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Hobart Guide

When is the best time to visit Hobart?


If you’re considering booking flights Invercargill to Hobart in the summer, you can expect the temperature to hover around 20°C. January and February are usually the warmest months, with temperatures reaching the high 20s and low 30s now and then. Generally though, Hobart’s summers are far more pleasant affairs than mainland Australia. Average temperatures in January and February are 22°C - December is usually only a degree or so cooler - making it the perfect time to catch some Australian sun, while avoiding the sky-high temperatures the rest of the country is more used to at this time of year. Because of Hobart’s close proximity to rural Tasmania, the summer is a great opportunity to book Invercargill to Hobart flights and explore outside of the city a little. Pleasant temperatures make sightseeing, hikes and bushwalks all the more enjoyable.


If there are cheap flights to Hobart from Invercargill going for March, then you should seriously consider visiting Australia’s island state. It’s the beginning of autumn, so you’ll be able to witness the beginning of the beautiful Tasmanian fagus trees turn into hues or gold, red and yellow, but the weather is still warm and pleasant. In March, temperatures usually still sit around 20°C and in the evening only drop to 12°C. The later in autumn you purchase tickets to Hobart from Invercargill, the chillier it’s likely to be. In April, temperatures are around 18°C so it’s still perfectly suitable to wear little more than a light jumper and pants. If you travel in May, temperatures average 15°C, but the days can still be filled with bright blue skies and it only rains around six days over the course of the month. You won’t be able to enjoy the balmy temperatures of summer, but you may be more likely to find cheap flights from Invercargill to Hobart at this time. It’s also by no means cold—stick on a couple layers and you can still spend most of your time exploring Hobart and Tasmania’s amazing markets, national parks and unique wildlife.


There’s a special magic about Hobart and Tasmania during winter that makes it a very popular time to book Invercargill to Hobart return flights. The city and surrounding areas offer captivating views of snow-capped alpine peaks and dramatic mountain-scapes. If you enjoy the crisp, cool feeling that winter can bring, then be sure to visit national parks like Ben Lomond, Savage River and Mount Field. If it’s snowing or misty, they can look particularly breathtaking. Average temperatures over June and July are around 12°C, so while it’s definitely colder, it’s probably still warmer than you’re used to in Invercargill. By August, temperatures generally begin to pick up again to around 14°C.


Spring in Tasmania begins in September and runs all the way through to November. At the beginning of spring, you can still expect temperatures to be on the cooler side - usually between 14 and 16°C with nighttime lows of 7°C. But wrap up a little and there’s still plenty to see and do, including the Junction Arts Festival and Great Eastern Wine Weekend. If you decide that you’d rather book flights Invercargill to Hobart in October, you might be able to catch the Tulip Season and Bloomin Tulips Festival. It’s a great opportunity to see Tasmanian tulips blossom - they’re in season runs from late September to early October - thanks to the fertile volcanic soil of Table Cape. By November, temperatures are close to what you can expect in summer - the average is 19°C - but because it’s not quite peak-season, you may still be able to get cheap flights from Invercargill to Hobart and avoid the crowds.


What’s the cost of visiting Hobart?


On average, hotels in Hobart cost around $205 NZD ($190 AUD) for a couple, but the time of year you travel will also make a difference. Summer is usually the most expensive time of year. You should also be able to find a cheap hotel if you shop around. If you’re booking flights from Invercargill to Hobart with friends, there are also a number of affordable hostels and motels in the city.

Food and drink

Hobart has many world-class restaurants including Dier Makr and Aloft, which are great options if you’re looking to spoil yourself, but they’re also understandably on the pricier side. If you want to stick to a budget and live like the locals, you can save money by shopping at Salamanca and Farm Gate Market and preparing meals yourself, if your accommodation allows it.


It’s very easy to spend little to no money on sightseeing when you visit Hobart. Thanks to fantastic free landmarks like Mount Wellington, Mount Nelson Signal Station and the Tasman Bridge, as well as places like the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, there’s plenty to see and do, without spending much money at all. All you need to factor in is public transport, however bus prices usually start at $3.80 NZD ($3.50 AUD), so they’re not particularly expensive. Hobart is also fairly compact, so you should be able to walk to most places. The only expense you’ll definitely want to consider is the Musuem of Old and New Art (MONA). The MONA is free for kids, but prices can vary depending on what you want to see.