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Lisbon Guide

Cheap Flights to Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re looking for an adventurous European getaway, look no further than cheap flights to Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is the capital and largest city in Portugal and has so much to offer visitors. Lisbon has a perfect blend of metropolitan flair and scenic charm. You will fall in love with its gorgeous hilltop views and ornate architecture. Between the traditional Fado music, exciting nightlife scene, and incredible food and wine selections, you’ll never want to leave.

No matter which New Zealand city you’re travelling from, you’ll have no trouble finding cheap airfares to Lisbon. Flights to Lisbon include at least one stopover, but if you schedule a short stopover, and you will have no delay getting to Lisbon. You can arrive from Auckland in 27 hours, from Wellington in 31 hours, from Queenstown in 33 hours, and from Christchurch in 30 hours. Or you could plan a long stopover, and spend some time exploring your stopover city between flights. Common stopover cities for cheap flights to Lisbon include Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Frankfurt. Many major airlines offer cheap airfares to Lisbon, including Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, and Air Canada.

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When should you book cheap airfares to Lisbon?

The weather in Portugal is relatively mild all year round, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding months of sunny weather to visit. Most people consider the time periods of March to May or September to October to be the best times to visit. The weather is warm and calm, and the tourist crowds that typically pop up in the summer are not present. During these times, you should definitely be able to fit in some time at the beach, making for an even more amazing experience in Cascais.

If you don’t mind weather that is somewhat chillier, you might consider visiting between November and February. The hotel rates will be at their lowest and the crowds of tourists will be slim. You might experience weather as low as 8 degrees, so make sure you pack a coat. Winters in Lisbon are warm compared to most of Europe, but you should still come prepared to handle extra precipitation and chilly evenings.


Arriving in Lisbon

Lisbon Airport is approximately 7 km away from the city centre, so it won’t take you very long to get from the airport to your hotel. Considered the 20th largest airport in Europe, Lisbon Airport is not a labyrinth that you’ll get lost in. This airport is made up of two terminals. Both terminals receive international flights, but Terminal 1 is much larger, so it services more airlines.

Getting to the city centre from Lisbon Airport (LIS)

The most budget-efficient way to get to the city centre is by taking the metro. In ten minutes, you can get from Lisbon Airport to Gare do Oriente station. This main train station connects to other trains that travel all over the country. If you’re staying outside of the city, you might still be able to take a connecting train to your hotel. A single train ride costs €1.45.

For the most convenient trip from the airport, you can catch a taxi outside of your terminal. By car, getting to Lisbon’s city centre will take approximately 15 minutes. It can cost around €20 to take a taxi into the city. It’s more costly than taking the metro, but it’s definitely more convenient.

For convenience and price, you can take the Aerobus from the airport to the downtown area. This shuttle runs every 20 minutes between 8AM and 11PM, with a rate of €4 for a one-way ticket or €5.40 for return.


Things to do in Lisbon

Take a day trip to Sintra

One of the most scenic destinations in all of Portugal, Sintra will take your breath away. Take the train from central Lisbon to enjoy several hours in this beautiful town. This hilltop town was the home of many Portuguese kings and queens throughout the centuries. Once you arrive, you will understand why the royalty chose to make this place their residence. The colorful mansions, baroque churches, and castles are like something out of a fairytale.

Saint George’s Castle

This historic site is one of the most visible in the city of Portugal, partially because it sits atop a hill overlooking the city. This citadel was built over 2,000 years ago by the Romans. A substantial chunk of it was destroyed in a 1755 earthquake, but a great portion of it still remains today after extensive renovations and restorations. Saint George’s Castle is one of Lisbon’s most visited tourist attractions. When you go, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, as its location on top of the hill can be quite a hike. The rates to enter the castle are €8.50 for adults and €5 for students.

Go to Cascais

If you’re looking to enjoy a laid-back day away from the busy city, hop on the train to Cascais for only a few euros. Cascais is an idyllic slice of paradise. Cliffs line the bay, looking onto light, delicate sand and some of the bluest water in all of Europe. Wander through the quaint town, spend some time at the beach, and enjoy the warmth of the sun. If you get hungry, you can eat some of the tastiest seafood you’ve ever had in this seaside town.

Monastery of St. Jerónimos

Close to the Tagus River lies an ornate architectural landmark. This former monastery was occupied by the Hieronymite monks, whose goal was to pray for the well-being of King Manuel I, the man who funded the project. This structure was built over the course of 100 years, beginning in 1501. Some of the most notable features of this gorgeous cathedral are the cloister patio, the exterior fountains, the extravagant portals, and the incredible main chapel. This architectural wonder will leave you speechless. You can gaze at the structure from the outside for free, or you can explore the gorgeous interior, which includes the cloister patio, for a small fee of €10.

Listen to live fado music

You won’t have to search hard to find a restaurant or bar that plays fado music, a traditional style of Portuguese music. Fado music isn’t something you’ll typically want to dance to, as it is characterized by its melancholic sound. Songs that make up the fado genre tend to be about the sea and the life of poor Portuguese folks, with themes of longing. You can plan ahead on what bar you’d like to visit or stumble across one while walking down the streets. All that’s certain is you must experience this popular form of Portuguese art.

Ajuda National Palace

The beautiful neoclassical palace is located near Belém, one of the most historical areas of Lisbon. The construction of the palace lasted from 1796 to the late 19th century; this extensive period occurred due to financial and political issues. The palace became the permanent residence of the royal family beginning in the late 19th century, but became a National Monument in 1910. The building has been extensively renovated and remodeled, especially following incidents of neglect and turmoil, like a flood in the library resulting from rainwater. Today, the Portuguese government holds special events in the palace. In addition, tourists can enter the palace for €5 and view the preserved rooms of former monarchy, as well as artifacts that date back centuries.

Torre de Belém

Situated on the shore of the Tagus River, this beautiful tower is made up of a blend of different architectural styles, from Gothic to Romanesque. Built in the 16th century as a lighthouse, the tower is in great condition, as it has been extensively restored over the decades. For €12, you can enter the tower, taking in the interior architecture, which is just as amazing as its exterior. If you visit on Sundays or holidays, you can enter the Torre de Belém for free.

Wander through the Alfama District

This quaint section of the city might be one of the most unique sites you’ll ever see. This area of the city is considered the oldest section, and its distinct architecture makes it stand out. You’ll see quaint cathedrals on street corners, providing a contrast with the red-roofed homes. Your legs might be tired from walking up hills, but the view you’ll see from the lookout area will make you forget all about your sore calves. You might get lost among the winding streets, but with views this beautiful, you won’t even mind.