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What major events and festivals are held in Palmerston North?

Block Party Street Festival

Taking place in The Square on the last Thursday of each month, the Block Party Street Festival is an unmissable event for self-confessed foodies. Free to attend, the event sees a variety of food trucks and stalls gather in one spot, providing plenty of great options for your next meal. Select a single cuisine to try or sample a variety of different foods from around the world. From Mexican and Thai to hearty Italian, you’ll find plenty of great cuisines to delight your senses.

Festival of Cultures

Held in late February, the Festival of Cultures is a week-long event that celebrates the diversity of Palmerston North. Featuring a lineup of workshops, events and more, the festival is well worth attending if you’d like to know more about the many cultures that coexist across the city. Take part in great events such as themed workshops and the festival’s annual lantern parade, or spend time browsing through the stalls set up for World Fair Day, the last event on the festival calendar.

Summerhill Farmers Market

Loved by locals and foodies alike, the Summerhill Farmers Market is the place to head for fresh local produce and artisanal foods. Buy directly from the farmers who grew the fruit and vegetables you’re purchasing, learn more about how breads, jams and other goodies are made, or simply enjoy the opportunity to please your palate with some incredible ingredients. Taking place at the Summerhill Shopping Centre on the first Sunday of each month, alongside the market’s great food stalls you’ll also find food trucks, live entertainment and more.


When is the best time to visit Palmerston North?

To enjoy great weather during your stay, the best time to visit Palmerston North is between December and February. During this period, average daytime temperatures sit between 21℃ and 23℃, although the evenings and mornings are often quite cool. Coinciding with New Zealand school holidays and some of the city’s largest events, summer is a popular time to visit Palmerston North so be sure to secure your flights from Tauranga to Palmerston North well ahead of time.

Winter is the coldest time of the year in Palmerston North. Between June and August, temperatures average 13℃ during daylight hours. After dark, average temperatures often fall to 5℃ or lower. Despite the cooler temperatures, winter is another popular time to visit the city, with several ski fields located nearby. If you enjoy snowboarding and skiing, winter can be a good time to book Tauranga to Palmerston North flights.

If you’re searching for better deals on flights and accommodation, autumn and spring are both good times to visit Palmerston North. Throughout both seasons, demand for hotel rooms and flights from Tauranga to Palmerston North tends to be lower, meaning that it may be easier to secure a great deal. Temperatures are generally cooler than those experienced during summer but are still comfortable enough to enjoy exploring the city during your stay.


What are the top things to see and do in Palmerston North?

Manawatu River Pathway

The perfect place to stretch your legs following your Tauranga to Palmerston North flights, the Manawatu River Pathway offers some fantastic river views. Covering close to 10 kilometres, the pathway is quite flat and mostly sealed, making it a good option for walking, running and cycling. Choose to tackle a section at a time, making use of the access points along the pathway, or challenge yourself to take on the pathway in its entirety.

Dugald MacKenzie Rose Gardens

If you’re planning to visit Palmerston North’s Victoria Esplanade precinct, be sure to stop by the Dugald MacKenzie Rose Gardens. Thought to be one of the finest rose gardens in the world, the gardens feature more than 5,000 plantings across four acres. Open daily between dawn and dusk, there are several areas to explore with the gardens, from beds of established varieties to newer, experimental types. Make a beeline for the gardens if your cheap flights from Tauranga to Palmerston North arrive between November to May as this is when you’ll see most varieties in full bloom.

New Zealand Rugby Museum

Whether you’re a keen sports fan or have a general interest in New Zealand’s heritage, a visit to the New Zealand Rugby Museum is a great addition to any Palmerston North itinerary. Housing the largest collection of rugby memorabilia in NZ, the museum shares the fascinating stories of the individuals, groups and events that helped to transform the game into one beloved the world over. From historic artefacts to interactive exhibits, there’s plenty to see and learn throughout the popular museum. Be sure to leave plenty of time to explore each of its exhibits before heading home on your flights from Palmerston North to Tauranga.



How long is the flight time from Tauranga to Palmerston North?

Flights from Tauranga to Palmerston North are usually 2 hours 30 minutes or more in duration. There are no direct flights between the two destinations, so flight times vary depending on the route flown and the length of each stopover.

How far is it from Tauranga to Palmerston North?

Palmerston North is approximately 300 kilometres from Tauranga.

What airlines fly from Tauranga to Palmerston North?

Flights from Tauranga to Palmerston North are serviced by Air New Zealand.

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