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What should I know before visiting Manila?

Manila is essentially several cities in one

The neighbourhoods of Manila are so diverse that each one feels like its own city. When you have Auckland to Manila return flights, visit several of the neighbourhoods to get a true feel for the city: Intramuros is teeming with history; Quezon City is artistic and trendy; and Makati is sleek and modern.

Don’t drink the tap water

When you have flights Auckland to Manila, keep in mind that the tap water isn’t safe to drink in the Philippines. However, most restaurants offer filtered water free of charge, so there’s no need to purchase bottled water while dining out.

You will notice a large separation of wealth

Something that tourists tend to notice after arriving into Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) is the large division of wealth among locals in Manila. Many first-time visitors with Auckland to Manila flights are surprised by the contrast between high-end shopping malls and slum neighbourhoods. But people of the Philippines tend to keep a cheerful outlook on life; you are sure to be greeted with a smile by every local you encounter after Auckland to Manila flights.


What are Manila’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Fort Santiago

After arriving on cheap flights Auckland to Manila, be sure to spend some time exploring the city’s Intramuros neighbourhood. One of the most notable landmarks you will see in this historic section of the city is Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is a citadel that was constructed between 1590 and 1593. At the time, fortified walls surrounded Intramuros, and Fort Santiago made up a portion of that wall. Fort Santiago also has a darker side to its history:; it was once used to hold prisoners, it was the site of a massacre during the Japanese occupation of Manila, and it incurred serious damage during World War II. Learn more about Fort Santiago after Auckland to Manila flights by taking a tour and visiting the fort’s museum.

National Museum of Anthropology

When you have cheap flights to Manila from Auckland, the National Museum of Anthropology is the place to go to learn about the vast history and culture of the Philippines. The museum features five floors of exhibits that cover several aspects of the Philippines, including prehistoric societies, archaeology, customs and traditions, and languages. Additionally, visitors with Auckland to Manila flights can learn more about the maritime history of the country, its Indigenous groups, and various wars that have impacted the Philippines.

Malacañang Palace

Malacañang Palace is the official residence of the Philippines’ president. The palace was originally built in 1750 as a summer home for a notable Spanish resident. In 1825, it was sold to the country’s Governor-General, the head of government during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. Since then, Malacañang Palace has been at the centre of Filipino government. While the palace has been renovated several times, visitors with flights Auckland to Manila can still spot elements of classic Spanish architecture. To get an inside look at Malacañang Palace, book onto a tour of the palace and its grounds after your cheap flights Auckland to Manila land.


What is the best way to get around Manila?

When you book tickets to Manila from Auckland, you’ll have no trouble exploring the city by public transport. The main forms of transport are the LRT and the MRT. These are the city’s light rail and metro trains. There are currently two LRT lines and one MRT line to take after flights Auckland to Manila, but both networks are undergoing expansions. Public transport fares start at a base rate of 15 Philippine pesos (about 45 cents NZD), with prices increasing 5 pesos (about 15 cents NZD) for each zone travelled.

Visitors with cheap flights to Manila from Auckland can also get around the city by taxis and motorised tricycles. These unique vehicles are similar to rickshaws, but only have three wheels. Fares for both taxis and tricycles are relatively affordable, with fares often costing between 100 and 175 pesos (between about $3 NZD and $5.30 NZD) around the city centre.


How much time should I spend in Manila?

Three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the Filippino capital after flights Auckland to Manila. While Manila is the cosmopolitan hub of the country, there are so many other landscapes and cultures to experience around the Philippines as well. After spending a few days in the city after your cheap flights to Manila from Auckland, explore the rice terraces of Banaue, the coral reefs of Cebu, or the picture-perfect beaches of Boracay.

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