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Kochi Guide

What are Kochi’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Chinese Fishing Nets

The Chinese Fishing Nets is a unique landmark to see while visiting Kerala on flights to Kochi, and it’s also one of the most famous. Local legend says that a Chinese explorer named Zheng He taught the people of Kerala how to use Chinese-style fishing nets in the 15th century. These new fishing nets were 10 metres tall and 20 metres long, and could be operated from the shore. This completely revolutionised the fishing industry in Kerala. Visitors holidaying on return flights to Kochi can see these fishing nets in action as local fishermen bring in a fresh catch at dawn and dusk each day.

Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry Palace is one of the best-known examples of colonial architecture to see while visiting Kerala on flights to Kochi. It was originally built by the Portuguese in the mid-16th century and was later taken over by the Dutch. You’ll see design elements from each of these two cultures as you explore the palace. Take a walk through Mattancherry Palace while visiting on cheap flights to Kochi to see its intricate murals depicting Hindu gods, royal artefacts, and colonial-era furniture.

Paradesi Synagogue

You’ll find many striking Hindu temples around Kochi, but one of the city’s most famous religious landmarks is actually Jewish. The Paradesi Synagogue was built in 1568 and is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations. It features elaborate designs and displays elements from many of the international cultures that have shaped Kochi over the years, including Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, and Spanish. Head over to the Jewish Quarter while holidaying on flights to Kochi to visit the Paradesi Synagogue. Features of the synagogue include paintings detailing Jewish history, Torah scrolls, hand-painted tiles, and crystal chandeliers.


What should I pack for Kochi?

Sturdy shoes are essential for travellers who book airfare to Kochi. You’re sure to do a lot of walking around the city centre, plus there are gorgeous rainforests and national parks to visit around Kerala. Kochi is fairly conservative, so pack clothes that respect this culture. Avoid items that are form-fitting or show too much skin in favour of loose-fitting tops, pants, and skirts. Also keep in mind that daytime temperatures in Kerala are hot year-round, so bring clothes that are lightweight and breathable. You may encounter chilly evenings of about 17°C if you book tickets to Kochi between October and February. Bring along a light jacket if you have flights into Cochin International Airport (COK) during this winter season. There are many different beaches to visit around South India, so also pack swimsuits and beach cover-ups while visiting Kerala on return flights to Kochi.

Sunscreen is another essential for your trip to Kerala, no matter what time of year you’ll be travelling on cheap flights to Kochi. Visitors who book airfare to Kochi for travel between July and September should also bring an umbrella as this is the wet season. Finally, a plug adapter is a must-bring for your trip to Kerala. The power points in India accept plug types C, D, and M.


What is the cost of visiting Kochi?

Find a great deal on accommodation by booking with Webjet. A hotel room in the city centre typically goes for around $100 NZD per night, but there are also budget options starting from about $15 NZD.
Transportation costs are another aspect of your holiday to keep in mind when you book cheap flights to Kochi. Catching a taxi is the best way to reach your hotel from Cochin International Airport (COK), and taxi fare to the centre costs about 1,200 rupees ($24.25 NZD). A metro line and public buses will help you travel around the city in between return flights to Kochi. Metro fare costs between 10 and 60 rupees (20 cents and $1.20 NZD), depending on how far you travel. There are different types of buses to catch around Kochi, including no-frills ones without AC and more comfortable options. Bus fare ranges from 9 to 21 rupees (18 to 42 cents NZD) based on distance travelled and comfort level of the bus.

Seeing a kathakali theatre performance is at the top of the list for many travellers who book tickets to Kochi. Tickets to a show usually cost between 250 and 350 rupees ($5.05 and $7.10 NZD). Learn about Kochi’s culture by visiting the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum for 100 rupees ($2 NZD), and pop into Mattancherry Palace for an affordable 2 rupees (4 cents NZD).

It’s customary to tip when you receive a service in India. A tip of about 10% is appropriate for people who offer you a service while holidaying on flights to Kochi, such as restaurant servers, taxi drivers, and tour guides.