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London Guide

What are the dos and don’ts of visiting London?

Do stand on the right of escalators

When you are riding an escalator after your flights to London, be sure to always stand on the right, so people can walk on the left. While this rule generally applies to all escalators you’ll encounter when you have airfare to UK, it’s most important to follow when you are catching the London Underground. Overlooking this rule could result in some shouting from locals! Be sure to stand on the right-hand side no matter what English city you visit while holidaying on cheap flights to UK. 


Don’t disregard the queue

With the exception of their tea and discussing the weather, there are few things the British take more seriously than queuing. Contrary to stereotypes, Brits don’t enjoy queuing, but they try to be fair to everyone and respect the tradition. When you have return flights to London, you’ll find that locals queue for everything from boarding a bus, to ordering a drink at the pub and entering a festival. Jumping ahead in a queue, even accidentally, will result in some annoyed Londoners. As with the rule on standing to the right on escalators, following the flow of queues and lines should be adopted throughout your travels using an airfare to the United Kingdom. 


Do make a small donation while visiting museums

While exploring the city after your flights to London, you’ll find that the vast majority of museums are free to visit. In 2001, a new law went into effect that required national museums across Britain to offer free admission. While the museums receive funds from the government to cover operating costs, the museums also rely on donations to offer the best exhibits to their visitors. When visiting a museum after your cheap flights to the United Kingdom, pop a small donation into the box by the entrance. A £5 (about $10.25 NZD) contribution is often recommended, but even a pound coin or two is much appreciated.


What is the best way to get around London after flights to the UK?

London is known for having some of the best public transport in the world, so you’ll have no trouble getting around while holidaying on cheap flights to London. Transport into the heart of the city is available from each of the London’s airports. If you arrive into Heathrow Airport (LHR), catch the Piccadilly line of the London Underground into the city. The Thameslink train connects both Gatwick Airport (LGW) and Luton Airport (LTN) to London centre, and the Stansted Express can be caught from Stansted Airport (STN) to Liverpool Street Station in central London.

Once you are in the city, London has a vast network of trains and buses to make your way around. The London Underground (also known as the Tube) is made up of 11 lines and is the most efficient way to get around when you have return flights to the United Kingdom. In addition to the Underground trains, visitors with tickets to London can also ride the London Overground and DLR trains to explore the city. Another famous form of transport in London is the fleet of red double-decker buses. More than 8,000 bus routes are available across London. In order to combine sightseeing with transportation, try to sit in the front seat on the top deck of the bus. A trip on these famous red buses is an experience definitely worth putting on your list, especially if it is your first-time travelling to England with an airfare to UK. 


What are the top things to do with children to London?

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is the place to learn about space and time when you have flights to London. This attraction is home of Greenwich Mean Time – the time in which all time zones around the world are based on. It is additionally located on the Prime Meridian, which is the point where the Eastern and Western Hemispheres meet. Visit upon arriving on cheap flights to United Kingdom and you can stand on the line to be in both hemispheres at once. The Royal Observatory also has a planetarium that makes a great rainy day attraction or outing for families holidaying on an airfare to UK. Through films and children’s activities, visitors can learn all about space and astronomy.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a family-friendly attraction located in the neighbourhood of Kensington. Head to the museum when you have return flights to London to learn about all the different aspects of natural history. Explore exhibits about animals, dinosaurs, the moon, rare gems and minerals, and more. The museum also offers a variety of hands-on learning activities for children. Tickets to London’s Natural History Museum are free, but donations are always welcomed.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour

If your kids enjoy the Harry Potter books and films, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the Warner Bros. Studios after landing on flights to London. During a tour, visitors travelling with airfare to London can immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter. Wander through film sets, including the Great Hall and Hogsmeade, see props and costumes from the films, and learn about special effects that were used in the movies.


What Else Can You See and Do From London?

An airfare to the UK that has you landing at a London airport opens up a world of possibility for travelling and sightseeing around the wider United Kingdom. Make your plane tickets to the UK work harder by working some day trips into your London itinerary. Some of the best day trips from London include excursions to Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath and Oxford. You might even put money saved from booking cheap flights to the United Kingdom with Webjet towards outings to Brighton, Cambridge and the Cotswolds.