Flights from Blenheim to Lord Howe Island

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Lord Howe Island Guide

What are the best things to do on Lord Howe Island?

Old Settlement Beach

Of all the beaches for you to explore while holidaying on flights to Lord Howe Island, Old Settlement Beach is one of the best. The crescent-shaped beach has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and cool sandstone rock formations towards its southern end. The calm and clear water off the coast of Old Settlement Beach is a beautiful spot for snorkelling, and you may even spot some sea turtles if you visit during high tide.


Ball’s Pyramid

Ball’s Pyramid makes for a great day trip while holidaying on cheap flights to Lord Howe Island. It’s the remnant of a volcano on the sunken continent of Zealandia and is the world’s tallest volcanic sea stack. Several tour operators operate excursions to Ball’s Pyramid, which is located 23 kilometres (14.3 miles) southeast of Lord Howe Island. Most tours circle around Ball’s Pyramid before stopping off for snorkelling and scuba diving. Snorkellers and divers will have the chance to explore caves and see a wide range of marine wildlife, including dolphins and sea turtles as well as rarer species like Galapagos whalers and Spanish dancers.


Mount Gower

Mount Gower is the tallest peak on Lord Howe Island, standing at 875 metres (2,870 feet) tall. The Mount Gower hike is about 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) but includes beautiful sights along the way that make the trek well worth it. It winds through dense forest and takes hikers past some of Lord Howe Island’s rarest plants and wildlife. The view from the summit is stunning, looking out over the neighbouring Mount Lidgbird and the entire length of the island. The Mount Gower trail is challenging in sections, so visitors holidaying on return flights to Lord Howe Island are required to climb with a local guide.


When is the best time to visit Lord Howe Island?

The temperatures on Lord Howe Island are mild year-round. There are benefits to booking return flights to Lord Howe Island during each season – it all depends on the type of holiday you’re looking to have.

Think about booking your airfare to Lord Howe Island for travel in the summer to enjoy the beaches and water sports in warm weather. Temperatures reach about 23° to 25°C during the day – perfect for lounging on the beach, swimming, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, and surfing. Summer is the most popular time of year to book flights into Lord Howe Island Airport (LDH). The island never feels overly busy however, even during the summer high season, as only a maximum of 400 tourists are allowed on Lord Howe Island at any given time. That does mean accommodation can book up fast, so be sure to reserve your room early to avoid disappointment.

The high season also coincides with early autumn and late spring. However, you can still enjoy nice weather but with less competition for hotel rooms by booking tickets to Lord Howe Island further away from the summer high season. Temperatures reach highs of about 20° to 22°C in the autumn and spring shoulder seasons.

Consider booking airfare to Lord Howe Island in the winter if you’re interested in the benefits of an off-season holiday: smaller crowds and great hotel deals. Temperatures reach highs of about 19°C during the day. There’s some rain but sunny days too, so you can still enjoy plenty of time outside while holidaying on cheap flights to Lord Howe Island in the winter. Pack some warm clothes because evening temperatures can dip to about 13°C. You can also enjoy excellent wildlife spotting and bird watching opportunities by holidaying on winter flights to Lord Howe Island.


What should I pack for Lord Howe Island?

Beaches and water activities are some of the biggest draws for visitors who book cheap flights to Lord Howe Island, so be sure to pack some swimsuits, sandals, a hat, sunglasses, and reef-safe sunscreen. Lord Howe Island is pretty casual, especially during the day. Bring along comfortable clothes like shorts and t-shirts, as well as a pair of sturdy shoes if you’ll be doing any hiking. You’ll also want some warmer clothes like jeans and some jumpers if you’ll be travelling on flights to Lord Howe Island outside of the summer season, as evenings tend to get chilly. Some visitors like to bring along a few smart casual outfits as well to wear to dinner in the evenings. Apart from your clothing and accessories, consider packing an underwater camera such as a GoPro or a waterproof phone case to help you capture memories while swimming, snorkelling, and diving on Lord Howe Island.