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A Guide to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island was discovered by the legendary Captain Cook during his second voyage around the world. The fabled explorer gave it the name we use today, calling the island after Lady Norfolk. The lovely, pine-covered island is quite small in area, spreading around 35 square kilometres.

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, Norfolk Island is a beautiful island getaway worth a visit. Get the most out of your trip by getting the cheapest airfares from Sydney to Norfolk Islands on Webjet.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island?

As Norfolk Island has subtropical climate, the seasons do not differ dramatically.

You can expect the highest temperatures, peaking at around 26 °C in February. The summer season also sees low rainfall, so you can plan to go for a swim if you book any cheap flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island between October and March!

The winter season, starting in April and lasting until the end of September, averages at 17 °C but has more frequent downpours. This weather is not ideal if you wish to experience the gorgeous wilderness of the Island.

Cheap Flights to Norfolk Island from Sydney

Australia’s busiest airport hosts around 10 flights to Norfolk Island per week. Cheap flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island are provided by Air New Zealand. The travel won’t last long either, with some flights making it in just over 3 hours!

Departing from Sydney Airport (SYD)

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, or simply SID, is very easy to reach, as it’s located only 9 km far from the city centre.

The most affordable way to reach the airport from the central business district is riding the Airport Link train. The train connects many spots around the city, so you can hop on at the station closest to you. The train fare varies by the departure point. If you take the train at Bondi, the ticket will cost AUD 19.70 and the ride will take around 35 minutes. If you depart from the central business district, the cost of a one-way ticket is AUD 18.70, and you may arrive to the airport in as little as 15 minutes.

If you’re in a rush, an Uber or a taxi ride may be a great choice, especially if you don’t want to miss any flights to Norfolk Island. A taxi ride from the central business district may cost up to AUD 60.


Parking at Sydney Airport

There are currently two trustworthy parking options near the Sydney Airport. Which one you choose depends both on your budget, and how much time you have before your flight from SYD to NLK departs.

Blu Emu car park is the cheaper option, costing around AUD 30 per day, but it’s not on a walking distance from the International Terminal. To get there, first you’ll need around 15 minutes to reach the Domestic Terminal if you catch an airport shuttle service. Once you’re there, hop onto the free train or take a transfer bus to reach the International Terminal.

The second parking option, P7, is very close to the International Terminal, but it can cost you around AUD 55 per day. P7 is only a 5-minute walk far from the terminal, so it’s a perfect choice for travellers in a rush not to miss their cheap flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island.


Which International Terminal Will Your Cheap Flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island Depart from?

The Sydney Airport operates three terminals. However, all international flights depart and arrive to the T1 International Terminal.


Arriving in Norfolk Island

All Norfolk Island air traffic is covered by the Norfolk Island International Airport (NLK). It’s located in the western part of the island, and it operates one terminal – the Passenger Terminal.


Getting to Norfolk Island from Norfolk Island Airport

The Douglas Drive connects the airport to the rest of the island. Given the small area of the island, public transportation is not available on it.

The best way to reach your accommodation is either by taking a taxi, renting a car or a bicycle, or riding hotel-organized transport.

A Taxi Service is available upon request. If you choose to rent a vehicle and drive yourself, take into consideration that cattle has the right of way on Norfolk Island roads.

When you get one of the cheap flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island, planning the rest of your trip is easy with Webjet guide to airports, transportation and accommodation.

Things to do on Norfolk Island

Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area

If you enjoy gorgeous historic sights, Kingston and Arthur’s Vale preserved convict facilities will surely leave you breathless. The historic jail, cemetery, hospital and harbor buildings are in pristine condition, and regular tours with knowledgeable guides are readily available for a small price.

A Swim at Emily Bay

Taking a swim at Emily Bay is a must if you’re visiting Norfolk Island for the first time. The crystal-clear water protected by a coral reef is perfect for snorkelling or swimming. A close encounter with the magical corals is just one glass-bottom boat ride away!

Norfolk Island National Park

The Norfolk Island National Park is a stunning protected area, covering around 7 square kilometres. It covers the mainland Mount Pitt area and two uninhabited nearby islands – Phillip island and Nepean island. Explore the untouched wildlife, both forest and rock, and witness the vast blue yonder from the Captain Cook lookout point.

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