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Hobart Guide

What are the best things to do in Hobart with children?


Nobody is too young or too old for Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). It’s the most popular tourist attraction in Hobart and rightly so; you’re unlikely to find another museum like it in the southern hemisphere. From the unique visual art and light installations to the labyrinthine layout of the museum itself, MONA captures the imagination of all ages. To get there, you can catch the ferry from Hobart’s Brooke Street Pier on the waterfront to Claremont. With an abundance of scenic spots for picnics if you want to enjoy the area for a little longer as well. When you book flights Dunedin to Hobart for the family, make sure you add MONA to your itinerary.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

No trip to Tasmania is complete without seeing the state’s iconic devil. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit when your Dunedin to Hobart flights bring you to the city, especially if you’re looking for activities that the kids will also love. The sanctuary is open 9 to 5 every day including public holidays and gives the whole family the chance to see wombats, devils and koalas up close, as well as learn more about the threats these endangered animals face. Because so much of Tasmania’s wildlife is nocturnal, the sanctuary also offers nighttime tours. The Bonorong Night Tour is a group feeding tour that lets you hand-feed ringtail possums, eastern quolls, devils, tawny frogmouths and much more. If you’re looking for exciting activities to do with the kids when you purchase Dunedin to Hobart tickets, don’t forget about Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tahune AirWalk

At 30 metres above the forest floor, the Tahune AirWalk boasts some of the region’s best views. The World Heritage Area is a hugely popular spot among tourists with flights Dunedin to Hobart and families are no exception. To get to the start of the AirWalk, you need to climb over 100 steps. The entire journey should take just under one hour and you can buy tickets online or at the Tahune Adventures visitor centre.

Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum

History enthusiasts with flights Dunedin to Hobart need to visit Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum. It’s situated on Hobart’s waterfront near where Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic Expedition set off in 1911. The museum is a replica of the huts that the expeditioners lived in and gives you some insight into the incredibly tough conditions they faced for over two winters. If you have any younger kids interested in history and exploring, be sure to visit the museum when you book Dunedin to Hobart return flights.


What are the best day trips in Hobart?

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is an incredibly well preserved convict site approximately 100 kilometres from Hobart. If you plan to rent a car when you book flights Dunedin to Hobart, the scenic drive should take you around an hour and half. The world heritage listed area offers guided tours, including the Isle of the Dead Cemetery Tour, as well as the chance to see the infamous gaol prison and the stories of several of its inhabitants. On your drive back, it’s definitely worth stopping off at Pirates Bay, particularly if you’ve managed to grab some cheap flights from Dunedin to Hobart in summer. The Tasman Arch has a gorgeous sandy beach, ideal for visiting on warm summer days. 


The quaint, historic town of Richmond is only 20 kilometres outside of Hobart and is full of lovely heritage buildings, cottages and the oldest bridge in Australia. Dating back to the 1820s - making it one of the colony’s oldest towns - Richmond has plenty for history enthusiasts to enjoy, including History House and the Richmond Gaol. But if you’ve booked Dunedin to Hobart flights for a relaxing trip, the area won’t disappoint. Head to the Coal Valley area for some of the best wine and food in all of Tasmania. Popular wineries include Puddleduck Vineyard, Pooley Wines, Frogmore Creek and Every Man, and His Dog Vineyard.


What are the best museums in Hobart?


It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about museums, Hobart’s iconic Museum of Old and New Art has something for everyone. The eclectic mix of modern art, installations and ancient artefacts will dazzle, shock and awe, often all at once.

Maritime Museum of Tasmania

History enthusiasts with flights Dunedin to Hobart need to visit the incredibly interesting Maritime Museum of Tasmania. It features a timber sailing ketch from 1867, whaler’s harpoons from the city’s now infamous whaling days and artefacts from the Otago, which was captained by famous novelist Joseph Conrad, best known for his novel the Heart of Darkness.

Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum

A replica of the huts used by Douglas Mawson’s 1911 Antarctic Expedition, this surreal museum is bound to capture the imaginations of young and old. It’s minutes from the city centre and is a must-see spot for visitors with Dunedin to Hobart return flights interested in the capital’s fascinating connection with the Antarctic.