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What are the top experiences for visitors to New Plymouth?

Exploring Pukekura Park

Whether you’re looking to stretch your legs following your cheap flights from Wellington to New Plymouth, are searching for a lovely place to picnic or simply want to head outside and enjoy some time in the great outdoors, Pukekura Park is a great place to spend a morning, an afternoon or a whole day. Occupying 52 hectares, the park plays host to an assortment of attractions throughout its grounds, from a Japanese-style torii gate and an artificial waterfall to the popular Brooklands Zoo. Spend time exploring at your own pace, find a shady spot to roll out your picnic blanket, or join a Friends of Pukekura Park Buggy Tour to learn more about the park from those who know it best.

Taking a stroll along the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

If it is your first time visiting New Plymouth or you’re looking to see the area from a new perspective, the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway is a great place to start. Winding its way between Ngamotu Beach and Bell Block Beach, the 12.7-kilometre walkway is great for cycling, running and walking, offering some stunning ocean views and mountain scenery along its length. Although there’s plenty to see along the walkway, including Mount Taranaki and the interesting design of Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, you’ll find several places to start or stop your stroll along the way. An easy walk suited to most fitness levels, the walkway is worth exploring before you head home on your New Plymouth to Wellington flights.

Discovering the exhibits on show at Puke Ariki

Home to a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum space located within Puke Ariki is well worth exploring during your time in New Plymouth. Learn more about the key figures and events that have helped to shape the region’s history over time, the unique flora and fauna of Taranaki, and the culture and traditions of the local Māori people. Explore the latest temporary exhibits housed within the museum or join a guided tour or talk led by those passionate about New Plymouth’s history, culture and people. A great rainy day activity, a visit to the museum allows you to connect with and better understand the region following your cheap flights from Wellington to New Plymouth.


What are the top tips for first-time travellers to New Plymouth?

New Plymouth experiences up to 13 rainy days each month meaning that there is a good chance that some rainfall will occur during your stay. To help avoid getting caught out in an unexpected shower, look to pack a raincoat, a small umbrella and a pair of waterproof shoes. If there’s room in your daypack for an umbrella or raincoat, consider adding either so you’re prepared for a change in weather.

New Plymouth is a city with plenty to see on foot. From sprawling parks to scenic coastal walks, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to stretch your legs following your Wellington to New Plymouth flights. Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to ensure you’re able to make the most of your time in New Plymouth without sore feet or painful blisters.

New Plymouth is a great starting point for a North Island road trip, with a host of destinations, including Rotorua, Hamilton, Whanganui, Palmerston North, located just a few hours' drive from the heart of the city. Be sure to book a hire car before you fly from Wellington to New Plymouth to avoid missing out on the type of car that best meets your needs.

On arrival at New Plymouth Airport, you’ll find that there are limited public transport connections to the city centre. To make your way to the heart of New Plymouth, you’ll need to hail a taxi, rent a car or take a ride on an airport shuttle bus.


What should you know about travelling to New Plymouth with children?

Whether you’re travelling with toddlers, tweens or older teens, you’ll find a wide assortment of child-friendly activities on offer in New Plymouth. From go-karting, bowling and horse riding to mini-golf, petting zoos and more, there are plenty of great options on offer if you’re looking to keep the kids entertained.

If your little ones have some energy to burn or need to stretch their legs once your Wellington to New Plymouth flights touch down in the city, there are several parks and playgrounds across New Plymouth offering ample room to run, play and have some fun. Stop by Kawaroa Park, located alongside the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, to discover a play space with great sea views, or venture to the Pukekura Park Playground for a fun afternoon playing with the rope slide, flying fox and water wheel.


Frequently asked questions

When is the cheapest time to fly from Wellington to New Plymouth?

The cheapest time to fly to New Plymouth is usually between June and August. The winter months are generally when there is a lower demand for flights and ticket prices tend to be cheaper as a result.

How long does it take to fly from Wellington to New Plymouth?

Direct flights from Wellington to New Plymouth are typically one hour in duration. Some non-direct services are also available and can take upwards of three hours to reach New Plymouth.

What airlines fly direct from Wellington to New Plymouth?

Air New Zealand currently services direct flights between Wellington and New Plymouth.


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