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What should I know before visiting Papeete, Tahiti?

Plan your flights to Tahiti between July and October to see whales

Every year, humpback whales migrate to Tahiti and spend a few months in the water around the islands. If you plan return flights to Papeete between July and October, you may spot some whales by taking a whale watching tour or going diving.

Tahiti is teeming with adventure activities

Don’t think that all there is to do in Tahiti is lounge on the beach with a tropical drink. While beaches are a big part of Tahiti’s appeal, there are so many other activities to enjoy when you book airfare to Papeete. Across Tahiti and the surrounding islands, travellers who have booked cheap flights to Tahiti can snorkel with sharks, hike through rainforests, and go zip-lining in the mountains.

Consider purchasing a SIM card for your flights to Tahiti

After arriving on cheap flights to Papeete, you’ll find that Tahitian WiFi is infamous for being slow, even in high-end hotels. To get around this, you could purchase a local SIM card after arriving into Faa’a International Airport (PPT). Vini mobile offers a travel SIM card that can be purchased from Vini shops or on the plane if your flights to Papeete are with Air Tahiti Nui.


What are the best things to do in Papeete, Tahiti?

Fautaua Waterfall

This landmark is one of the many iconic waterfalls to experience when you book return flights to Tahiti. Fautaua Waterfall is about 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) southeast of Papeete and can be reached by trekking through the jungle. After a fairly challenging 6-kilometre (3.7 mile) hike through jungle and mountains, you’ll reach the waterfall. Fautaua Waterfall is an impressive 300 metres (980 feet) tall, making it the world’s 28th highest waterfall. The waterfall is beautiful, as is the jungle that you trek through to reach it. Hiking to Fautaua Waterfall is a great way to spend a day when you have return flights to Papeete.

Papenoo Beach

Spending time exploring the beaches of Tahiti is a must-do when you book plane tickets to Papeete. Papenoo is a breathtaking beach about 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) east of Papeete. The sprawling white-sand beach with leaning palm trees is the ultimate picture of paradise. Once you’ve arrived on flights to Papeete, you could visit for some of Tahiti’s best surfing. Although Papenoo Beach is easily accessible from Papeete, it doesn’t receive large crowds of tourists, giving it a relaxed island feel.

Museum of Tahiti and the Islands

Known locally as Musée de Tahiti et des Îles, this museum showcases the fascinating history and culture of French Polynesia. The museum is divided into four sections which teach visitors about geography, pre-European culture, colonisation, and natural wonders of Tahiti and the surrounding islands. When you book return flights to Tahiti, this museum is a great way to learn more about the place you’re visiting. It’s located just south of Papeete in the neighbouring town of Puna’auia, and tickets to visit cost 600 Polynesian francs (about $8.70 NZD).

Take a day trip to Moorea

When you book flights to Papeete, there are several other islands you can visit within reach of Tahiti. Moorea is a popular place to go as it’s only 30 minutes from Papeete by ferry. Overall, Moorea is much less visited than Tahiti, giving it a remote feel. All over the island, you’ll encounter striking landscapes, from mountains to tropical jungle to a large lagoon. Some places to visit during your time in Moorea are the Belvedere Lookout, Tiki Village, and Magical Mountain. Spending a day on Moorea is the perfect way to experience a different side to French Polynesia after your cheap flights to Tahiti.


When is the best time to visit Papeete, Tahiti?

Tahiti experiences two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The wet season lasts from November to April and is distinctive for its heat, humidity, and rain. During the day, temperatures average about 31°C. If you plan cheap flights to Papeete during this time, expect to have some rainy days. However, this is the best time to book tickets to Tahiti if you’re looking for a bargain. While the wet season is still a popular time to travel, it receives less visitors than the dry season. This leads to lower prices on accommodation across the island.

In order to experience ideal weather after your flights to Tahiti, plan your holiday during the dry season between May and October. During this season, humidity levels are low, and daytime temperatures hover around a comfortable 28°C. However, since this is high season in Tahiti, accommodation tends to book up quickly. If you arrange airfare to Tahiti in the dry season, book your hotel well in advance for the best price.

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