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Kuching Guide

What’s on in Kuching?

Rainforest Fringe Festival

Book your airfare to Kuching for an early July holiday to attend one of Borneo’s largest cultural events, the Rainforest Fringe Festival. The event takes place over eight days and has an exciting line-up of cultural displays, art exhibitions, and food and craft markets. Watch films from Malaysian directors, attend talks related to Bornean wildlife and nature, and enjoy live performances from local musicians. You can also attend the Rainforest World Music Festival and Borneo Jazz Festival if you travel on flights to Kuching at this time as they immediately follow the Rainforest Fringe Festival.

Borneo Cultural Festival

The Borneo Cultural Festival is another exciting event you can attend by travelling on cheap flights to Kuching in July. The festival takes over the nearby city of Sibu and celebrates the many different cultures in the Malaysian region of Sarawak, including Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, and Chinese. See dance and music performances, see traditional fashions from each of the cultures represented, and taste foods from the different cultures of Sarawak. The Borneo Cultural Festival is one of the most vibrant events to attend in Malaysian Borneo, and many of the performances are free.

Budayaw Festival of Arts and Culture

The Budayaw Festival of Arts and Culture is held every other year as a way to showcase the diversity of Malaysian Borneo. You’ll get the chance to attend a variety of performances, workshops, and exhibits by booking tickets to Kuching for the five-day event. Learn about the heritage of Malaysian Borneo through basket weaving demonstrations and traditional storytellings, sample Bornean cuisine, hear indigenous music performances and see traditional dances, and purchase handmade souvenirs from the craft fair. Book spring flights to Kuching during odd-numbered years to attend the Budayaw Festival of Arts and Culture.


What is the cost of visiting Kuching?

Use Webjet to find excellent rates on hotels as well as cheap flights to Kuching. A hotel room in the centre usually ranges between $50 and $75 NZD per night, but you can find even more budget-friendly options as well starting from about $15 NZD per night.

Catching a taxi is the best way to reach the city centre after arriving on flights to Kuching. Taxis from Kuching International Airport (KCH) to the city charge a fixed fare of 30 ringgit ($10.85 NZD) when you purchase a prepaid coupon from the airport’s taxi counter. You can continue catching taxis in between your return flights to Kuching, or you could opt for the public bus. Bus fare costs 2 ringgit (70 cents NZD) around the city.

There are plenty of fun attractions and activities to budget for after booking tickets to Kuching. A ticket to visit Sarawak Cultural Village usually costs 81 ringgit ($29.30 NZD), or you could purchase an entry that includes lunch for 90 ringgit ($32.50 NZD). Bako National Park and Gunung Gading National Park are both great places to explore the nature of Borneo while holidaying on flights to Kuching. Entry costs 20 ringgit ($7.25 NZD) to each. Spend some time at Semenggoh Wildlife Sanctuary if seeing Bornean wildlife is a must-do when you book airfare to Kuching. A ticket to visit costs 10 ringgit ($3.60 NZD).


What should I pack for Kuching?

Malaysian Borneo is hot and humid all year long, so sunscreen and lightweight clothing are essential. Pack a sunscreen that’s reef-safe if you plan on visiting any of the coral reefs off the coast of Borneo.

Visitors holidaying on return flights to Kuching should pack clothing that’s breathable in the humidity but respectful of Borneo’s conservative culture. Bring along clothes that cover both your knees and shoulders, such as t-shirts, lightweight pants, long skirts, and knee-length shorts. You’ll also need to pack some swimsuits and beach cover-ups if you’re hoping to visit the beach while visiting Malaysia on cheap flights to Kuching. Bikinis for women are fine at hotel pools and resort beaches and at most public beaches. Keep a beach cover-up with you to wear over a bikini while you’re out of the water at public beaches.

A sturdy pair of shoes is another must-bring when you book flights into Kuching International Airport (KCH). Visiting national parks and rainforests is one of the top things to do in Borneo.

Don’t forget to bring a power adapter while visiting Malaysia on return flights to Kuching. Malaysia and the rest of Borneo use plug type G.