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Male Guide

A Guide to Male

Know Before You Go

  • Don't drink outside of the resorts. The majority of the Maldives are Muslim, and there are strict laws on the consumption of alcohol.
  • Dress modestly when you are outside of your resort. Travellers are expected to respect the local culture by not wearing shorts above their knees. Women also need to cover their shoulders and wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Practice responsible tourism. The Maldives is the lowest-lying country in the world and is affected by climate change. Keep your environmental footprint small by minimising your water consumption, energy use and choosing ethical tour operators.
  • There is a dress code at upscale restaurants. While women can get away with casual sundresses, men will need to wear trousers and a collared shirt to be allowed inside.
  • You don't need to tip in the Maldives. A 10% service charge is automatically added to everything, but if you feel the service you received was exceptional, you can tip above that amount.
  • Stick to drinking bottled water. The tap water is desalinated sea water and it's only okay to use for brushing your teeth.

Getting Around Male

  • The best way to get around Male is to walk. The city is only one square mile, making it easy to explore on foot.
  • If you're looking to splurge, you can hire a yacht to explore the archipelago and the isolated coral reefs. There are rules against visiting non-resort islands, so it's wise to check where you are allowed to drop anchor to avoid any problems.
  • The fastest way to get around the Maldives is with a seaplane. You'll get a scenic view of the islands below, and it's an easy way to get from Male to the more remote resort islands.
  • There are taxis and motorbike taxis available in Male. A trip around town will usually cost MVR 20, but it's not recommended as you won't be more than a 15-minute walk from anything in the city. 

Best time to visit Male

When is The Best Time to Visit Male?

The best time to visit Male is from May to November. While there is still some rain from the southwestern monsoon, the resorts will be empty and their prices at the lowest to make up for the lull in tourism.

If you're a surfer, the waves are at their best during this period, and the sea life is in abundance at the coral reefs.

High season in the Maldives lasts from December to April. There will be little chance of rain ruining any activities, and humidity levels will be low making it an ideal time for beach lovers.

The only downside is that the resorts will raise their prices and you'll need to book your trip a few months in advance to lock in cheaper rates.


Airports in Male

Velana International Airport

Velana International Airport also known as Male International Airport is the gateway to the Maldives. It's located on Hulhule Island and is a hub for Trans Maldivian Airways.

Getting to and from Velana International Airport

Take the bus from the airport to Hulhumale. There is a shuttle that leaves from the arrival terminal every 30 minutes. Tickets cost MVR 20, and the bus stop is located behind the Burger King.

The easiest way to get to Male Island is with the airport ferry. Fares are MVR 10 per person, and the boats run every 10 minutes between 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m except on Fridays.

Depending on where you are staying, you can also arrange a private transfer from the airport to your hotel.