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Helsinki Guide

What are the best things to do in Helsinki?


Suomenlinna is a sea fortress spread across eight islands southeast of Helsinki’s city centre. Construction on Suomenlinna began in 1748 as a way to protect Finland, which was under Swedish control at the time, from Russian invasion. Things didn’t work as planned however, as Russia gained control of Suomenlinna from 1808 until 1918, shortly after Finland gained independence. Visitors holidaying on flights to Vantaa can explore many different attractions around Suomenlinna, including the fortress walls and canyons, Suomenlinna Museum, and the Great Courtyard.

National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland is the perfect place to learn more about Finland while you’re visiting Helsinki on cheap flights to Vantaa. Exhibits tell stories and display artefacts from each stage in Finland’s history, from the Stone Age to today. Get to know what Finland was like during the Middle Ages and under both Swedish and Russian control, and also learn all about cultural aspects to the country such as Finnish folklore.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is one of the most recognisable places to see while visiting Finland on flights to Vantaa. It’s the main church in the Helsinki Diocese and is often seen as an icon of the city. Construction on the cathedral began in 1830 when Finland was under Russian rule, and its pillars and green domes reflect the architectural style that was popular in Russia at the time. Head to Senate Square to view Helsinki Cathedral from the outside, then move inside to see its statues, organ, and the Crypt where exhibitions are regularly held in the summer.


When is the best time to visit Helsinki?

Finland has four distinct seasons, and there’s something unique to look forward to no matter what time of year you book airfare to Vantaa.

Summer is the best time to travel on return flights to Vantaa if you’re hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors. Daytime temperatures of about 20°C mean you can comfortably wander around the city and visit Helsinki’s beaches and islands. There are also long daylight hours – in fact, the sun doesn’t set until close to 11pm around the summer solstice! Summer is the busiest time to visit Finland on flights to Vantaa, so book accommodation early for the best price.

Consider booking cheap flights to Vantaa for an autumn or spring holiday if you’d like nice weather but with smaller crowds and lower hotel prices than the summer. Temperatures range from about 3° to 14°C, and you’ll enjoy comfortable hiking weather by visiting Helsinki on flights to Vantaa in early autumn or late spring. Look forward to foliage during the autumn months and cherry blossoms in the spring. There’s also a good chance you’ll see snow by travelling on return flights to Vantaa toward the end of autumn or beginning of spring.

Winter is the low season, so visitors can benefit from great hotel deals. Come prepared for cold weather as snow is common and daytime temperatures average about -2°C. Finland is well-known for its sauna culture, and there’s no better time to experience this than by booking winter plane tickets to Vantaa. You can also head north for a chance at seeing the Northern Lights.


What is the cost of visiting Helsinki?

Finland has a reputation for being pricey, but you can find deals on airfare to Vantaa, accommodation and rental cars with Webjet. The average price of a hotel room in the city is between $200 and $250 NZD per night. There are also options available from about $65 NZD nightly if you want to keep a tight budget while visiting Helsinki on cheap flights to Vantaa. Hiring a car is handy for day trips and visiting landmarks outside the city. Cars start from about $20 NZD per day and can be picked up from Helsinki Vantaa International Airport (HEL).

Public transport is widely available around the city and inner suburbs. Trains from Helsinki Vantaa International Airport (HEL) to Helsinki Central Station cost €4.10 ($7.15 NZD). Trams, buses, and metro fares vary by distance travelled, and a ride within the city and inner suburbs costs €2.80 ($4.90 NZD). Save money by purchasing unlimited ride tickets if you’ll be catching public transport often in between return flights to Vantaa. Day tickets cost €8 ($14 NZD), and three-day tickets are €16 ($28 NZD).

There are plenty of activities and attractions to budget for after you book tickets to Vantaa. Catch a return ferry to Suomenlinna for €7 ($12.25 NZD), and pay a visit to the National Museum of Finland for €14 ($24.50 NZD). Get to know a unique part of Finnish culture by spending a couple hours at a sauna. Löyly is a popular one and has an admission price of €19 ($33.25 NZD).