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Cheap Flights to Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for an exciting American holiday, look no further than Houston, Texas. Known as the most populous city in the state of Texas, Houston is a hub of space travel, country music, and incredible cuisine. As the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas”. This city is one of the most spread-out cities in the United States, with a fair share of skyscrapers and greenery. Whether you are a science buff, fan of folk and traditional American country music, a craft beer connoisseur, or a foodie, you will have an incredible experience in a city that is the epitome of the American south.

No matter which New Zealand city you’re travelling from, you’ll have no trouble finding reasonable airfares to Houston. Direct flights to Houston are available from Auckland Airport, getting you into Houston, USA in no time. Flights to Houston from other cities include at least one stopover, but if you schedule a short stopover, you will have no delay getting to Houston. You can arrive from Auckland in 14 hours, from Wellington in 16 hours, from Christchurch in 17 hours, and from Queenstown in 18 hours. Or you could plan a long stopover, and spend some time exploring your stopover city between flights. Common stopover cities for cheap flights to Houston include Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, and Melbourne. Many major airlines offer cheap airfares to Houston, including Qantas, United Airlines, Air New Zealand, and American Airlines.

Are you ready to start planning your adventure with cheap flights to Houston, Texas? Webjet compares cheap airfares to Houston from all different airlines to help you find the best flight deals. Book your cheap flights to Houston with Webjet and then use our guide to get inspired on how to make the most of your holiday in this exciting American city.


When should you book cheap airfares to Houston?

The city of Houston has warm weather all year round, so no matter when you visit, you should be in store for sunny days. However, February to April and September to November are considered the best times to travel, since the least amount of tourists are there during this time of year. In addition, summertime in Houston has intense humidity and heat, which can be a lot to handle.

You can also experience some exciting festivals during the spring and autumn, making these times a desirable time to visit. The Texas Renaissance Festival, Fall Fest, First Saturday Arts Market, Italian Festival, and Bayou City Art Festival are just a handful of the events happening in the spring and autumn months. These times of year also bring fair weather. You should expect average temperatures between 8 degrees and 32 degrees during these calm months.


Arriving in Houston

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is situated approximately 37 km north of downtown Houston. Named after the 41st president of the U.S., this airport is the 48th busiest airport in the world. There are three entrances and five terminals. What terminal you need to take depends on your airline and whether your stopover flight is domestic or international.

Houston’s smaller airport, William P. Hobby Airport, services Southwest international flights. This airport is only 11 km from Houston’s city centre. It is older than Houston’s main airport, George Bush International Airport, but its smaller size causes less flights to stop there. With only one terminal, William P. Hobby Airport is extremely easy to navigate.

Getting to the city centre from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Outside each terminal, you can follow signs to take you to taxi ports. A taxi from the airport to downtown Houston will cost you approximately $50 USD, plus gratuity. (While visiting, don’t forget to add a tip to certain prices. Standard tipping in the United States is between 15-20% for customer-facing services including taxi drivers, bartenders, and waitstaff.)

Shuttle bus services are available outside terminals A, B, C, and E. If your flight arrives at terminal D, you will need to walk to another terminal to catch a shuttle. A one-way shuttle to downtown Houston will cost you $26. For a shuttle ride, you do not need to tip the driver.

The cheapest means of transportation is the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, a local bus servicing the city of Houston. It takes between 50 and 90 minutes to get to the city centre, so it might not be the best option for travellers in a hurry. However, the fare of $1.25 may outweigh the longer journey.

Getting to the city centre from William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

The easiest way to get from William P. Hobby Airport to downtown Houston is taking a taxi. Once you arrive, you simply have to follow the “Ground Transportation” and “Taxis” sign until you reach Curb Zone 2. A taxi from the airport to the city centre will cost approximately $26, plus a tip.

If you’d prefer to take an airport shuttle, follow the “Ground Transportation” and “Buses/Shuttles” signs until you reach Curb Zone 3. Rides with SuperShuttle can cost as low as $16 each way.

An even cheaper way to get to downtown Houston is by taking a public bus. Located near the shuttles, you can ride the bus into the city centre for as low as $1.25 each way. If you don’t mind public transportation, this option can save you some cash, so you can justify spending more money on your adventures around Houston.


Things to do in Houston

Tour the Johnson Space Centre

Named after American president Lyndon B. Johnson, this centre in southeast Houston is massive, with approximately 100 facilities. You can enjoy the Living in Space exhibit, which shows you how to perform daily activities in zero-gravity, just as the astronauts do. In the Blast Off Theatre, you can go through a virtual rocket launch. The Starship Gallery houses some of the most famous U.S. spacecrafts, such as Gemini V and Apollo 17. You can even view and touch some moon rocks. Entrance to the Space Centre is $30 and includes entrance to each of the exhibits.

Visit some of Houston’s many museums

Houston’s Museum District is a 2.5-km space that houses the most illustrious museums in the city. Some of the most popular museums in Houston are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Health Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Lawndale Art Centre, and the Houston Centre for Photography. Depending on what kind of mood you’re in, whether you want to view art, learn about history, or understand the city of Houston, there is a museum to accommodate your desires.

Go to a Houston sports game

Some of the most popular Houston teams, the Astros and the Rockets, play during different times of the year. The Astros, the city’s baseball team, plays during the summer months. On the other hand, the Rockets, Houston’s basketball team, plays in the autumn and winter months. You can buy tickets ahead of time or purchase same-day tickets, which you can find great deals for. Don’t forget to wear the team colors—navy, orange, and white for the Astros and red, yellow, black, and white for the Rockets.

Eat some local food

Due to the city’s proximity to Mexico, Houston has some of the best southwestern cuisine around, coined as Tex-Mex. This blend of Texan and Mexican foods makes for a substantial, hearty meal. Order some tacos, fajitas, queso, or burritos, and don’t forget to wash them down with some tasty margaritas.

In addition to Tex-Mex, Texas is known for its incredible southern barbecue. Enjoy ribs, fried chicken, brisket, mac ‘n cheese, and fried pickles. Just a disclaimer: You might need to loosen your belt a notch!

See the Cloud Column

Considered Houston’s version of Chicago’s famous Bean structure, this incredible piece of modern art serves as a mirror, reflecting its surroundings. You can catch a glimpse of yourself from a brand new perspective. Situated outside the Museum of Fine Arts, this sculpture was built in 2006. Its contemporary style contrasts with the interior museum’s traditional pieces and designs.

Spy on bats at the Waugh Bridge

One of the city’s best-kept secrets is its immense population of bats. A great amount of this colony lives under the Waugh Bridge in western Houston. When the sun starts to set, thousands of bats emerge from their habitats, searching for small insects. It’s an erie yet fascinating spectacle.