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Compare Cheap Flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a tiny island located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The island is off on its own between New Zealand, Australia, and the islands of the South Pacific. While Norfolk Island is an Australian territory, it is self-governing. When you visit, you’ll immediately be able to see the difference in culture between Norfolk Island and mainland Australia. Due to Norfolk Island’s remote location, it’s the perfect spot for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Norfolk Island is only 8 km by 5 km in size, making it extremely easy to get around. But for a small island, Norfolk Island has a lot to offer visitors. It has an interesting colonial history, is full of untouched nature, has a surprisingly good food scene, and has a great community atmosphere. Although Norfolk Island is such a short flight from Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland, it is relatively unknown among travellers, so no matter what time of year you visit, you’ll experience a relaxed island atmosphere without too many tourists.



Each week, Air New Zealand offers about 120 return flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island. Some days, there are only a couple of flight options, and other days, you’ll have lots of different BNE to NLK flights to choose from. Direct return flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island are available, and will get you into Norfolk Island Airport (NLK) in just 3 hours 20 minutes. While there are some direct flights, many flights include a quick stopover in Sydney. Even with the stopover, Air New Zealand will get you from BNE to NLK in about 5 hours.



Are you looking to experience a true island paradise? Norfolk Island could be perfect for you with its bright green nature, beautiful coastline, and laid-back atmosphere. Webjet compares cheap airfares from Brisbane to Norfolk Island to find the best flight deals. When you book through us, you are sure to get the best deals on your BNE to NLK holiday. Book your cheap flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island with Webjet, and use our guide to the island to start planning your getaway to Norfolk Island.


When should you book cheap airfares from Brisbane to Norfolk Island?



Due to its subtropical location, Norfolk Island experiences fairly stable weather throughout the year. It is rarely too hot or too cold. October to March are generally considered the best times to visit due to the warm weather and lower chances of rain.



Summer temperatures range from 19 to 25 degrees. Summer is a beautiful time to visit Norfolk Island to take full advantage of all the water activities and hikes that are available around the island. Because of the island’s location in the South Pacific, rain showers occur about twice a week during the summer. But showers rarely last long, so you if you experience some rain, you can be back outside enjoying the island in no time.



Winter temperatures drop a bit, but are still a comfortable 14 to 19 degrees. While it may be too chilly for the beach, you can still enjoy the many amazing hikes and museums around Norfolk Island. Rain and thunderstorms are more common in winter and early spring, but visiting during this time, you’ll still be able to experience plenty of sunshine as well. On average, it rains about 3 days a week during the winter, but that just means the nature will be even more green and lush for you on the sunny days.


Departing from Brisbane

Located northeast of the city, Brisbane Airport is one of the largest Australian airport hubs. Air New Zealand offers return flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island with about 120 cheap flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island available each week. There are direct cheap flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island, however, direct flights aren’t available every day. A direct flight will get you to Norfolk Island Airport (NLK) in 3 hours 20 minutes. On other days, you can catch a flight from BNE to NLK with a short stopover in Sydney. With a stopover in Sydney, you can arrive to Norfolk Island Airport (NLK) in about 5 hours.



Getting to Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Brisbane has an Airtrain that can take you from the CBD to the airport in just 20 minutes. The train runs every 15 minutes during peak time and every 30 minutes outside of peak time. It operates 5AM-10PM on weekdays and 6AM-10PM on the weekends. The Airtrain also has connections from the Gold Coast and Brisbane suburbs, so you can easily get to the airport no matter where you are travelling from in the Brisbane region. The Airtrain varies in price based on which station you travel from, and tickets can be purchased for a discount on the Airtrain website. Tickets from Brisbane Central Station cost $18 for adults.



You can also catch a taxi or an Uber to Brisbane Airport. The journey from Brisbane’s CBD to the airport takes about 20 minutes, and the ride costs between $45-$55.



Parking at Brisbane Airport

If you plan on driving to the airport, Brisbane Airport offers several affordable parking options. For the best rates, pre-book your parking spot through the Brisbane Airport website.



AIRPARK Everyday is under 24/7 surveillance and is ideal for long-term parking. If your trip from BNE to NLK will be more than 10 days, you can use this car park for only $5 a day when you pre-book. If your trip to Norfolk Island will be a quick one, the car park is still a good option at $10 a day. A complimentary bus is available to take you from the car park to the airport terminals.



For the same cost as AIRPARK Everyday, you can also book a covered spot in AIRPARK Undercover—ideal for sheltering your car from the Brisbane sun. AIRPARK Undercover is only available to book online and also offers a complimentary shuttle bus to the airport terminals. This car park fills up quickly, so be sure to book your spot in advance.



Arriving in Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island has one small airport that receives incoming flights from Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland. Norfolk Island Airport (NLK) is centrally located, making it easy to get from the airport to various hotels around the island.



Getting to your hotel from Norfolk Island Airport (NLK)

Due to the small size of Norfolk Island, there is currently no public transport system. Therefore, the most common way to reach a hotel from the airport is by car. You can take a taxi to various locations around the island in less than 15 minutes. But to make the most of your time on Norfolk Island, it’s recommended that you rent a car to see as much of the island as possible during your visit. Several local rental car companies are available on Norfolk Island, including Eldoo Hire Cars, Aloha Rent A Car, and NIHH Rental Cars. For a unique car rental experience, you can rent a Moke from a company called Mokeabout. Mokes are beach buggies with a removable top, making for a fun and adventurous drive around Norfolk Island.


Things to do in Norfolk Island



Take a Hike

Norfolk Island is covered in scenic walking and hiking trails. When you book return flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island, make sure you set aside some time to go for relaxing walks. The most popular areas for walking and hiking are the Botanic Garden and Norfolk Island National Park. On the Tree Fern Valley Circuit, you’ll witness the tallest tree ferns in the world as well as whitewood trees. The Bird Rock Track is a more challenging hike, but at the top, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views. The Palm Glen Circuit is an easy walk where you can experience the Norfolk Island rainforest and get beautiful views over the island.



Witness the View from Mount Pitt

All over Norfolk Island, you’ll be spoiled with incredible views. One of the most loved is the view from the top of Mount Pitt. You can choose to drive or hike to the top, and once you’re there, you’ll be rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view of Norfolk Island and the surrounding ocean. The view from Mount Pitt is gorgeous at any time of day, but it’s especially stunning at sunrise and sunset.



See the Convict Ruins in Kingston

Throughout the past several centuries, Norfolk Island has had an interesting history. During the 1700s, Norfolk Island was set up as a British colony along with mainland Australia. Not long after that, Norfolk Island constitutionally became a part of Tasmania, and similar to Tasmania, was set up as a penal colony. Prisoners were sent to Norfolk Island to isolate them from the rest of Australia, and up until the mid-1800s, Norfolk Island was home to more than 1000 prisoners. Today, you can still see momentos of the island’s past as a penal colony. One of the most popular spots to visit and learn about Norfolk Island’s history are the convict ruins in the capital town of Kingston. Some buildings you will see when you visit the convict ruins include the Government House, military accommodations, prisoners’ barracks, and the New Gaol.



Swim in the Crystal Pools

The Crystal Pools are gorgeous natural pools surrounded by cliffs. To get to there, head to the southwest corner of the island where you’ll find a dirt pathway leading down to the pools. If you are hoping to go for a swim, be sure to check the tide schedule before you visit the Crystal Pools. Swimming is not allowed during high tide and while the tide is coming in. However, visit at low tide, and you’ll be treated to one of the most beautiful and serene natural pools you could imagine!



Relax at Emily Bay

Located in the island’s capital town of Kingston, Emily Bay is a beautiful beach with soft sand and calm ocean water. The lagoon is sheltered and is home to a coral reef, so it’s a great place to go snorkelling. You’ll see lots of coral, and you may even spot a giant turtle. Emily Bay is also a popular spot for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and just laying in the sand taking it all in.



Drive Around the Island

Norfolk Island is full of amazing views and scenic roads. One of the best ways to experience it all is to drive around the island and make stops whenever you spot somewhere you like. The best way to drive around the island is with a Moke beach buggy. Mokes offer an exciting and adventurous experience in comparison to a regular car. With Norfolk Island’s small size, you could easily drive all over without getting lost.

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