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What are the best things to do in Nukualofa?

Anahulu Cave

Make your way to the east coast of Tongatapu – the main island in Tonga and where Nukualofa is located – to visit the picture-perfect Anahulu Cave. It’s home to a network of caverns to explore while holidaying on flights to Nukualofa. Another element to Anahulu Cave is its freshwater pools, which are the only ones on Tongatapu. Plan a few hours at Anahulu Cave when you book cheap flights to Nukualofa to wander through the caverns, admire the stalagmites and stalactites, and go for a refreshing swim in the pools.

Ha’amonga A Maui

Ha’amonga A Maui is a stone structure that has been compared to the mysterious Stonehenge. It was built in the early 13th century and is believed to weigh more than 9,000 kilograms. Since modern-day machinery wasn’t around to lift the heavy rocks that make up Ha’amonga A Maui, it’s unclear exactly how it came to be. Tongan legend believes that the god Maui built the structure as a gateway to then-king Tu’itatui’s home. Ha’amonga A Maui is a striking and unique landmark to add to your Tongan bucket list after booking cheap flights to Nukualofa.

Ancient Tonga

Get to know the history and culture of Tonga by spending a day at Ancient Tonga when you book return flights to Nukualofa. Ancient Tonga is a traditional cultural experience right on the doorstep of the bustling city. Interactive tours and cultural performances provide visitors with an in-depth look at traditional Tongan customs, food, clothing, hobbies, and community. Chat with locals, explore exhibits and traditional Tongan architecture, enjoy Tongan cuisine, and see the culture of Tonga brought to life through singing and dancing. There are half and full day cultural tours to take part in while visiting Tonga on flights to Nukualofa. Another option is to head to Ancient Tonga on Friday evening for an unforgettable buffet and show.


When is the best time to visit Nukualofa?

As with most tropical locations, a year in Nukualofa is divided into both a wet season and a dry season. Dry season is widely viewed as the best time to book tickets to Nukualofa. There’s very little rain, low levels of humidity, and average daytime temperatures of 25°C – cool weather by Tongan standards. The dry season is the ideal time to plan flights into Fua'amotu International Airport (TBU) if spending time outdoors is your main priority. Lounge on the beach, go snorkelling, or hike through the island forests comfortably. However, dry season brings in the most travellers on flights to Nukualofa. Increased tourism means higher hotel rates to match the demand. Get your hotel room reserved soon after booking airfare to Nukualofa to lock in the best deal. You’ll get to enjoy the dry season if you book tickets to Nukualofa between June and October.

Consider booking cheap flights to Nukualofa during the wet season if you’re looking to travel on a tight budget. The wet season lasts from December to April and comes along with humidity and hot weather of about 29°C. Rainstorms are common during the wet season, so always have a back-up plan for indoor activities you can do on especially rainy days. A perk to the extra rain means you’ll get to see waterfalls and forests at their most lush if you book flights into Fua'amotu International Airport (TBU) during wet season.

That leaves May and November as shoulder seasons. These months are fairly dry in the Tongan capital, but thunderstorms are still a possibility. The further north you head in Tonga, the wetter and more humid the weather becomes during May and November.


What should I pack for Nukualofa?

Although Tongans tend to be conservative, Western clothing is widely accepted in Nukualofa. Be prepared for the tropical heat with lightweight clothing like shorts and t-shirts. Pack a scarf to wear over your shoulders if you’ll be visiting any temples during your trip. Snorkelling and diving are some of the most popular activities to try in between return flights to Nukualofa, so bring along a couple swimsuits as well. Daytime is hot in Tonga, but temperatures can sometimes dip below 18°C in the evenings. Pack a jumper or light jacket that you can wear on these cooler nights. In terms of shoes, pack a pair of sandals or thongs to wear to the beach, but make sure to bring sturdy walking shoes too. There are some stunning hikes to try while holidaying on flights to Nukualofa, and you won’t want to miss out.

Sunscreen is an essential no matter what time of year you book airfare to Nukualofa. Go for a waterproof and reef safe sunscreen, especially if you’ll be going snorkelling or diving while visiting Tonga on return flights to Nukualofa.

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