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What are the best things to do in Nairobi?

Great Rift Valley

There are countless areas of natural beauty to see while visiting Kenya on flights to Nairobi, including the picture-perfect Great Rift Valley. The valley stretches for about 6,000 kilometres (3,700 miles) in total, all the way from Mozambique to Lebanon, and it passes right through Kenya. There’s so much to see and do along the Kenyan portion of the Great Rift Valley, including Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Nakuru. There are beautiful valley views in each, plus ample opportunity for wildlife viewing.

Nairobi National Park

You don’t need to travel far into the bush to go on safari. Nairobi National Park is a quick 15-minute drive or taxi ride from the city centre. There are about 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals to spot around the park, including giraffes, leopards, zebras and lions. Much of the park is unfenced, so you can watch the animals in their native habitats. The location near the city also means you can sometimes spot skyscrapers in the distance behind the animals – something you won’t find in many other places in Kenya.

Maasai Market

The Maasai Market is one of the most famous central attractions to enjoy while holidaying on cheap flights to Nairobi. The open-air market is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs as it has stalls selling just about everything. Browse locally-made art, jewellery, clothing, shoes, and homewares. Note that haggling prices is expected at Maasai Market, so put your bartering skills to the test while you’re here.


When is the best time to visit Nairobi?

There’s a unique climate to plan around when booking your airfare to Nairobi. The city has two wet seasons and two dry seasons, and each one is a bit different.

The first wet season lasts from March to May. It’s the wetter of the two, and this is the quietest time of year to travel on cheap flights to Nairobi. You’ll find the best hotel rates by planning your trip for this time. The second wet season is between October and December. Temperatures are hot during each of the wet seasons, reaching a daytime average of 25° to 27°C.

The dry seasons are the most popular times to travel on return flights to Nairobi as both are best for wildlife viewing. This is especially true during the cooler of the dry seasons, which is between June and September. Days with temperatures between 22° and 24°C and little to no rain are ideal conditions for some of Africa’s most famous animals to be out and about. You’ll also get the chance to see the wildebeest migration if you book tickets to Nairobi for the end of this season. Temperatures heat up to about 26° and 27°C in January and February. You won’t encounter much rain by travelling on flights to Nairobi at this time, but it gets humid in the lead-up to the main wet season.


What is the cost of visiting Nairobi?

The shilling is Kenya’s official currency, but the US dollar is also widely accepted, especially within the tourism industry. It’s a good idea to change NZ dollars into a bit of each when preparing for your return flights to Nairobi.

After booking your airfare to Nairobi, you can get your hotel room booked through Webjet too. The average price for a room in the city centre is between $150 and $200 NZD per night. Are you looking to spend less on accommodation, so you can put more toward activities? Budget-friendly options from about $25 NZD are available to visitors holidaying on cheap flights to Nairobi.

Travelling by taxi is the most popular way to get around while visiting Kenya on flights to Nairobi. Taxi fare from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) costs about 1,500 shillings ($21.55 NZD), and a taxi from Wilson Airport (WIL) is about 750 shillings ($10.80 NZD). Public buses are available around the city, and you can even catch the bus from both airports into the centre. Bus fare costs 50 shillings (70 cents NZD). Venture outside of the city by hiring a private driver for a day while holidaying on flights to Nairobi. This costs about $100 USD ($153 NZD).

There are plenty of activities to get excited for after booking tickets to Nairobi. Spend a day at Nairobi National Park for $43 USD ($65.80 NZD), visit the Olorgesailie archaeological site for 1,500 shillings ($21.55 NZD), and learn about Kenyan culture at Bomas of Kenya for 1,000 shillings ($14.35 NZD). Going on safari is a must-do activity for many travellers who book return flights to Nairobi. Take a day tour to Amboseli National Park for a safari and view of Mount Kilimanjaro for about $170 to $200 USD ($260.15 to $306.10 NZD). 

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