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What are the top tips for travelling with children to Invercargill?

Explore Waipapa Point

Hop in a rental car and drive about 50 minutes southeast to reach Waipapa Point. The promontory is located on the Foveaux Strait near the start of the Catlins Coast. There’s an easy 700-metre (0.4 mile) coastal track where you can enjoy scenic water views and potentially spot some sea lions. You’ll also see the Waipapa Point Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1884 as one of New Zealand’s last wooden lighthouses. Waipapa Point is home to some beautiful stretches of beach to enjoy if you book cheap flights Rotorua to Invercargill during the summer school holidays.

Visit Bill Richardson’s Transport World

This attraction houses one of the world’s largest collections of antique cars. Visitors can see more than 300 vintage models that have been restored. Dedicated children’s areas make Transport World a great spot to visit with kids. Watch a film in the old-fashioned movie theatre, get hands-on with interactive displays, and enjoy a treasure hunt along the Mousehole Trail. Take a look at Transport World’s event calendar after booking cheap flights to Invercargill from Rotorua as they often host special exhibits.

See Demolition World

Demolition World is a miniature village just south of the Invercargill CBD that epitomises the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Everything at Demolition World has been salvaged from demolition sites and repurposed into buildings, sculptures and various attractions. Kids can easily spend hours at Demolition World letting their imaginations run wild. The village is also home to farm animals and a sweet shop to visit while holidaying on cheap flights Rotorua to Invercargill.

When is the best time to visit Invercargill?

There isn’t a bad time to travel on Rotorua to Invercargill return flights - it all depends on the type of holiday you’re after.

Winter is the most popular time of year to visit Invercargill. Southland is teeming with winter sports at this time, such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Winter is also the best time of year for wildlife-spotting around Invercargill; you have a good chance of seeing sea lions, dolphins, and penguins along the coast. Another benefit of travelling on winter flights from Rotorua to Invercargill is that you’ll have the best chance of seeing the Southern Lights. Temperatures are chilly in winter with highs around 10°C and lows of about 1°C plus some snow.

Summer is another popular season to visit Southland. The clearer conditions mean you can spend plenty of time outdoors, visit the beaches around Invercargill, and try water sports like kayaking and surfing. Plan for high temperatures around 19°C, but pack jeans and a jacket too as temperatures can dip to around 8°C at night.

Spring and autumn are the two shoulder seasons in Invercargill and the best time to score cheap flights to Invercargill from Rotorua. Daytime temperatures average around 12° to 17°C. There’s some rain in each of these seasons, but the dry days are excellent times to go on hikes and visit national parks without large crowds. Consider visiting Invercargill at the end of autumn to attend the region’s famous Bluff Oyster Festival.

What are the best restaurants and cafes in Invercargill?

Elegance at 148 on Elles

Elegance at 148 on Elles is one of the best examples of farm-to-table dining in Southland. Most of their produce is grown on-site and meat, fish and dairy are all sourced from local farmers. A few favourites on the menu include fresh Bluff oysters, pan-seared scallops, Southland rack of lamb, and a prime beef fillet rolled in a field mushroom paté.

The Rocks Cafe

The Rocks Cafe serves some of Invercargill's best modern New Zealand cuisine. The menu has plenty of exciting flavours and dishes that are beautifully plated in addition to being tasty. Stand-out dishes to try include the blueberry and port venison, popcorn squid salad, and surf and turf served with beef and fish.

The Batch Cafe

The Batch Cafe is one of the go-to places for brunch and coffee while holidaying on Rotorua to Invercargill return flights. Dishes to try include the blue cod buttie, French toast topped with bacon, and the famous Southland cheese roll. There’s also a good selection of options for veggie, vegan, and gluten-free travellers visiting Invercargill. Order one of Batch Cafe’s excellent barista drinks or pastries to accompany your meal.


What airlines fly direct from Rotorua to Invercargill?

There are no direct flights into Invercargill Airport (IVC) from Rotorua. Air New Zealand Rotorua to Invercargill flights have one stopover, usually in Wellington or Christchurch.

How long is the flight from Rotorua to Invercargill?

Rotorua to Invercargill flights can take around four hours, including a stopover.

How frequent are the flights from Rotorua to Invercargill?

You can book plane tickets to Invercargill from Rotorua for travel every day of the week. Most days have several flights available to choose from in the morning, around midday, and a couple in late afternoon.

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