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Moscow Guide

Need to Know About Moscow

The first things that will leave you in awe upon entering Moscow are the remnants of the former, Soviet state. Scattered all around the city, these monuments to fallen heroes and glorious battles are a sight to be seen. The city is also full of museums which are dedicated to the rich history of Russia. The city has seemingly evolved since those times, and is a far hipper, cultural city today. A plethora of performance arts are available throughout Moscow’s many theatres. In addition to classical plays, the city also offers some innovative, unknown ones. Another representative of Moscow’s art is the spectacular architecture. Orthodox buildings are the highlight of the city, as grand, golden domes can be seen everywhere.

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Getting Around Moscow

Moscow’s traffic is… well sometimes a total mess. The city is notorious for dreaded traffic jams, so overground transportation is not really recommended. Luckily, there is the famous Moscow metro, which provides cheap, reliable service, with some interesting decorations too. The price for a ticket is around NZD 1.5. If, however you prefer to take some other type of transport, a taxi is very easy to find with fares ranging from NZD 10 - NZD 20 per around 20 minutes of driving. There is also a very interesting tradition, as you can literally hail any car in the city and get a ride for some money. There is also a bus system as well as a tramway, and for the most genuine experience, opt for the Marshrutka. These small minibuses are privately owned, and are usually more affordable than the bus.


When is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Moscow?

Choosing when to book tickets to Moscow really should depend on your itinerary. If sightseeing is your priority, opt to visit in April or May. The weather is starting to get warm during this time, and hotel rates are still fairly cheap. Moscow’s summer is also its peak season, so be prepared for hordes of tourists and slightly higher prices. For the ultimate beauty and authenticity, albeit with dangerously low temperatures, opt to book flights to Moscow during winter.


Travelling to Moscow Airport

Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (DME)

Located 42 km southeast of Moscow, the Moscow Domodedovo International Airport is among the largest airports in the country. It serves over 30 million passengers each year. This airport is connected to the city with 3 options. The most affordable one is the bus which will cost you less than NZD 2 for a 2-hour ride. For a faster option, you can choose between the train and taxi, both of which take around an hour to get you to the city itself. The former is priced at NZD 7 per ticket, while the taxi is a bit pricier at around NZD 25.

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

The Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport is an airport located around 30 km from the city. You can get to Moscow by taking the bus, or a fixed-route taxi, which leaves from the Rechnoi Vokzal and Planernaya metro stations. A night bus is also available. The travel time for all of these options is around 45 minutes to an hour.

Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (VKO)

The Moscow Vnukovo International Airport serves more than 15 million people each year, and is the third largest airport in the country. It is situated 28 km from Moscow. The best way of reaching the centre of Moscow, from this airport, is by using the famous Aeroexpress. The journey on this tramway will cost you around NZD 5 and will not take longer than 40 minutes.


What to do in Moscow

The Red Square

Welcome to the heart of Moscow! The Red Square is arguably the most popular location in the city and is visited by millions each year. The square is made from beautiful cobblestone, and surrounded by interesting architecture. Formerly used as a market square where traders would sell their goods, the Red Square of today is a key location in Russia’s capital.

St Basil’s Cathedral

If looking at beautiful pictures of Russia was what got you to book cheap airfare to Moscow, it’s likely you’ve seen this place at least once. The archetypal image of Moscow, the St Basil’s Cathedral, is a spectacular building. The cathedral almost looks like a flame, thanks to its domes, and the overall atmosphere around it is breathtaking.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

This is likely the most famous, but also slightly notorious landmark of Moscow. The Lenin’s Mausoleum displays the embalmed body of the fabled Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin. Almost 3 million people visit this place, each year.


Kremlin is unique in many aspects. For starters, it is known as the largest active fortress in Europe. The walls are truly gigantic, as their total length equals to more than 2 km. Kremlin itself holds place to five squares and various buildings to explore. The square also has around 20 towers, as well as the biggest bell and cannon in the world.