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Short-haul international flights from New Zealand

Heading overseas doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend long hours on flights from New Zealand or stuck at an airport in transit. Close to New Zealand, you’ll find some incredible destinations that, although just a few hours' flight away, offer new sights, cultures and experiences. Get ready to discover somewhere closer to home when planning your next holiday to one of these short-haul international destinations. 


As one of the NZ's closest neighbours, Australia is a popular international destination with tourists from New Zealand. The Land Down Under offers no shortage of diverse experiences, and the East Coast of Australia can be reached from Auckland by plane in just a few hours. Spend time exploring Melbourne’s laneways, slip on a snorkel and see the Great Barrier Reef up close, or head off the beaten track and discover the beauty of the Australian Outback. From rugged bushland to cosmopolitan cities, there are plenty of great destinations to visit on a trip to Australia.

Cook Islands

With flights from Auckland to Rarotonga coming in at less than four hours, the Cook Islands is a South Pacific destination perfect for a long weekend or an extended stay. Whether you have just a few days to explore or have the luxury of time on your side, you’ll find beautiful beaches, gorgeous lagoons and plenty of great ways to fill your itinerary. Tuck into a delicious Polynesian feast, watch a local dance performance or unwind with a book while reclining on a sun lounger.


Vanuatu is a South Pacific archipelago that’s incredibly rich in culture and tradition. Boasting an abundance of incredible beaches and natural attractions, it’s the local people who help make Vanuatu such a memorable destination. Spend time getting to know more about the traditional way of life, sampling local delicacies enjoyed for generations, or learning more from guides who know the area best.


New Zealand travellers who love a good adventure will feel right at home in Tonga. Less than three hours from Auckland by plane, this island paradise offers the perfect backdrop for kayaking, hiking, diving and a variety of other great outdoor activities. Spend your days getting active, lazing at the beach or getting to know the locals before winding down with a cocktail in hand.

Long-haul international flights from New Zealand

New Zealand is perfectly positioned for short-haul flights to destinations across the South Pacific, but the prospect of spending a little extra time travelling to reach somewhere further afield is made better when you're headed to the likes of the USA, Europe or Asia. If you’re wanting to see more of the world beyond New Zealand’s closest neighbours, explore the wealth of long-haul international flights available from New Zealand.

United States

Best known for its bustling cities and larger-than-life personalities, the United States is one destination that certainly needs to be seen to be believed. Tap into your inner child at Disneyland, see the Statue of Liberty up close in NYC, or take the time to discover the country’s natural beauty with a visit to some of the USA's most famous national parks. There are countless ways to enjoy a taste of the USA, and long-haul international flights from New Zealand are available into cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and more.

United Kingdom

A great starting point for a European adventure, the United Kingdom promises plenty of history, cities and great attractions to explore. Spend time discovering London, with its grand monuments to its lively local markets and neighbourhoods, or head beyond the larger cities to encounter dramatic coastlines, quaint villages and plenty of spectacular scenery. Try your luck at finding the Loch Ness monster, breathe in the sea air from the Cliffs of Moher or spend your days touring grand castles.


Japan has become a popular holiday spot for good reason. There are few places in the world that so seamlessly combine rich tradition with modern advances. Eat your fill of delicious Japanese fare, learn more about the country’s fascinating history, or spend time exploring the vibrant suburbs of Tokyo. Whether you choose to spend your time in Japan’s cities or prefer to soak up the beauty of its regional areas, you’ll find no shortage of incredible things to do and see.


Finding cheap international flights

Finding and booking flights from New Zealand is simple with Webjet. Instead of manually searching, comparing the latest flights and getting lost between multiple browser tabs, Webjet's Deal Finder takes care of all the hard work. All you need to do is to enter your city of departure, your destination and your preferred travel dates. Deal Finder compares flights from leading airlines, allowing you to choose cheap flights that are best suited to your budget and travel plans.


Frequently asked questions

Are last-minute international flights cheaper?

While you may occasionally find a cheap last-minute airfare, international flights generally aren’t cheaper when purchased soon before departure.

When is the best time to buy international airline tickets?

The best time to buy international airline tickets is approximately three to four months in advance. At this time, availability is typically quite good and prices may be cheaper.

Do international flights get cheaper closer to the departure date?

As a general rule, flights don’t tend to get cheaper closer to the departure date. They are often cheaper when booked in advance.


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