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Hobart Guide

What neighbourhood should I stay in?


From the Farm Gate Market to the cafe culture, Midtown is a great place to book once you’ve bought New Plymouth to Hobart flights. With numerous places to eat and drink, like Rude Boy and The Stagg, it’s definitely one of one trendiest suburbs in Hobart, making it great for young couples and large groups booking tickets to Hobart from New Plymouth.

Hobart CBD

If you book New Plymouth to Hobart flights and want to be next to all the main attractions, stay in the CBD. Covering the area of the original colonial settlement, the CBD is filled with interesting historic buildings and monuments that nod to its infamous past. It’s also next to the main entertainment and shopping centres if you’ve managed to get cheap New Plymouth to Hobart flights and feel like splashing some cash. With good public transport links, you can easily venture to other parts of the city as well, like Brooke Street Pier and MONA. Because Hobart is relatively compact, you can walk to other tourist hotspots like Battery Point and Sandy Bay.

North Hobart

Groups with New Plymouth to Hobart return flights should consider staying in North Hobart. It’s home to many young professionals and is one of the cooler places to stay in Hobart, especially if you’re in search of the city’s nightlife. Republic Bar and Cafe is a local favourite, as is Boodle Beasley. For food spots that the locals love, head to YumBox. During the day, you can also visit Contemporary Art Tasmania, the largest art gallery in the whole of Tasmania.

Battery Point

History enthusiasts with flights from New Plymouth to Hobart will love Battery Point. It was once an important maritime area and is full of lovely old heritage buildings, mansions and renovated apartments. Because it’s next to the seaside, it’s a good place to stay if your New Plymouth to Hobart flights are booked for the summer.


What are the top landmarks and monuments in Hobart?

Hobart Convict Penitentiary

The Hobart Convict Penitentiary is an incredible and truly unforgettable place. Situated in the centre of the CBD, the penitentiary features solitary confinement cells, underground tunnels, gallows and a chapel. You can take a guided tour around the penitentiary, learn intimate stories about the individuals who were imprisoned there and witness some of the terrible conditions they had to endure. It may not be the first spot on your list when you book New Plymouth to Hobart return flights, but it’s easily one of the most interesting places to visit in the city.

The Cascades Female Factory

The Cascades Female Factory was a workhouse for female convicts during Tasmania’s time as a penal colony. Operating between 1828 and 1856, today, the factory is a museum dedicated to showcasing the female experience as prisoners of the British Empire. The museum is located at 16 Degraves Street, around 10 minutes' from Hobart’s CBD—a great spot worth adding to your list when you buy New Plymouth to Hobart flights.

Constitution Dock

Constitution Dock is one of Hobart’s most historically significant areas. It was where the first British ships anchored and where the old Georgian warehouses were once used to store whale oil, wool, grain and other goods. These days, it’s a scenic spot filled with great restaurants and eateries like Mako Seafood. If you’ve booked flights New Plymouth to Hobart for December, you also might be able to catch the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race.


What’s the weather like in Hobart?


Summer temperatures are a great reason to grab some cheap New Plymouth to Hobart flights. From December until the end of February, temperatures usually sit around 22°C, so it’s never too hot or too cold. December usually has the most amount of rainfall (7 days) during summer, followed by January (5 days) and February (4 days), the month with the least amount of rain. In general, Hobart enjoys long, bright and sunny days with some clouds and occasional winds.


Unlike other parts of Australia, Hobart has cold and windy winters, which is all part of its charm. If you’re lucky, you may encounter some freezing temperatures, but with winter averages of 12°C, it’s not that likely. Rain is still uncommon - Hobart is Australia’s second driest city - so you don’t need to worry about packing a good rain jacket when you book New Plymouth to Hobart tickets.


Cheap flights from New Plymouth to Hobart are often available during spring. Temperatures average 16°C in September, 17°C in October and 19°C in November, so the later you book, the warmer it’s likely to be.


Autumn is one of Hobart and Tasmania’s most charming seasons. If you’re a fan of nature and are eager to see Tasmania’s wonderful flora turn various shades of red, gold and yellow, look for cheap New Plymouth to Hobart flights during March, April or May.