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Compare Cheap Flights from Auckland to Honolulu

Located on the idyllic island of Oahu, Honolulu is the capital and largest city of Hawaii. While Hawaii is part of the United States, it has a culture that is completely unique. Since it is located on an island, Honolulu has easy access to some incredible beaches, jungle, and volcanoes. Experience the diversity of Oahu’s landscape by hiking up Diamond Head, snorkelling, and catching a wave on the island’s famous North Shore. Back in the city centre, Honolulu is a cosmopolitan city that is buzzing with excitement. While walking through Honolulu, you’ll be surrounded by shiny skyscrapers that are an interesting contrast to the bright blue ocean and vivid green jungles of the island. Honolulu is home to great shopping as well as a diverse dining and nightlife scene. Between its city life and nature, Honolulu has something to offer all types of travellers. Direct flights from Auckland to Honolulu Airport make it a great destination for a short tropical getaway or an extended adventure through the Hawaiian islands.

Book your cheap airfares from Auckland to Honolulu with Webjet, and start planning your next tropical getaway with our Honolulu guide.

The best time to visit Honolulu

With fantastic weather all year round, there is really no bad time to book cheap flights from Auckland to Honolulu. Temperatures remain stable all year at about 27°C during the day. Most of the year is dry and sunny, but there are some tropical rain showers between the months of January and April.

The busiest time to book cheap airfares from Auckland to Honolulu is in the winter months between January and March. This is the best time for surfing in Hawaii, so avid surfers from all over the world travel to experience the waves of Honolulu. The summer months between June and August also get busy as this coincides with school holidays in the USA. If you’ll be visiting during one of these seasons, you may notice that hotels increase their rates due to the higher number of tourists. Be sure to pre-book if you’ll be visiting Honolulu in the summer or winter.

If you are travelling on a budget, you can benefit from some great deals by travelling in Honolulu’s shoulder seasons. From April to early June and September to mid-December, Honolulu receives less tourists compared to the other months. When you travel during this time, you can find some great prices on return flights from Auckland to Honolulu as well as hotels in the city centre.

Departing From Auckland

Auckland is home to one airport, which is the largest in New Zealand. Auckland Airport (AKL) is located about 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of the city centre and offers quick and affordable transport options.

Each week, you have about 300 cheap flights from Auckland to Honolulu to choose from. Most flights from Auckland to Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) in Honolulu include a stopover, but a few direct flights are available each day as well. A direct flight will get you from AKL to HNL in 8 hours 30 minutes. Some of the major airlines to offer cheap airfares from Auckland to Honolulu include Qantas, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Hawaiian Airlines, and United Airlines.


Getting to Auckland Airport

The most budget-friendly way to reach Auckland Airport is on the city’s SkyBus. The SkyBus departs from Customs Street East every 10 minutes and operates 24 hours a day. On the way to Auckland Airport, the SkyBus also picks up passengers from Queen Street, Dominion Road, Symonds Street, and Mount Eden Road. Departing from the CBD, the SkyBus will get you into Auckland Airport in about 40 to 60 minutes. A one-way ticket on the SkyBus costs $18 NZD, and a return ticket costs $32 NZD.

If you would prefer to catch a taxi or an Uber to the airport, you’ll arrive in less than a half hour from the CBD. Taxis and Ubers are available from locations all over the Auckland region. Taxis in Auckland calculate fare using meters. If you are travelling from the CBD or inner suburbs, a taxi to the airport will come to about $60 NZD.


Parking at Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport offers several car parks that have easy access to the International Terminal. Pre-book your parking space to secure the best rates for your trip to Hawaii.


Where to Park at Auckland Airport

• Car Park A offers the lowest rates. Spots are uncovered and are located a 2 to 3 minute walk from the International Terminal. Weekly rates start at $75 NZD.

• Valet Parking is available for even more convenience. Pull up to the terminal, and an attendant will park your car. Covered valet spots start at $139 NZD per week, and uncovered spots in the valet car park start at $130 NZD for a week.


Arriving in Honolulu

There is one airport in Honolulu, which receives the majority of international flights into Hawaii. Honolulu’s airport is called Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) and is ideally located just 8 kilometres (5 miles) from Downtown Honolulu. If you enjoy having a window seat when you fly, be sure to book a window seat for your return flights from Auckland to Honolulu. Between the city’s green hills and volcanoes, bright blue water, and shiny skyscrapers, the view arriving into Honolulu is incredible.


How to Get from Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) to Your Honolulu Hotel or Accommodation

Once your flight has touched down at Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL), you can reach the city centre on public transport. The public bus system in Honolulu is simply called TheBus and offers three routes from the airport. Routes 19 and 20 both offer bus stops throughout central Honolulu and the beachside neighbourhood of Waikiki. Bus 31 travels to the Kalihi Transit Center. From there, you can catch buses to destinations all over the island of Oahu, including the popular North Shore. Tickets to ride TheBus cost $2.50 USD ($3.75 NZD).

From Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL), you also have the option to catch a shuttle to your hotel. Shuttle buses operate on an as-needed basis and are located just outside of baggage claim. Shuttles can be pre-booked or reserved on the spot for the same price. Tickets for the airport’s shuttle cost $16 USD ($23.85 NZD) per person and include two suitcases along with a small carry-on bag. If you brought your surfboard along to Hawaii, the shuttle can also accommodate it for an additional $22 USD ($32.80 NZD).

If you would like to catch a taxi from Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) to your hotel, they are available on the centre median outside of baggage claim. Travelling from the airport, taxis calculate the fare using meters. Taxi fare into Downtown Honolulu or Waikiki typically costs about $40 to $45 USD ($59.65 to $67.10 NZD) and takes about 15 minutes. Taxis will also add a small surcharge of 50 cents USD (75 cents NZD) for each piece of luggage.

Things to do in Honolulu

Iolani Palace

Until 1893, Hawaii was a kingdom with its own royal family. The best place to learn about this aspect of the state’s history is by paying a visit to the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, which was once home to Hawaii’s royal family. Within the palace you can learn all about Hawaii’s culture before it became a US state. The design of Iolani Palace is grand on both the inside and outside.


Diamond Head Crater

While visiting Hawaii, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic hikes. One of the state’s most famous hikes is at the Diamond Head Crater, which is a short distance from Honolulu’s Waikiki neighbourhood. Diamond Head is an inactive volcano with an easy hour-long hike to the top. Once you’ve reached the summit of Diamond Head, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous view over Honolulu, the ocean, and the bright green Hawaiian landscape.


Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant events to happen in Hawaii’s history. In December 1941, the naval base at Pearl Harbor was bombed. This is the event that caused the United States to enter into World War II. When visiting Pearl Harbor today, you can learn about the bombing, how it affected Hawaii, and the aftermath of the US entering World War II. Within Pearl Harbor, there are several memorials, including several ships, a submarine, and a museum.


Go to the Beach

A trip to Hawaii would not be complete without a few visits to the beach. All around the island of Oahu, there are countless beaches where you can experience the beauty of Hawaii. Within the city, Waikiki Beach is a popular spot due to its close proximity to Downtown Honolulu. Just outside Honolulu, Lanikai Beach is an oasis with small crowds, calm ocean waves, and beautiful blue water. On the North Shore of Oahu, you’ll find one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. Spend some time relaxing at the beach, and if you’ve never tried surfing before, what better place to try for the first time than Hawaii?


Kalakaua Avenue

Kalakaua Avenue is a long road that stretches throughout central Honolulu and the coastal neighbourhood of Waikiki. The street is lined with palm trees, which give it a true tropical atmosphere. There are plenty of activities to enjoy along Kalakaua Avenue, including shops, restaurants, and bars.


Koko Head and Hanauma Bay

Koko Head is a mountain located east of Honolulu and is home to a challenging hike. This hike is unique in that you walk up an old railroad track rather than a typical hiking trail. Once you reach the top of Koko Head, you’ll be amazed at the view of Honolulu and the Oahu coastline. After visiting Koko Head, head over to the nearby Hanauma Bay. Within the bay, there is calm, clear water which offers the perfect conditions for snorkelling. Snorkelling in Hanauma Bay, you’ll be able to see lots of tropical fish, colourful coral, and even some turtles.

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