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Milan Guide


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Nestled amongst the Italian Alps and located near the iconic Lake Como, Milan is the perfect city to experience on a trip to Italy. Milan is Italy’s second-largest city and offers a wide range of activities to visitors. The architecture of Milan spans across several eras, including the Middle Ages, the Gothic period, and the Renaissance. The city’s most stunning example of architecture is the Duomo, which is one of the most recognisable cathedrals in Italy. You will instantly fall in love with the culture of Milan as well. The dining and cafe scene is one of the most impressive in the country, there are endless museums to explore, and there is no shortage of live performances. Milan is also known internationally as one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is teeming with shopping opportunities, ranging from high street to haute couture. As one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world, you can scope out what the next big fashion trends will be before they’ve hit New Zealand. Booking cheap flights from Auckland to Milan is the perfect way to start a trip around the country. From Milan, the places you can visit are limitless with Italy’s train system. Head north to Lake Como, south to Cinque Terre, or east to Verona and Venice. Then head south to continue your Italian adventure.



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Best time to visit Milan


The best time to visit Milan



Milan experiences four distinct seasons, with temperatures varying dramatically throughout the year. Summer is the hottest season with daytime temperatures of about 28°C. Summer brings with it lots of sunshine as well as large crowds of tourists. You’ll experience long lines for attractions, higher prices on hotels, and humid weather. Many locals even escape the city during this season due to the large influx of tourists. If you are looking for an authentic Italian experience and don’t want to spend a fortune, summer may not be the best time to visit.



Visiting in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn can provide a much more enjoyable experience for your time in Milan. Crowds thin out outside of the high season, and temperatures of about 20°C are the perfect weather for exploring the city. Since these seasons aren’t quite so full of tourists, many hotels also lower their rates.



Winter gets cold in Milan due to its northern location in Italy and proximity to the mountains. Daytime temperatures are about 5°C, rain is common, and it snows on occasion as well. Although it’s cold, winter is when you can find the lowest rates on hotels in Milan. If you are a skier, you could even head out of the city to enjoy the ski resorts of the Italian Alps. In February, you can also experience Milan Fashion Week. Milan is considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world, so fashion enthusiasts will love being in Milan during this event.



Departing From Auckland



Auckland Airport (AKL) is located 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of the city’s CBD. It offers regular flights to Italy and is the largest international hub in New Zealand.



More than 100 cheap flights from Auckland to Milan are available each day. Many international airlines fly this route, such as Air New Zealand, Qantas, Emirates, American Airlines, Alitalia, and British Airways. While there are no direct flights, travellers from Auckland can reach the Milan airports in about 26 hours with a stopover.



Getting to Auckland Airport



In order to reach Auckland Airport (AKL) from the CBD, you can catch the city’s SkyBus. The SkyBus originates on Customs Street East and also includes stops along Queen Street, Dominion Road, Symonds Street, and Mount Eden Road. The SkyBus runs 24 hours a day, departs every 10 minutes, and will get you to Auckland Airport in about 45 minutes. A one-way ticket to ride the SkyBus costs $18 NZD, and a return ticket costs $32 NZD.



Catching a taxi or an Uber will offer the quickest form of transportation to the airport. If you are travelling from the CBD or inner suburbs, a taxi will get you to Auckland Airport in less than a half hour for a fare of about $60 NZD.



Parking at Auckland Airport



Multiple car parks are available at Auckland Airport with easy access to the International Terminal. In order to secure the best rate on your parking space, be sure to book in advance.



Where to Park at Auckland Airport



• The cheapest rates are available in Car Park A. Spots are uncovered, and it is a 2 to 3 minute walk from the International Terminal. Weekly rates start at $75 NZD.



• For even more convenience, there is valet parking. Pull up to the terminal, and an attendant will park your car. Covered spots in the valet car park start at $139 NZD per week, and uncovered spots start at $130 NZD for a week.



Arriving in Milan



When you book a holiday in Milan, there are two possible airports you could fly into. Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) is the city’s main airport. This airport is the second busiest in the country and is the main destination for visitors to the north of Italy. MXP is located about 50 kilometres (31 miles) northwest of central Milan. Milan Linate Airport (LIN) is the secondary airport serving Milan. It is located a convenient 9 kilometres (5.5 miles) east of the city. This airport is a hub for domestic and short-haul flights, so you may arrive here if you have a stopover in another European city.



How to Get from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) to Your Milan Hotel or Accommodation



For the quickest ride into the centre of Milan, you can catch the Malpensa Express train. This train makes departures every 30 minutes throughout the day and arrives into central Milan in about 50 minutes. The train ticket between Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) and the city costs €13 ($22 NZD).



Several coach lines operate out of Milan Airport. Some head to other cities around the region or other major cities around Italy. In order to reach the centre of Milan, catch the coach heading toward Milan Central Station. This bus will get you into the city in about an hour. Coaches depart from the airport every 20 minutes and cost €8 ($13.50 NZD).



Taxis are available just outside of arrivals with a variety of taxi companies. A taxi will get you into central Milan in less than an hour. Taxis offer fixed rates from the airport, and the fare between Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) and central Milan comes to €95 ($160.70 NZD).



How to Get from Milan Linate Airport (LIN) to Your Milan Hotel or Accommodation



Milan Linate Airport (LIN) offers several public transport options between the airport and city centre. Once you have arrived to the airport and collected your luggage, you can catch the route 73 bus, which departs every 10 minutes throughout the day. This bus costs €1.50 ($2.55 NZD) and will get you to the Duomo metro station. From there, you are right in the heart of Milan. You’ll also have access to the M1 and M3 metro lines to help you reach your hotel.



Alternatively, you can catch the 73 bus 7 stops from the airport to Forlanini train station. There, you can transfer to trains heading to the centre of Milan. Train lines S5 and S6 will get you to stations in central Milan and will also provide the opportunity to change to metro lines throughout the journey.



Taxis between Milan Linate Airport (LIN) and the city centre use meters to calculate fare. A taxi to the city will take about 25 minutes for a fare of about €30 ($50.75 NZD).

Things to do


Things to do in Milan



Milan Cathedral

Also called the Duomo, Milan Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. Construction on the cathedral began in 1386 and wasn’t completed until nearly 600 years later. Inside, you can see architectural features and art that date back to the Middle Ages. Highlights include a statue of Bartholomew the Apostle, a baptistry where Saint Augustin was baptised in 387 AD, and a nail that is said to have been one of the nails from the Crucifixion of Christ. On top of the Duomo, there is a rooftop terrace where visitors are rewarded with expansive views over Milan.



Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan has an impressive shopping scene. Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an elaborately designed shopping arcade that is the oldest shopping mall in Italy. Admire the architecture of the shopping arcade and window shop the collections of some of Italy’s haute couture designers.



Castello Sforzesco

This impressive castle is located in the heart of Milan and was home to the Sforza Dynasty during the Renaissance.Today, you can see the architecture of the castle and visit seven museums that are now on its grounds. Each museum focuses on a specialised topic, such as ancient European art or antique furniture. You can also see exhibits dedicated to Italian legends Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.



La Scala Opera

La Scala is a famous opera house and ballet theatre located in the centre of Milan. It was constructed in 1778 and has seen performances from many of Italy’s most famous performers since the time it was opened. Seeing an opera or a ballet performance at La Scala is a popular activity for visitors to the city. If you’ve never been to an opera before, there’s no better place to experience it for the first time than in Italy–the country where opera was born.



Walk Along the Naviglio Grande

While Venice is the Italian city known for its canals, several gorgeous canals wind their way through Milan as well. Naviglio Grande is the largest of Milan’s canals and was constructed about 850 years ago. Southwest of the city centre, the canal is easy to reach either by catching a bus or walking for about 35 minutes. Naviglio Grande is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and bars. Once nighttime sets in, the area is particularly popular among locals. The views along the Naviglio Grande are gorgeous and will introduce you to a completely different side of Milan than what you experience in the city centre.