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Compare Cheap Christchurch to Papeete Flights

Ever dreamed of experiencing a whole new culture, while avoiding long travel times? While there are no direct flights from Christchurch to Papeete, some one-stop flights will only take you only around seven hours. You will start your exploration in no time! Papeete offers a great chance to explore the stunning lagoons of Tahiti. It is rich with sparkling, sandy beaches, as well as some unique beaches with black sand. The nightlife scene of Papeete is also lively, and you can find a variety of bars alongside the ferry dock. This city is also famous for its black pearls, which you can find at various markets in Papeete.

Use Webjet’s deal finder to visit this scenic place, and book the best cheap Christchurch to Papeete airfares. Plenty of return options are available as well, and don’t forget to check out the holiday packages, where you can find even better deals!

Things to do in Papeete

Papeete has steadily developed into a modern city, while still being one of the most popular beach resorts. It offers plenty of attractions, and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Crowds will mostly gather on the Toata Square. This is also where you will get a chance to enjoy Papeete’s cultural events, and various performances. The main shopping street also makes for a great visit. It’s called Centre Vaima, and is home to a variety of trading rows and shops. Here you will also see the stunning Notre Dame of Papeete Cathedral. Papeete is also rich with botanical gardens, such as the Garden of Harrison Smith, and the Mataoa Garden.

Departing From Christchurch

The Christchurch Airport (CHC) is located 12 kilometres northwest of Christchurch. It is the second biggest airport in New Zealand.

Getting to Christchurch Airport (CHC)

The most affordable option for getting to Christchurch Airport is certainly the city’s bus service. Route 29 leaves from Central Station, and the ticket to the airport will only cost you $8NZD. Shuttle services, such as the Super Shuttle, are available as well, and have fixed prices, depending on your drop-off location. For the most convenient option, go for a taxi. Fares should range from $40NZD to $70 NZD.

Parking at Christchurch Airport (CHC)

The Christchurch Airport (CHC) offers 2 parking options.

Where to Park at Christchurch International Airport

Long Stay car park which charges $27NZD per day.

Express Park which charges $2NZD per 15 minutes of parking.

Arriving in Papeete

After cheap Christchurch to Papeete flights you will find yourself at the Fa'a'ā International Airport. It is situated just 5 kilometres away from the centre of Papeete.

How to Get from Papeete Fa'a'ā International Airport (PPT) to Your Papeete Hotel or Accommodation

The Fa'a'ā International Airport offers shared door-to-door transport to your hotel. Rides are carried out by professional drivers, who are driving modern, 11-seat vans. They come with air conditioning, and luggage room included, with a price of around $38NZD per ride.

The best time to visit Papeete

When it comes to accommodation and airfare prices, they stay relatively the same, throughout the year, when it comes to Papeete. Therefore, deciding when to book cheap flights from Christchurch to Papeete should depend on the weather you prefer. The dry season in Papeete starts in May and lasts until October. This is when temperatures hover around a pleasant 25 degrees, and when tourists flock to the area. We advise booking in advance, and bringing some autumn clothes, as nights do get chilly sometimes. The wet season starts in November and lasts till April. This is when you will encounter high temperatures, and sporadic precipitation. There are fewer tourists during this time, so you will get a chance to enjoy the beauty of this place all by yourself.

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