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Honiara Guide

What should I know before visiting Honiara?

Solomon Islands has some of the world’s most beautiful untouched nature

When you book airfare to Honiara, you’ll be on your way to visiting one of the world’s most under-the-radar countries. This means the Solomon Islands doesn’t have the same tourism infrastructure as some other Pacific islands with fewer hotels and tours to choose from. On the other hand, this means you can really surround yourself with local culture and untouched nature in between return flights to Honiara.

Be prepared with travel vaccines and malaria tablets

In addition to the standard travel vaccines, it’s also important to prepare for the risk of malaria in the Solomon Islands. A few weeks before your flights to Honiara, check with your doctor about malaria tablets and other measures you should take while on holiday.

Plan to disconnect while visiting the Solomon Islands

After arriving into Honiara International Airport (HIR), you’ll find the local WiFi is much slower than perhaps what you’re used to at home. Try to make all of your accommodation, transfer and activity bookings before boarding your flights to Honiara. Then once you arrive, take the time to disconnect and really immerse yourself in the Solomon Island experience.


What are the best things to do in Honiara?

Explore White River Village

While visiting the Solomon Islands on flights to Honiara, experience village life without venturing too far from the capital. White River Village is located 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) west of Honiara’s city centre. Throughout the village, you can chat with friendly locals and see traditional architecture. You’ll also notice a market of wooden stalls, each selling its own betel nuts. Between your return flights to Honiara, you’ll spot signs of betel nut everywhere, particularly in the dyed-red smiles of locals! Chewing on betel nuts has a stimulant effect similar to caffeine.

Snorkel at the Bonegis

The Solomon Islands have one of the most pristine and untouched coral reefs in the world. When you book tickets to Honiara, plan a few snorkelling or diving excursions to see the reefs and tropical fish for yourself. The Bonegis are widely considered one of the best snorkelling spots in the Solomons. You’ll spot plenty of vibrant coral as well as a fascinating shipwreck.

Visit Vilu War Museum

Vilu War Museum is off-the-beaten path, but many visitors who review it through travel blogs and TripAdvisor consider it a highlight of the Solomon Islands. While visiting on flights to Honiara, hire a driver for a few hours and venture to the countryside museum. It showcases a variety of war relics that were once used by New Zealand, Australian, American, and Japanese troops. Artefacts date back to the Battle of Guadalcanal, which was fought here during WWII. Following the war, remains of aircraft and weapons were collected from the region and displayed in the museum. If you don’t know much about the Battle of Guadalcanal, there’s no better time to learn about it than while holidaying on cheap flights to Honiara!


What is the cost of visiting Honiara?

When you book tickets to Honiara, the main cost to budget for is accommodation. Honiara doesn’t experience a huge influx of tourists like some other South Pacific islands, so hotel options are usually limited to higher-end stays. After booking your airfare to Honiara, use Webjet to find your hotel. Plan to budget between $250 and $350 NZD per night.

Once you arrive into Honiara International Airport (HIR), you can reach your accommodation by taxi. Typically, a taxi from the airport to the centre costs about $100 SBD ($18.30 NZD). However, before paying for a taxi, check if your hotel offers a free airport shuttle.

While exploring between return flights to Honiara, hire a private driver to get from place to place. Booking a taxi for long stretches of time should cost between $100 and $120 SBD ($18.30 and $21.95 NZD) per hour. The Solomon Islands are spread across more than 900 isles, so don’t limit yourself to the capital when you book cheap flights to Honiara. Through Webjet, you can also book flights to other parts of the country. A flight from Honiara to Munda costs about $300 NZD, while a flight to Uru Harbour is about $200 NZD.

While holidaying on cheap flights to Honiara, don’t miss the opportunity to see the local reefs and marine life up close. A guided snorkelling tour will cost about $680 SBD ($125 NZD). Or spend about $110 SBD ($20 NZD) to rent gear for a day and do some snorkelling off the island’s beaches.