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Top experiences in Nelson


If you’re eager to take advantage of Nelson’s warm temperatures then consider booking a water-based activity once you’ve secured Tauranga to Nelson flights. There are several different kayaking options in the area, including the Abel Tasman Kayaks - Guided Tours and Marahau Sea Kayaks. It’s one of the best ways to visit the region’s secluded beaches, coves and lagoons. Most operators give you the option of a guided or unguided tour.


With dozens of cycle trails scattered around Nelson Tasman, it’s easy to see why the area is so popular among cycling enthusiasts. If you’re eager to do some cycling when you book flights Tauranga to Nelson, some of the top routes include The Great Taste Trail and The Coppermine Trail. The former is more than 174 kilometres long but that shouldn’t put you off even if you’re just looking for a leisurely stroll; the trail is split up so you can easily just a few sections. As well as the long, winding route, the trail is renowned for having some of the best views of Tasman Bay, Waimea plains and the Moutere hills. Use savings made from booking cheap flights from Tauranga to Nelson to indulge at one of the many vineyards and breweries along the dazzling trail.


If you’ve ever considered skydiving and are booking flights from Tauranga to Nelson, then now may be the time to take the leap of faith. Tandem skydiving is available to do above Abel Tasman and, as well as being one of the most highly adrenalised experiences on earth, the jump provides spectacular views of national parks, deep blue ocean and sprawling vineyards. At 20,000 feet up, it’s the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand. You’ll be able to skydive with one of the experienced skydiving professionals and free fall for up to 90 seconds before the parachute opens. The remaining descent takes around 7 minutes. If you’re ready to do this once-in-a-lifetime event, make sure you book in advance once you’ve secured Tauranga to Nelson flights.


What’s the weather like in Nelson?


If you’re in search of a warm holiday in New Zealand, then you have a good reason to book Tauranga Airport (TRG) to Nelson flights. Situated at the top of the South Island, this is the sunniest part of New Zealand, which means that summer draws large crowds in search of the area’s famous weather and scenery. The average temperature is 22°C — at night it usually drops down to about 13°C — making it the ideal time for exploring some of the region’s best-loved outdoor attractions, including Abel Tasman National Park and Tahunanui beach. On average, there are only 9 days of rain throughout summer and it’s not uncommon for temperatures to get as high as 30°C. If you plan to book Tauranga to Nelson flights, make sure you pack sunscreen, especially if you’re travelling with younger children.


While most of New Zealand is known for its unpredictable weather, that’s less true of Nelson. Even in autumn, weather is still generally warm, sunny days are common and rain is infrequent. The average temperature in March is 20°C, making it another good time to book Tauranga to Nelson flights. The average daytime high in April is 18°C and the average low is 8°C, and temperatures in May usually sit at around 15°C — far from the cool temperatures you’re likely to encounter in other parts of the country at this time of year.


Though temperatures can drop to a chilly 2°C in winter, it is still a great time to book flights Tauranga to Nelson. Rain is less common than in other parts of the country and days can still be sunny and clear.


Spring is a lovely time of year to visit and fly Tauranga to Nelson. The average temperature in September is 15°C and by November it can increase to 20°C. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds that tend to flock to Nelson in summer, then spring is a good time to book as beaches, cafes and tourist attractions like Abel Tasman National Park tend to be slightly quieter. You may be able to find cheap flights from Tauranga to Nelson.


Public transport in Nelson

Public transport options

If you’ve bought cheap flights from Tauranga to Nelson and are eager to stick to a budget, your best transportation option is bus. It’s the main type of public transport available in Nelson. A ticket will cost you around $2.50 if you stay within Zone 1. Zone 2 and 3 trips cost 50c and $1 more. If you plan to frequently use the bus, it may be worth getting a Bee Card. It’ll cost you $5 to buy but it reduces the cost of your trip by around 50c each time you use the bus. There are no public transport links from Nelson Airport (NSN) into Nelson but there are taxi options. You may also want to hire a car

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