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What should I know before visiting Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is more than just skyscrapers

When many people picture Hong Kong, they imagine a bustling metropolis of shiny skyscrapers. Although part of Hong Kong is urban, there are many different sides to the city as well. More than 230 islands make up Hong Kong, and many feature scenic beaches, national parks, and mountains to explore while holidaying on flights Wellington to Hong Kong. In fact, three-quarters of Hong Kong is countryside, so don’t limit your explorations to the CBD while visiting the city on cheap flights to Hong Kong from Wellington.

English is an official language of Hong Kong

You won’t find it difficult to get by speaking English while holidaying on Wellington to Hong Kong flights. However, even though English is an official language, that doesn’t mean all locals speak it. Cantonese is the primary language, and it’s helpful to learn a few Cantonese phrases before catching your Wellington to Hong Kong flights.

Don’t confuse Hong Kong with China

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and is officially part of China. However, its government operates independently, and Hong Kong has different laws, currency, culture, and language than mainland China. While Hong Kong isn’t an independent country, it operates as if it is, and locals consider themselves Hong Kongese or Cantonese rather than Chinese. Take the time to chat with locals while visiting on Wellington to Hong Kong flights, but don’t refer to Hong Kong as Chinese, or you may rub locals the wrong way.


What are the best things to do in Hong Kong?

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is Hong Kong’s highest point, so it’s hard to miss it while holidaying on cheap flights Wellington to Hong Kong. The hill makes up the western half of Hong Kong Island and is 552 metres tall. Enjoy an uninterrupted view over the skyline by heading to the top of Victoria Peak in between your Wellington to Hong Kong return flights. You could hike to the top of the Peak or enjoy a relaxed humidity-free tram ride. At the top of Victoria Peak, take in the 360° view from Sky Terrace, and check out the dining and shopping options inside Peak Tower.

Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha, also known as Big Buddha, is one of the top attractions to experience while holidaying on flights Wellington to Hong Kong. It’s located on Lantau Island, just a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). The bronze Buddha statue is part of the Lo Pin Monastery and sits 34 metres tall on a hill. View the statue up close by climbing 268 steps to its base. From there, you can also admire a sweeping view over the mountains and coastlines of Hong Kong.

Temple Street Night Market

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in local culture while travelling on cheap flights to Hong Kong from Wellington is to visit the Temple Street Night Market. Each evening, it takes over Temple Street in the CBD. Market vendors sell a variety of souvenirs, clothing, and handmade trinkets. However, the main draw of the market is its food. Sample traditional Cantonese and regional Chinese food as well as international cuisines like Italian and Japanese. Some delicious local dishes and snacks to try while holidaying on cheap flights Wellington to Hong Kong include sweet and sour pork, wontons, shrimp and chicken balls, egg tarts, and Hong Kong-style milk tea.


What is the best way to get around Hong Kong?

There are a variety of ways to explore after arriving on flights Wellington to Hong Kong. The MTR is the fastest way to explore the city. This metro consists of 11 lines that connect the CBD to other popular areas like Kowloon and Causeway Bay as well as the airport. The MTR reaches many top attractions that you may wish to see while visiting the city on Wellington to Hong Kong flights. In addition to the MTR, there are 108 bus routes and 12 ferry routes operating around Hong Kong. The Star Ferry is an efficient mode of transport while also being a popular attraction for people travelling on flights Wellington to Hong Kong. The ferry makes a few stops between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, providing amazing skyline views.

How much time should I spend in Hong Kong?

To make the most of your holiday, book tickets to Hong Kong from Wellington for a trip of at least five days. There’s so much to explore around the city, plus there are incredible day trips to enjoy while holidaying on flights Wellington to Hong Kong. After you’ve explored the centre, board a ferry and spend a day in nearby Macau or the quaint fishing villages of Lamma Island and Tai O.

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