breast, locally-caught fish, and even escargot!

Le Soufflé

Le Soufflé is so authentic that you may feel as if you have left Polynesia and stepped into a Parisian bistro. As its name suggests, Le Soufflé specialises in souffles, both savoury and sweet. Souffles are available in a variety of flavours, including goats’ cheese, roast duck, smoked tuna, and vanilla caramel. If you aren’t in the mood for one of these airy treats, the menu is teeming with authentic French dishes to try after your flights to Papeete. Indulge in a local mahi mahi, steak with béarnaise sauce, or smoked salmon.

Les Roulottes

Les Roulottes is a waterfront market where you’ll find dozens of food stalls. These food stalls are referred to as roulottes by the locals. While many restaurants in Tahiti tend toward the pricey side, Les Roulottes is the place to go when you’re visiting the Tahitian capital on a budget. With dozens of roulottes to try, there are plenty of options for everyone with cheap flights to Papeete. Try some French-inspired Tahitian cuisine such as crepes and grilled fish, or opt for an old favourite like thin-crust pizza or chow mein noodles. Les Roulottes are especially lively at night when visitors with flights to Papeete can hear some live music.

Cafe Maeva

Cafe Maeva is the place to go for healthy dishes and some of Tahiti’s best coffee. In addition to classic cafe meals, such as salads and cheeseburgers, you can try local dishes like poisson cru in coconut milk. Visitors with airfare to Papeete can also visit the cafe for a variety of smoothies made from local fruit, and some delicious French pastries and cakes.


The Cost of Visiting with Flights to Papeete

When you book flights to Papeete, the local currency you will use is the Pacific franc. $1 NZD is currently equal to about 70 francs.

A variety of hotels are available to book through Webjet when you have airfare to Papeete. On average, a hotel room in the city centre or by Nanuu Bay costs about $150 to $200 NZD per night.

Many restaurants and cafes around Papeete offer similar prices to New Zealand for food and drinks. A meal from a local restaurant costs about 1300 francs (about $18.70 NZD), while a local beer is about 500 francs (about $7.30 NZD).

Transport is another expense to consider when you have cheap flights to Papeete. Tickets to ride the city’s public bus cost 200 francs (about $2.90 NZD). If you opt for taxis after arriving into Papeete, the average rate is about 350 francs (about $5 NZD) per mile travelled (which is 1.6 kilometres). Taxi fare from Faa’a International Airport (PPT) into Papeete costs about 2500 francs (about $36 NZD).