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What are the best things to do in Nuku’alofa after Auckland to Nuku’alofa flights?

Ha’atafu Beach

Ha’atafu Beach is a slice of paradise located on the western edge of Tonga’s main island. By car, visitors with flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa can reach this beach from the capital in less than 30 minutes. Ha’atafu Beach has a wide stretch of soft sand and is particularly popular among surfers and snorkellers. Visitors with tickets to Nuku’alofa from Auckland can head out onto the main stretch of the beach to try their luck catching some of the best surfing waves in Tonga. The beach also features a sheltered lagoon perfect for swimming. The lagoon is teeming with bright coloured coral and tropical fish, making it the ideal place to go snorkelling after flying into Fua’amotu International Airport (TBU).

Ancient Tonga Village

If you want to learn more about local culture after your flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa, plan a trip to Ancient Tonga Village on the eastern edge of the city. During the day, you can visit to learn about different aspects of day to day life in Tonga. This includes preparing local meals, drinking kava (an earthy drink similar to tea), trying on traditional Tongan clothing, and talking to locals about their customs. Visitors with Auckland to Nuku’alofa flights can also choose to visit Ancient Tonga Village on Friday evenings for an unforgettable cultural show. Immerse yourself in Tongan culture by watching an evening of dance and music performances while eating a buffet of Tongan dishes.

Swim with Humpback Whales

If your flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa fall between June and October, you can’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. While whale watching is a popular activity around the world, Tonga gives visitors with Auckland to Nuku’alofa flights the chance to swim with whales. When you book onto a tour to swim with these graceful mammals, you’ll get the opportunity to snorkel off the shores of Tonga for a close-up encounter with the area’s resident humpback whales. You’ll even be able to feel the vibrations in the water as the whales communicate with each other. Swimming alongside humpback whales is a magical experience and a must-do when you have cheap flights to Nuku’alofa from Auckland.


What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Nuku’alofa?

Tipping is polite when you receive great service.

When you take a tour, have a great meal, or catch a taxi, visitors with flights Auckland to Nuku’aofa are recommended to leave a tip. A tip of 5 to 10 per cent is an appropriate amount.

Avoid public displays of affection

When you have cheap flights to Nuku’alofa from Auckland, avoid holding hands with or kissing your partner outside of your hotel as a majority of local behaviours errs one the side of conservative.

Dress conservatively after flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa.

Both men and women should keep their knees covered while exploring the city after their cheap flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa. Men should also keep their shirts or t-shirts on if not at the beach; men visiting Tonga have been known to be held by the police for walking around topless!

What’s on in Nuku’alofa?

Nuku’alofa Film Festival

If you enjoy learning about new cultures through film, plan your Auckland to Nuku’alofa return flights for the Nuku’alofa Film Festival. For a few days every October, the festival showcases some of the top talents in the Pacific region. Films screened cover a range of genres and themes. However, all films have one thing in common: visually representing what life is like in Tonga and its neighbouring islands in the South Pacific.

Heilala Festival

After arriving on cheap flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa, you’ll quickly discover how important the royal family is to local culture. Heilala Festival is another example of this; it is a massive public holiday to celebrate the king’s birthday. The festival spans several weeks between June and July and features a variety of events to celebrate the king. If you plan your Auckland to Nuku’alofa flights during Heilala Festival, you can see beauty pageants, parades, and cultural performances that highlight the culture of Tonga.

Tonga National Day

On 4 November each year, people all over Tonga celebrate the country’s national day. Tonga National Day is held as a way to commemorate the day when King George Tupou I approved the country’s constitution in 1875. For more than a century, the holiday was known as Constitution Day. Then in 2006, it was renamed Tonga National Day and called for a day of celebrating Tongan culture in addition to celebrating the adoption of the constitution. When you book flights Auckland to Nuku’alofa during the National Day, you can join in on festivities such as parades, cultural performances, and speaking events. 

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